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Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SUGRUE, Johanna  Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I37143
2 SUGRUE, Thomas  Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I37141
3 SULLIVAN, Bridget  27 Mar 1879Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41616
4 SULLIVAN, Catherine  10 Jun 1900Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36850
5 SULLIVAN, Daniel  17 Feb 1875Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41615
6 SULLIVAN, Denis  9 Jan 1883Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41622
7 SULLIVAN, Ellen  23 Jul 1890Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41619
8 SULLIVAN, Gobnait  10 Jan 1872Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41613
9 SULLIVAN, James  23 Nov 1896Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36848
10 SULLIVAN, John  21 Jan 1885Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41617
11 SULLIVAN, Mary  30 Jun 1873Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41614
12 SULLIVAN, Mary  20 Sep 1890Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36846
13 SULLIVAN, Michael  16 Aug 1877Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41620
14 SULLIVAN, Timothy  4 Jul 1887Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41618


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 SUGRUE, Timothy  28 Oct 1858Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I31939
2 SUGRUE, Timothy  16 Jun 1861Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I31939
3 SULLIVAN, Patrick  25 Sep 1890Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36844
4 SULLIVAN, Patrick  24 Nov 1896Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36844
5 SULLIVAN, Patrick  14 Jun 1900Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36844
6 SULLIVAN, Timothy  11 Jan 1872Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
7 SULLIVAN, Timothy  5 Jul 1873Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
8 SULLIVAN, Timothy  19 Feb 1875Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
9 SULLIVAN, Timothy  19 Aug 1877Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
10 SULLIVAN, Timothy  29 Mar 1879Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
11 SULLIVAN, Timothy  13 Jan 1883Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
12 SULLIVAN, Timothy  23 Jan 1885Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
13 SULLIVAN, Timothy  6 Jul 1887Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
14 SULLIVAN, Timothy  24 Jul 1890Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611
15 SULLIVAN, Timothy  31 Mar 1901Tullig, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I41611