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Strafford, Strafford, NH



Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BERRY, Alexander  [1812]Strafford, Strafford, NH I54097
2 BERRY, Emaline  2 Mar 1823Strafford, Strafford, NH I54102
3 CLARK, Alice  [26 Apr 1801]Strafford, Strafford, NH I54071
4 GRAY, Hannah  Strafford, Strafford, NH I52473


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUZZELL, Aaron  21 Oct 1854Strafford, Strafford, NH I52090
2 CLARK, Alice  9 Nov 1884Strafford, Strafford, NH I54071
3 FOSS, Elisha  28 Jan 1901Strafford, Strafford, NH I54087
4 JOHNSON, Abigail  14 Sep 1871Strafford, Strafford, NH I50263
5 JOHNSON, Sarah B  25 Jan 1892Strafford, Strafford, NH I51799
6 JOHNSON, Stephen  13 Mar 1872Strafford, Strafford, NH I50258
7 JOHNSON, Thomas  11 Sep 1826Strafford, Strafford, NH I46586
8 JOHNSON, Thomas  6 Jan 1873Strafford, Strafford, NH I50255
9 TUTTLE, James  6 Feb 1852Strafford, Strafford, NH I50245


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Assessed    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, James  1822Strafford, Strafford, NH I50256
2 JOHNSON, James  1824Strafford, Strafford, NH I50256
3 JOHNSON, Samuel  1822Strafford, Strafford, NH I52472
4 JOHNSON, Samuel  1822Strafford, Strafford, NH I50327
5 JOHNSON, Samuel  1824Strafford, Strafford, NH I52472
6 JOHNSON, Samuel  1824Strafford, Strafford, NH I50327
7 JOHNSON, Thomas  1822Strafford, Strafford, NH I50255
8 JOHNSON, Thomas  1824Strafford, Strafford, NH I50255


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Samuel  Strafford, Strafford, NH I52472
2 JOHNSON, Sarah B  [1819]Strafford, Strafford, NH I51799
3 JOHNSON, William  16 Oct 1833Strafford, Strafford, NH I52474


Matches 1 to 54 of 54

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Abigail  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50263
2 JOHNSON, Abigail  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I50263
3 JOHNSON, Abigail  14 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50263
4 JOHNSON, Abigail  2 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I50263
5 JOHNSON, Abigail  17 Jun 1870Strafford, Strafford, NH I50263
6 JOHNSON, Catherine Jackson  11 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I52184
7 JOHNSON, Catherine Jackson  13 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I52184
8 JOHNSON, Catherine Jackson  21 Jun 1870Strafford, Strafford, NH I52184
9 JOHNSON, Dodapher  21 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I52477
10 JOHNSON, Elijah  21 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I52476
11 JOHNSON, George Washington  21 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I52475
12 JOHNSON, James  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I52489
13 JOHNSON, James  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50256
14 JOHNSON, James  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I52489
15 JOHNSON, James  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I52482
16 JOHNSON, James  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I50256
17 JOHNSON, James  11 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I52482
18 JOHNSON, Mary  2 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I50262
19 JOHNSON, Mehitable  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50254
20 JOHNSON, Mehitable  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I50254
21 JOHNSON, Mehitable  12 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50254
22 JOHNSON, Samuel  9 Oct 1823Strafford, Strafford, NH I52472
23 JOHNSON, Samuel  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I52472
24 JOHNSON, Samuel  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50327
25 JOHNSON, Samuel  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I52472
26 JOHNSON, Samuel  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I50327
27 JOHNSON, Samuel  12 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50327
28 JOHNSON, Samuel  21 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I52472
29 JOHNSON, Samuel  24 Jun 1870Strafford, Strafford, NH I52472
30 JOHNSON, Sarah B  12 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I51799
31 JOHNSON, Sarah B  13 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I51799
32 JOHNSON, Sarah B  24 Jun 1870Strafford, Strafford, NH I51799
33 JOHNSON, Sarah B  5 Jun 1880Strafford, Strafford, NH I51799
34 JOHNSON, Stephen  11 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I52185
35 JOHNSON, Stephen  21 Jun 1870Strafford, Strafford, NH I50258
36 JOHNSON, Thomas  12 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50255
37 JOHNSON, Thomas  21 Jun 1870Strafford, Strafford, NH I50255
38 JOHNSON, William  21 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I52474
39 OTIS, Hannah  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50344
40 TUTTLE, Elijah  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50243
41 TUTTLE, Elijah  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I50243
42 TUTTLE, Elijah  16 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50243
43 TUTTLE, Elijah  4 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I50243
44 TUTTLE, Esther  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50257
45 TUTTLE, Esther  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I50257
46 TUTTLE, Esther  12 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50257
47 TUTTLE, Esther  16 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I50257
48 TUTTLE, James  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50245
49 TUTTLE, James  14 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50245
50 TUTTLE, Lydia  1830Strafford, Strafford, NH I50247
51 TUTTLE, Lydia  1840Strafford, Strafford, NH I50247
52 TUTTLE, Lydia  20 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50247
53 TUTTLE, Lydia  23 Jun 1860Strafford, Strafford, NH I50247
54 TUTTLE, Mary  14 Sep 1850Strafford, Strafford, NH I50249


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BERRY / JOHNSON  22 Apr 1875Strafford, Strafford, NH F15969
2 JENNESS / BROCK  26 Nov 1836Strafford, Strafford, NH F16921
3 JENNESS / HANNAFORD  18 Aug 1832Strafford, Strafford, NH F16919