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Windsor, Hartford, CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOLAN, Sarah L  [1866]Windsor, Hartford, CT I25243
2 MORIARTY, Henry R  [1921]Windsor, Hartford, CT I10559
3 SULLIVAN, Francis J  3 Jun 1897Windsor, Hartford, CT I25091


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 MORIARTY, Charles  16 Jul 1915Windsor, Hartford, CT I21260
2 SULLIVAN, Patrick  3 Apr 1874Windsor, Hartford, CT I26707


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOLAN, Sarah L  [1867]Windsor, Hartford, CT I25243
2 SULLIVAN, Richard E  [1855]Windsor, Hartford, CT I18319


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 GATES, Caroline M  24 May 1973Windsor, Hartford, CT I10558
2 MORIARTY, Patrick Joseph  10 Jan 1967Windsor, Hartford, CT I10293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CRONIN, Johanna  3 YEARSWindsor, Hartford, CT I27400
2 DILLON, Francis C  1 Feb 1972Windsor, Hartford, CT I32108
3 DWYER, James O  OF LATEWindsor, Hartford, CT I27867
4 DWYER, James O  June 1880Windsor, Hartford, CT I27867
5 DWYER, James O  5 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I27867
6 DWYER, John G  June 1880Windsor, Hartford, CT I27869
7 DWYER, John G  5 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I27869
8 DWYER, John G  30 Nov 1903Windsor, Hartford, CT I27869
9 DWYER, Michael E  June 1880Windsor, Hartford, CT I27868
10 DWYER, Michael E  30 Nov 1903Windsor, Hartford, CT I27868
11 DWYER, Peter H  June 1880Windsor, Hartford, CT I27870
12 DWYER, Peter H  30 Nov 1903Windsor, Hartford, CT I27870
13 ENRIGHT, Mary  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25088
14 FINN, Helen Theres  Windsor, Hartford, CT I23086
15 FLYNN, Mary J  7 YEARSWindsor, Hartford, CT I27411
16 FLYNN, Mary J  4 Jan 1969Windsor, Hartford, CT I27411
17 GALVIN, Bridget  13 Jun 1864Windsor, Hartford, CT I22359
18 GATES, Caroline M  53 YEARSWindsor, Hartford, CT I10558
19 GATES, Caroline M  10 Jan 1967Windsor, Hartford, CT I10558
20 GATES, Caroline M  24 May 1973Windsor, Hartford, CT I10558
21 GILL, Susan  10 Jun 1870Windsor, Hartford, CT I27397
22 KEARNS, Deborah Lynne  Windsor, Hartford, CT I40
23 KINGHORN, Irene E  Windsor, Hartford, CT I27418
24 KINGHORN, Irene E  29 Jun 1950Windsor, Hartford, CT I27418
25 KINGHORN, Irene E  22 Nov 1968Windsor, Hartford, CT I27418
26 MCCAIRN, Catherine  2 Jul 1860Windsor, Hartford, CT I27551
27 MORIARTY, Agnes L  Windsor, Hartford, CT I10541
28 MORIARTY, Agnes L  10 Jan 1967Windsor, Hartford, CT I10541
29 MORIARTY, Agnes L  24 May 1973Windsor, Hartford, CT I10541
30 MORIARTY, Agnes L  26 Nov 1979Windsor, Hartford, CT I10541
31 MORIARTY, Agnes L  30 Apr 1983Windsor, Hartford, CT I10541
32 MORIARTY, Agnes L  1 Nov 1995Windsor, Hartford, CT I10541
33 MORIARTY, Henry R  30 YEARSWindsor, Hartford, CT I10559
34 MORIARTY, Michael Joseph  26 Nov 1979Windsor, Hartford, CT I10294
35 MORIARTY, Patrick Joseph  47 YEARSWindsor, Hartford, CT I10293
36 MORIARTY, Patrick Joseph  17 Aug 1936Windsor, Hartford, CT I10293
37 MORIARTY, Patrick Joseph  26 Dec 1938Windsor, Hartford, CT I10293
38 MORIARTY, Patrick Joseph  10 Jan 1967Windsor, Hartford, CT I10293
39 O'BRIEN, Mary E  25 Apr 1922Windsor, Hartford, CT I25278
40 QUINN, Harold J  Windsor, Hartford, CT I27494
41 QUINN, Harold J  25 Aug 1964Windsor, Hartford, CT I27494
42 QUINN, Phyllis M  22 Nov 1968Windsor, Hartford, CT I27495
43 QUINN, Phyllis M  4 Jan 1969Windsor, Hartford, CT I27495
44 RIORDAN, Honora F  12 Mar 1972Windsor, Hartford, CT I23414
45 SULLIVAN, Bridget  June 1880Windsor, Hartford, CT I27866
46 SULLIVAN, Bridget  5 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I27866
47 SULLIVAN, Daniel  10 Jun 1870Windsor, Hartford, CT I27676
48 SULLIVAN, Elizabeth J  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25093
49 SULLIVAN, Female  1 Jan 1961Windsor, Hartford, CT I23543
50 SULLIVAN, Francis J  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25091
51 SULLIVAN, Helen J  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25095
52 SULLIVAN, Henry F  19 Mar 1966Windsor, Hartford, CT I22939
53 SULLIVAN, James E  25 Apr 1922Windsor, Hartford, CT I25277
54 SULLIVAN, John F  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25090
55 SULLIVAN, Lawrence  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25087
56 SULLIVAN, Lawrence E  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25089
57 SULLIVAN, Mary  10 Jun 1870Windsor, Hartford, CT I27675
58 SULLIVAN, Mary B  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25094
59 SULLIVAN, Matthew  2 Jul 1860Windsor, Hartford, CT I27550
60 SULLIVAN, Patrick  10 Jun 1870Windsor, Hartford, CT I26707
61 SULLIVAN, Patrick  3 Apr 1874Windsor, Hartford, CT I26707
62 SULLIVAN, Patrick E  10 Jun 1870Windsor, Hartford, CT I26701
63 SULLIVAN, Patrick J  8 Jul 1982Windsor, Hartford, CT I23435
64 SULLIVAN, Robert  25 Apr 1922Windsor, Hartford, CT I25628
65 SULLIVAN, Timothy Aloysius  18 Jun 1900Windsor, Hartford, CT I25092


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARTON / TYSON  12 May 1979Windsor, Hartford, CT F3060