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Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BACON, Jeannette R  [1849]WI I16004
2 CARPENTER, Benedict Gerald  10 Nov 1907WI I39831
3 CHASE, Mary  [1866]WI I44966
4 CHASE, Sarah  June 1862WI I44965
5 CHRISTOPHERSON, Richard Lloyd  11 Jul 1942WI I34278
6 DAY, Carrie E  October 1857WI I29233
7 G, Amanda  [1881]WI I8653
8 GARDNER, Bernard  [1927]WI I39070
9 GARDNER, Crystal  [1935]WI I39072
10 GARDNER, Harriet  [JULY 1939]WI I39073
11 GARDNER, June Doris  [1929]WI I39071
12 GRAY, Euphemia  March 1863WI I29231
13 GRAY, Robert John  May 1860WI I29230
14 GRIFFIN, Elizabeth  [1847]WI I48711
15 GRIFFIN, Henry  [1848]WI I48712
16 JOHNSON, George  [1850]WI I36526
17 JOHNSON, Lucy  [1867]WI I34042
18 MCALLISTER, Evertt J  [1908]WI I2936
19 MCCLELLAND, Ellen Maria  24 Aug 1855WI I29214
20 MCCURDY, Benjamin F  [1855]WI I7721
21 MEYER, James  [1924]WI I34270
22 MEYER, Leo  WI I34268
23 ORR, Dwight E  September 1879WI I18500
24 ORR, George  December 1891WI I18501
25 ORR, James Agnew  [1858]WI I18497
26 ORR, Jerome  [1872]WI I18503
27 ORR, Laura  [1864]WI I18504
28 ORR, Maragret  March 1870WI I18506
29 ORR, Samuel  [1866]WI I18505
30 ORR, William C  [1868]WI I18502
31 RONGHOLT, Ella I  [APRIL 1916]WI I34266
32 RONGHOLT, Henry  [1921]WI I34269
33 RONGHOLT, Henry E  [1879]WI I34259
34 RONGHOLT, Mina Hazel  [1914]WI I34265
35 RUDY, Emma  [1868]WI I18498
36 SHAFER, Joyce Elaine  [1926]WI I29248
37 SMITH, Elvira  November 1854WI I29412
38 SULLIVAN, John  [1859]WI I26461
39 SULLIVAN, John J  [1857]WI I23501
40 WATTIER, Josephine  11 Dec 1860WI I1868


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 MCGILLICUDDY, Ellen  WI I41440
2 MCLAUGHLIN, Edgar  1923WI I42456
3 MCLAUGHLIN, John T  C 1939WI I42454


Matches 1 to 55 of 55

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Edna  [1910]WI I34271
2 BEEDE, Minnie Dora  [1883]WI I29218
3 CHASE, Mary  [1867]WI I44966
4 CHASE, Sarah  [1862]WI I44965
5 CHASE, Sarah  [1863]WI I44965
6 DAY, Carrie E  [1858]WI I29233
7 ELIZABETH, Bernice  [1910]WI I39069
8 G, Amanda  [1882]WI I8653
9 GRAY, Euphemia  [1863]WI I29231
10 GRAY, Euphemia  [1862]WI I29231
11 GRAY, Margaret L  [1866]WI I29232
12 GRAY, Robert John  [1860]WI I29230
13 GRAY, Robert John  [1861]WI I29230
14 JOHNSON, Sarah  [1870]WI I34043
15 JOY, Leo F  [1903]WI I35386
16 JOY, Leo F  [1904]WI I35386
17 MCALLISTER, Evertt J  [1909]WI I2936
18 MCCLELLAND, Alfred D  [1851]WI I29213
19 MCCLELLAND, Alfred D  [1852]WI I29213
20 MCCLELLAND, Alfred D  [1853]WI I29213
21 MCCLELLAND, Alfred D  October 1852WI I29213
22 MCCLELLAND, Charles A  [1855]WI I29215
23 MCCLELLAND, Charles A  [1858]WI I29215
24 MCCLELLAND, Charles A  [1859]WI I29215
25 MCCLELLAND, Charles A  February 1860WI I29215
26 MCCLELLAND, Ellen Maria  [1857]WI I29214
27 MCCLELLAND, Ellen Maria  [1856]WI I29214
28 MCCLELLAND, Ellen Maria  [1855]WI I29214
29 MCCLELLAND, Ellen Maria  August 1855WI I29214
30 MCCLELLAND, Harriet Lincoln  [1860]WI I29216
31 MCCLELLAND, Harriet Lincoln  [1861]WI I29216
32 MCCLELLAND, Harriet Lincoln  [1862]WI I29216
33 MCCLELLAND, Harriet Lincoln  May 1861WI I29216
34 MCCLELLAND, Sarah Jane  [1839]WI I29208
35 MCCURDY, Annie  1864WI I7727
36 MCCURDY, Benjamin F  [1856]WI I7721
37 MCCURDY, Lucy  1866WI I7728
38 MCCURDY, Nettie  18620WI I7725
39 ORR, James Agnew  [1859]WI I18497
40 RONGHOLT, Edwin George  [1906]WI I34262
41 RONGHOLT, Edwin George  [1907]WI I34262
42 RONGHOLT, Ella I  [1916]WI I34266
43 RONGHOLT, Henry E  [1880]WI I34259
44 RONGHOLT, Laura Gladys  [1909]WI I34263
45 RONGHOLT, Laura Gladys  [JULY 1908]WI I34263
46 RONGHOLT, Lloyd A  [1918]WI I34267
47 RONGHOLT, Lloyd A  [MAY 1918]WI I34267
48 RONGHOLT, Mina Hazel  [1915]WI I34265
49 RONGHOLT, Roy William  [1912]WI I34264
50 SULLIVAN, Daniel F  [1862]WI I23506
51 SULLIVAN, John J  [1858]WI I23501
52 SULLIVAN, John J  [1859]WI I23501
53 SULLIVAN, John J  June 1861WI I23501
54 WATTIER, Josephine  [1861]WI I1868
55 WATTIER, Josephine  December 1860WI I1868


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CARROLL, Edward Patrick  3 May 1902WI I9369
2 CARROLL, Patrick Stafford  3 May 1902WI I9370
3 MCGILLICUDDY, Daniel  1875WI I41439
4 MCGILLICUDDY, Jeremiah  1875WI I41438
5 MCGILLICUDDY, Michael  1875WI I41453
6 MONTGOMERY, James Christopher  FIRSTWI I1487