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Waterbury, New Haven, CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOWNEY, Mary A  [1855]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I25282
2 DOWNS, Eileen M  10 Apr 1911Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10416
3 DUHAMEL, Catherine  5 Mar 1924Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10569
4 DUNN, Walter Francis  9 Feb 1917Waterbury, New Haven, CT I4644
5 GRIFFIN, Agnes Mary  10 Apr 1908Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11149
6 GRIFFIN, Daniel  30 Aug 1887Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10955
7 GRIFFIN, Daniel Louis  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11001
8 GRIFFIN, Edward C  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11226
9 GRIFFIN, Helen M  11 Jul 1912Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10440
10 GRIFFIN, John G  23 Apr 1914Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10441
11 GRIFFIN, John Joseph  26 Jan 1895Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11002
12 GRIFFIN, John Joseph  17 Nov 1897Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11158
13 GRIFFIN, Joseph  30 Jun 1916Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11208
14 GRIFFIN, Margaret  [FEBRUARY 1890]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I33845
15 GRIFFIN, Margaret  5 Dec 1915Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10442
16 GRIFFIN, Thomas Martin  11 Nov 1903Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11105
17 HEALEY, Mary  [1874]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11157
18 MACSWEENEY, Kathleen R  27 Jul 1941Waterbury, New Haven, CT I19010
19 MACSWEENEY, Timothy Edward  6 May 1901Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11270
20 MAHONEY, Mae Veronica  1912Waterbury, New Haven, CT I22042
21 MCSWEENEY, Michael Maximillian  3 Sep 1892Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11258
22 MITCHELL, Nora A  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I25286
23 NELSON, Anne Marie  16 Nov 1915Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17279
24 SULLIVAN, Bridget Agnes  3 Jan 1911Waterbury, New Haven, CT I376
25 SULLIVAN, Daniel F  24 Jun 1913Waterbury, New Haven, CT I426
26 SULLIVAN, John Joseph  11 Dec 1932Waterbury, New Haven, CT I4663
27 SULLIVAN, Mary Alice  12 Aug 1921Waterbury, New Haven, CT I382
28 SWEENEY, James Patrick  14 Mar 1902Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10399
29 SWEENEY, Michael J  3 Jan 1898Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10397
30 TATA, Anna Maria  25 May 1902Waterbury, New Haven, CT I19639


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AHEARN, W Raymond  22 Jan 1984Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11366
2 BELCOURT, William  15 Sep 1980Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17362
3 CAREY, James  17 Jun 1967Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17347
4 DESPINS, Arthur E  22 Jun 1968Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18029
5 EISENBERGER, Joseph T  5 Dec 1960Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17636
6 GRIFFIN, Agnes Mary  16 Nov 1992Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11149
7 GRIFFIN, Bernard  31 May 1953Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11227
8 GRIFFIN, Cornelius  6 Oct 1985Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10939
9 GRIFFIN, David F  27 Dec 1974Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11127
10 GRIFFIN, Denis Francis  15 Aug 1979Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10439
11 GRIFFIN, Ellen  4 Mar 1982Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10958
12 GRIFFIN, Helen C  5 Jan 1986Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11195
13 GRIFFIN, John J  23 Oct 1940Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10981
14 GRIFFIN, Margaret M  6 Mar 1983Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10984
15 GRIFFIN, Margaret Mary  14 Aug 1976Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11241
16 GRIFFIN, Mary  11 Nov 1961Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10954
17 GRIFFIN, Mary  15 Jun 1981Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11066
18 GRIFFIN, Mary C  26 Jan 2000Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11193
19 GRIFFIN, Mary Hannah  30 Oct 1968Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11205
20 GRIFFIN, Peter F  30 Nov 1957Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11155
21 GRIFFIN, Rita  3 Sep 1969Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11291
22 GRIFFIN, Thomas Martin  June 1974Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11105
23 HARRIS, Charles F  25 Feb 1962Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18030
24 JABS, Augustine  24 Mar 1966Waterbury, New Haven, CT I45074
25 KEANE, Mary A  6 Oct 1982Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11318
26 MAHONEY, Johanna  1978Waterbury, New Haven, CT I22040
27 MCGILLICUDDY, Patrick Thomas  27 May 1967Waterbury, New Haven, CT I480
28 MCSWEENEY, Mary E  29 Aug 1976Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11260
29 MURPHY, Bridget F  18 Feb 1951Waterbury, New Haven, CT I19300
30 MUSZYNSKI, Michael  9 Nov 1973Waterbury, New Haven, CT I6573
31 PRENDERGAST, William  27 Aug 1976Waterbury, New Haven, CT I4709
32 RINALDI, Rose  7 Nov 1997Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18861
33 SHEA, Abbie C  21 Aug 1977Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17871
34 SHEA, Katherine M  25 Mar 1975Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17868
35 SHEA, Patrick A  11 Aug 1929Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17879
36 SMITH, John L  22 Jul 1967Waterbury, New Haven, CT I377
37 SOLBERG, Alfred E  21 Jan 1962Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11272
38 SOLBERG, Anna  6 Jul 1983Waterbury, New Haven, CT I19013
39 STACK, Abbie F  9 Jul 1971Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17656
40 SWEENEY, Mary M  4 Oct 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I32612
41 SWEENEY, Michael J  9 Apr 1982Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10397
42 TATA, Anna Maria  February 1983Waterbury, New Haven, CT I19639
43 WELCH, Bridget  9 Feb 1954Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10913


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DOWNEY, Mary A  [1857]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I25282
2 DOWNS, Bernard N  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10415
3 GRIFFIN, Ann  [OCTOBER 1892]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11240
4 GRIFFIN, Bridget  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11232
5 GRIFFIN, Cornelius  3 Dec 1898Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10939
6 GRIFFIN, Daniel Francis  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10967
7 GRIFFIN, Daniel Francis  [1889]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10967
8 GRIFFIN, Daniel J  June 1900Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11126
9 GRIFFIN, Daniel Louis  17 Jun 1893Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11001
10 GRIFFIN, Edward Aloysius  5 Jul 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10994
11 GRIFFIN, Ellen  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11231
12 GRIFFIN, Ellen Elizabeth  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10985
13 GRIFFIN, George  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11236
14 GRIFFIN, Hannah  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11360
15 GRIFFIN, John  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11238
16 GRIFFIN, John  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11233
17 GRIFFIN, Michael  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11244
18 GRIFFIN, Nicholas John  21 Jan 1892Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10968
19 GRIFFIN, William  12 Apr 1892Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10957
20 GRIFFIN, William Henry  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11234
21 HEALEY, Mary  [1878]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11157
22 HEALEY, Mary  [1876]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11157
23 HEALEY, Mary  [1875]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11157
24 SULLIVAN, Arthur Stephen  14 Nov 1924Waterbury, New Haven, CT I399
25 SULLIVAN, Daniel Francis  23 Nov 1914Waterbury, New Haven, CT I6
26 SULLIVAN, Edward J  17 Sep 1911Waterbury, New Haven, CT I425
27 SULLIVAN, Helen Rita  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I378
28 SULLIVAN, James Francis  June 5Waterbury, New Haven, CT I2840
29 SWEENEY, Catherine  18 Mar 1896Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10396
30 SWEENEY, James Patrick  [1903]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10399
31 SWEENEY, James Patrick  [1902]Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10399


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 GRIFFIN, Ellen Elizabeth  27 Feb 1926Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10985


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 DOWNS, Bernard N  5 Mar 1983Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10415
2 DOWNS, Nicholas George  22 Aug 1961Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10414
3 DUHAMEL, Catherine  25 Nov 1991Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10569
4 DUHAMEL, Charles E  2 Sep 1980Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10430
5 GRIFFIN, Catherine  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10413
6 GRIFFIN, Catherine  5 Apr 1951Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11012
7 GRIFFIN, Daniel J  2 Nov 1930Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11126
8 GRIFFIN, Daniel Louis  20 Oct 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11001
9 GRIFFIN, Denis Joseph  4 Apr 1951Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10420
10 GRIFFIN, Edward C  12 May 1971Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11226
11 GRIFFIN, Ellen  11 Apr 1959Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11021
12 GRIFFIN, Ellen  28 Aug 1965Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10421
13 GRIFFIN, John G  8 Jun 2000Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10441
14 GRIFFIN, Margaret  17 May 1972Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10419
15 GRIFFIN, Margaret  16 Oct 1995Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10442
16 GRIFFIN, Michael J  27 Oct 1929Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11016
17 GRIFFIN, Thomas  20 Jun 1915Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10407
18 MACSWEENEY, Kathleen R  23 Jun 1986Waterbury, New Haven, CT I19010
19 MACSWEENEY, Timothy Edward  14 Jul 1970Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11270
20 MCSWEENEY, Catherine  28 Apr 1971Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11259
21 MORIARTY, Mary  14 Dec 1951Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11191
22 NELSON, Anne Marie  10 Apr 1990Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17279
23 SHEA, Annie  19 Feb 1971Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17867
24 SHEA, Ellen  21 Mar 1961Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17864
25 SHEA, Hannah  22 Jan 1983Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17870
26 SHEA, Katherine M  25 Mar 1975Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17868
27 SHEA, Michael Matthew  19 Feb 1963Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17866
28 SULLIVAN, Bridget Agnes  19 Mar 1984Waterbury, New Haven, CT I376
29 SULLIVAN, Daniel F  28 Sep 1969Waterbury, New Haven, CT I426
30 SULLIVAN, Daniel Francis  13 Jul 1972Waterbury, New Haven, CT I6
31 SULLIVAN, James Joseph  4 Oct 1907Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10
32 SULLIVAN, John Joseph  17 Feb 1998Waterbury, New Haven, CT I4663
33 SULLIVAN, Margaret  30 Mar 1975Waterbury, New Haven, CT I32569
34 SWEENEY, Catherine  11 Nov 1978Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10396
35 SWEENEY, Daniel Francis  6 Feb 1958Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18091
36 SWEENEY, Helen Mary  13 Jul 1972Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10398
37 SWEENEY, James Patrick  7 May 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10399


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary  5 Jun 1880Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18079
2 ALMAN, Mary  31 Mar 1909Waterbury, New Haven, CT I25113
3 BELCOURT, William  15 Sep 1980Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17362
4 BUCKLEY, Florence  24 Aug 1911Waterbury, New Haven, CT I26884
5 BUCKLEY, Frank  24 Aug 1911Waterbury, New Haven, CT I26885
6 BURNS, Mary  21 May 1884Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10919
7 BURNS, Mary  30 May 1886Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10919
8 BURNS, Mary  31 Aug 1888Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10919
9 CALLAHAN, Patrick  19 Apr 1887Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11251
10 CAREY, Catherine Irene  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17349
11 CAREY, Donald  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17354
12 CAREY, Edward  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17356
13 CAREY, Elizabeth  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17351
14 CAREY, James  17 Jun 1967Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17347
15 CAREY, James J  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17350
16 CAREY, John  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17353
17 CAREY, Margaret M  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17348
18 CAREY, Richard  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17355
19 CAREY, Thomas G  7 Aug 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17352
20 CRONIN, Ellen E  4 Feb 1892Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10982
21 CRONIN, Ellen E  26 Jun 1894Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10982
22 CRONIN, Ellen E  14 Oct 1896Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10982
23 DEROUIN, Donald H  22 Oct 1960Waterbury, New Haven, CT I19011
24 DESPINS, Arthur E  22 Jun 1968Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18029
25 DESPINS, George M  19 Feb 1971Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18031
26 DORAN, Bridget  5 Jul 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10993
27 DOWNEY, Bridget  45 YEARSWaterbury, New Haven, CT I9
28 DOWNEY, Bridget  13 Aug 1946Waterbury, New Haven, CT I9
29 DOWNS, Bernard N  21 Jun 1955Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10415
30 DOWNS, Bernard N  22 Aug 1961Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10415
31 DOWNS, Eileen M  21 Jun 1955Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10416
32 DOWNS, Eileen M  22 Aug 1961Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10416
33 DOWNS, Eileen M  5 Mar 1983Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10416
34 DUHAMEL, Catherine  11 Nov 1978Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10569
35 DUHAMEL, Catherine  2 Sep 1980Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10569
36 EISENBERGER, Joseph T  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17636
37 FITZGERALD, Margaret  31 May 1934Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11263
38 FLAHERTY, Mary B  27 Mar 1971Waterbury, New Haven, CT I32753
39 FLAHERTY, Mary B  30 Mar 1975Waterbury, New Haven, CT I32753
40 GABRIEL, Dolores  5 Mar 1983Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10437
41 GALVIN, Ellen  70 YEARSWaterbury, New Haven, CT I10999
42 GALVIN, Ellen  29 Aug 1889Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10999
43 GALVIN, Ellen  29 Jan 1890Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10999
44 GALVIN, Ellen  15 Jun 1893Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10999
45 GRIFFIN, Agnes M  31 May 1934Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11000
46 GRIFFIN, Agnes Mary  6 Nov 1962Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11149
47 GRIFFIN, Agnes Mary  12 May 1971Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11149
48 GRIFFIN, Albert  5 Jun 1880Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18084
49 GRIFFIN, Ann  10 Apr 1893Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11240
50 GRIFFIN, Ann  22 Feb 1942Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11143
51 GRIFFIN, Anna M  31 May 1938Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11202
52 GRIFFIN, Bartholomew  22 Aug 1900Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10904
53 GRIFFIN, Bernard  31 May 1953Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11227
54 GRIFFIN, Bernard A  31 May 1934Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11092
55 GRIFFIN, Bernard A  28 Dec 1955Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11092
56 GRIFFIN, Bernard A  20 Oct 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11092
57 GRIFFIN, Bridget  40 YEARSWaterbury, New Haven, CT I10978
58 GRIFFIN, Bridget  10 Oct 1888Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11232
59 GRIFFIN, Bridget  From 1890 to 10 Feb 1925Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10394
60 GRIFFIN, Bridget  18 Mar 1896Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10394
61 GRIFFIN, Bridget  3 Jan 1898Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10394
62 GRIFFIN, Bridget  29 Sep 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10394
63 GRIFFIN, Bridget  31 May 1938Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10978
64 GRIFFIN, Catherine  8 YEARSWaterbury, New Haven, CT I17357
65 GRIFFIN, Catherine  29 Oct 1891Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11257
66 GRIFFIN, Catherine  2 Jun 1900Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11012
67 GRIFFIN, Catherine  22 Aug 1906Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11257
68 GRIFFIN, Catherine  10 Feb 1925Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10413
69 GRIFFIN, Catherine  7 Nov 1925Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10959
70 GRIFFIN, Catherine  28 Sep 1949Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10959
71 GRIFFIN, Catherine  5 Apr 1951Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11012
72 GRIFFIN, Catherine  5 Aug 1952Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11061
73 GRIFFIN, Catherine T  26 Feb 1926Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10983
74 GRIFFIN, Charles Francis  31 May 1934Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11003
75 GRIFFIN, Charles Francis  28 Dec 1955Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11003
76 GRIFFIN, Charles Francis  20 Oct 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11003
77 GRIFFIN, Cornelius  40 YEARSWaterbury, New Haven, CT I17456
78 GRIFFIN, Cornelius  27 Sep 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10906
79 GRIFFIN, Cornelius  25 Oct 1900Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11058
80 GRIFFIN, Cornelius  18 Feb 1901Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10906
81 GRIFFIN, Cornelius  13 Mar 1936Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17639
82 GRIFFIN, Daniel  19 Apr 1910Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11104
83 GRIFFIN, Daniel F  50 YEARSWaterbury, New Haven, CT I10912
84 GRIFFIN, Daniel F  22 Jul 1900Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10912
85 GRIFFIN, Daniel John  19 Aug 1886Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10965
86 GRIFFIN, Daniel John  12 Mar 1887Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10965
87 GRIFFIN, Daniel John  22 Mar 1889Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10965
88 GRIFFIN, Daniel John  20 Jan 1892Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10965
89 GRIFFIN, Daniel John  21 Dec 1896Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10965
90 GRIFFIN, Daniel John  14 Feb 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10965
91 GRIFFIN, Daniel Louis  28 Dec 1955Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11001
92 GRIFFIN, Daniel Louis  20 Oct 1956Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11001
93 GRIFFIN, Daughter  13 Mar 1936Waterbury, New Haven, CT I17644
94 GRIFFIN, David F  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11127
95 GRIFFIN, David F  10 Oct 1943Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11127
96 GRIFFIN, Debra  31 May 1938Waterbury, New Haven, CT I11201
97 GRIFFIN, Denis  5 Jun 1880Waterbury, New Haven, CT I18078
98 GRIFFIN, Denis Francis  Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10439
99 GRIFFIN, Denis Francis  17 May 1972Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10439
100 GRIFFIN, Denis Francis  15 Aug 1979Waterbury, New Haven, CT I10439

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Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARRETT / GRIFFIN  22 Nov 1906Waterbury, New Haven, CT F5541
2 CALLAHAN / GRIFFIN  19 Apr 1887Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3253
3 CASEY / GRIFFIN  9 Apr 1913Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3264
4 CLAFFEY / GRIFFIN  31 May 1906Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3320
5 DEROUIN / MACSWEENEY  22 Oct 1960Waterbury, New Haven, CT F5432
6 FLAHERTY / SULLIVAN  15 Feb 1924Waterbury, New Haven, CT F9448
7 GRIFFIN / BURNS  21 May 1884Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3178
8 GRIFFIN / CRANE  29 Apr 1909Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3225
9 GRIFFIN / DORAN  12 Oct 1898Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3194
10 GRIFFIN / DOWLING  11 Sep 1901Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3232
11 GRIFFIN / GALVIN  29 Aug 1889Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3196
12 GRIFFIN / GRIFFIN  26 Oct 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3199
13 GRIFFIN / GRIFFIN  3 Nov 1904Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3008
14 GRIFFIN / HARMAN  11 Dec 1901Waterbury, New Haven, CT F9696
15 GRIFFIN / HEALEY  16 Sep 1897Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3233
16 GRIFFIN / HEALEY  9 Nov 1905Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3229
17 GRIFFIN / HORAN  26 Jan 1905Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3231
18 GRIFFIN / JONES  8 Jul 1903Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3208
19 GRIFFIN / LUCID  6 May 1886Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3185
20 GRIFFIN / MADDEN  28 Sep 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3195
21 GRIFFIN / MCLOUGHIN  7 Jun 1906Waterbury, New Haven, CT F9700
22 GRIFFIN / MCWICH  30 Jun 1898Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3197
23 GRIFFIN / MOORE  18 Feb 1892Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3217
24 GRIFFIN / MORIARTY  29 Nov 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3243
25 GRIFFIN / MURPHY  3 Feb 1898Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3181
26 GRIFFIN / QUANE  11 Feb 1900Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3227
27 GRIFFIN / STACK  19 Aug 1886Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3187
28 GRIFFIN / SULLIVAN  14 Feb 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3174
29 GRIFFIN / TULLY  20 Apr 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3173
30 GRIFFIN / WELCH  7 Sep 1899Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3176
31 MCCORMACK / GRIFFIN  12 May 1904Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3224
32 MCSWEENEY / GRIFFIN  29 Oct 1891Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3254
33 MORIARTY / WREN  10 Jul 1902Waterbury, New Haven, CT F5697
34 PRENDERGAST / SULLIVAN  June 1936?Waterbury, New Haven, CT F1415
35 REILLY / SULLIVAN  13 Jul 1985Waterbury, New Haven, CT F6772
36 STACK / GRIFFIN  6 May 1897Waterbury, New Haven, CT F3190
37 SULLIVAN / CESTARE  Waterbury, New Haven, CT F6942
38 SULLIVAN / NELSON  28 Oct 1939Waterbury, New Haven, CT F4922
39 SULLIVAN / SWEENEY  24 Nov 1904Waterbury, New Haven, CT F9416


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARRETT / GRIFFIN  1906Waterbury, New Haven, CT F5541
2 SULLIVAN / KERWIN  26 Nov 1905Waterbury, New Haven, CT F108
3 SULLIVAN / O'NEILL  12 Sep 1959Waterbury, New Haven, CT F1400