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Woodstock, Carleton, NB



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLAKE, Bessie Viola Beatrice  23 Nov 1882Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4932
2 BLAKE, John Wesley  Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4911
3 BLAKE, Margaret  [9 May 1866]Woodstock, Carleton, NB I33298
4 BLAKE, Thelma Dorothy  3 Feb 1901Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4924
5 BLAKE, William Frederick  30 Sep 1892Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4922
6 GRIFFITH, Newman Devereaux  Woodstock, Carleton, NB I34136
7 HOWARD, Marion Elizabeth  23 Oct 1908Woodstock, Carleton, NB I16129
8 LEE, Franklin John  21 Jun 1880Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4942
9 LEE, George William  8 Aug 1854Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4934
10 LEE, Miriam Agnes  14 Mar 1894Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20971
11 MARSHALL, John Albert  18 Aug 1874Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4933
12 MCGIBBON, Helen Howard  Woodstock, Carleton, NB I34147
13 MCGILLICUDDY, Herbert  18 Feb 1917Woodstock, Carleton, NB I2920
14 MCKINLEY, Adam Scott  7 Jan 1885Woodstock, Carleton, NB I18621
15 WHITE, Edith Georgie  9 Nov 1908Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20967


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAKE, Ann Henrietta  11 Jun 1854Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4897
2 BLAKE, Annie E  5 Sep 1855Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4914
3 BLAKE, Harriet Amanda  11 Oct 1878Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4912
4 BLAKE, William  18 Jun 1864Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4905
5 CLYNICK, Bessie M  1 Jul 1882Woodstock, Carleton, NB I19956
6 CONNELL, Charles  28 Jun 1873Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5077
7 DEMILL, Mary Catherine  24 Jun 1910Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5080
8 EARLE, Charlotte Augusta Marshall  11 Feb 1888Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4976
9 FISHER, Anne  5 Oct 1895Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5067
10 FISHER, Lewis Peter  10 Oct 1905Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5071
11 FISHER, Mary Ann  16 Apr 1885Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20802
12 HOWARD, Dorothy Louise  6 Mar 1909Woodstock, Carleton, NB I16130
13 HOWARD, Mary Elizabeth  8 Aug 1923Woodstock, Carleton, NB I7661
14 LEE, Bessie May  4 May 1889Woodstock, Carleton, NB I19950
15 LEE, John  24 Oct 1879Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4902
16 MARSHALL, John Albert  20 May 1882Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4913
17 MCINNICH, Nellie  27 Apr 1892Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4929


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLAKE, James Wellington  1 Aug 1853Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4917
2 BLAKE, Jasper George  3 Oct 1897Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4923
3 CONNELL, George Heber  Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20787
4 CONNELL, George Heber  1847Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20787
5 GRIFFITH, Newman Devereaux  [1881]Woodstock, Carleton, NB I34136
6 LEE, Bessie May  [1888]Woodstock, Carleton, NB I19950
7 LEE, Rupert Grover  12 Jul 1873Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4928
8 MCGIBBON, Helen Howard  [1899]Woodstock, Carleton, NB I34147
9 MCGILLICUDDY, James Henry  Woodstock, Carleton, NB I2832
10 MCGILLICUDDY, James Henry  16 Oct 1843Woodstock, Carleton, NB I2832


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BLAKE, Henry  8 Jan 1854Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4873
2 BLAKE, Margaret Emily  31 Mar 1863Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Olive  11 Dec 1830Woodstock, Carleton, NB I56345
2 BARNABY, Isabelle C A  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20908
3 BARNABY, Isabelle C A  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20908
4 BLAKE, George Seaby  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4918
5 BLAKE, George Seaby  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4918
6 BLAKE, Harriet Amanda  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4912
7 BLAKE, Henry  Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4873
8 BLAKE, James Wellington  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4917
9 BLAKE, James Wellington  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4917
10 BLAKE, Jasper George  1901Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4923
11 BLAKE, John Wesley  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4911
12 BLAKE, John Wesley  13 Sep 1864Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4911
13 BLAKE, Lydia Ray  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4921
14 BLAKE, Lydia Ray  1901Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4921
15 BLAKE, Mabel S  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4920
16 BLAKE, Mabel S  1901Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4920
17 BLAKE, Margaret Emily  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4906
18 BLAKE, Sarah Elizabeth  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4901
19 BLAKE, Sarah Elizabeth  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4901
20 BLAKE, Sarah Elizabeth  1 Jun 1882Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4901
21 BLAKE, Thelma Dorothy  1901Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4924
22 BLAKE, William  3 Nov 1849Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4905
23 BLAKE, William  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4905
24 BLAKE, William  18 Jun 1864Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4905
25 BLAKE, William Frederick  1901Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4922
26 BLAKE, William Turner  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4915
27 BLAKE, William Turner  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4915
28 BLAKE, William Turner  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4915
29 BLAKE, William Turner  1901Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4915
30 BREWER, Emma Jane  24 Sep 1879Woodstock, Carleton, NB I4941
31 BROWN, William  3 Jun 1830Woodstock, Carleton, NB I56352
32 CAMPBELL, Agnes Amelia  14 Jun 1893Woodstock, Carleton, NB I19958
33 CLYNICK, George H  10 Mar 1874Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5045
34 CONNELL, Alice A  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20793
35 CONNELL, Alice A  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20793
36 CONNELL, Alice A  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20793
37 CONNELL, Allison B  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20950
38 CONNELL, Allison B  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20947
39 CONNELL, Ann  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20923
40 CONNELL, Archibald T  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20943
41 CONNELL, Aubrey  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20936
42 CONNELL, Aubrey  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20936
43 CONNELL, Blanch  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20946
44 CONNELL, Charles  29 Jul 1835Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5077
45 CONNELL, Charles  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5077
46 CONNELL, Charles  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5077
47 CONNELL, Charles G P  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20927
48 CONNELL, Charles G P  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20927
49 CONNELL, Charles Pitt  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20788
50 CONNELL, Charles Pitt  23 Dec 1869Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20788
51 CONNELL, Charles Pitt  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20788
52 CONNELL, Charles Pitt  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20788
53 CONNELL, Charles Pitt  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20788
54 CONNELL, Donald  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20940
55 CONNELL, Edwin K  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20949
56 CONNELL, Ella H  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20905
57 CONNELL, Ella H  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20905
58 CONNELL, Ellen S A  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20922
59 CONNELL, Ellen S A  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20922
60 CONNELL, Ellen S A  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20922
61 CONNELL, George Heber  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20787
62 CONNELL, George Heber  21 Sep 1857Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20787
63 CONNELL, George Heber  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20787
64 CONNELL, George M  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20803
65 CONNELL, George M  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20803
66 CONNELL, George M  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20803
67 CONNELL, Gordon S A  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20938
68 CONNELL, Gordon S A  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20938
69 CONNELL, Harriet Amelia  6 Oct 1852Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20790
70 CONNELL, Heber B  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20926
71 CONNELL, Heber B  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20926
72 CONNELL, Herbert C  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20937
73 CONNELL, Herbert C  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20937
74 CONNELL, Herbert N  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20786
75 CONNELL, Ida E  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20942
76 CONNELL, J Maxwell  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20944
77 CONNELL, J Maxwell  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20944
78 CONNELL, Kathleen C  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20912
79 CONNELL, Kathleen C  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20912
80 CONNELL, Madeline R  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20941
81 CONNELL, Mary Louise  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20915
82 CONNELL, Minnie M  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20945
83 CONNELL, Minnie M  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20945
84 CONNELL, Minnie M  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20945
85 CONNELL, Susan Helen  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20921
86 CONNELL, Vera A  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20939
87 CONNELL, Vera A  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20939
88 CONNELL, William Mansfield  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20789
89 CONNELL, William Mansfield  1871Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20789
90 CONNELL, William Mansfield  1881Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20789
91 CONNELL, William Mansfield  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20789
92 CONNOR, Gertrude Winnifred  15 Sep 1886Woodstock, Carleton, NB I19959
93 CONNOR, Gertrude Winnifred  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I19959
94 CONNOR, Gertrude Winnifred  1901Woodstock, Carleton, NB I19959
95 CONNOR, Gertrude Winnifred  1911Woodstock, Carleton, NB I19959
96 DEMILL, Mary Catherine  23 Jun 1850Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5080
97 DEMILL, Mary Catherine  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I5080
98 DENNING, Bernard  1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I18821
99 DENNING, Bernard  4 May 1851Woodstock, Carleton, NB I18821
100 E, Mary  1891Woodstock, Carleton, NB I20948

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLAKE / JONES  3 Nov 1849Woodstock, Carleton, NB F1457
2 BURPEE / MCGIBBON  7 Oct 1908Woodstock, Carleton, NB F9821
3 CLYNICK / LEE  10 Mar 1874Woodstock, Carleton, NB F1489
4 GRIFFITH / MCGIBBON  27 Dec 1913Woodstock, Carleton, NB F9817
5 MCGIBBON / GRANT  3 Oct 1928Woodstock, Carleton, NB F9819
6 MCGILLICUDDY / HOURIHAN  4 Nov 1947Woodstock, Carleton, NB F868
7 SMITH / BLAKE  25 Dec 1954Woodstock, Carleton, NB F6015
8 SNOW / NICHOLSON  29 Aug 1934Woodstock, Carleton, NB F4576


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FISHER / DEMILL  23 Jun 1850Woodstock, Carleton, NB F1499