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Stanley, York, NB



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MCCARRON, Female  28 May 1903Stanley, York, NB I17757
2 MCCARRON, Female  14 Feb 1905Stanley, York, NB I17755
3 MCCARRON, John Francis "Frank"  13 Nov 1894Stanley, York, NB I17750
4 MCCARRON, Joseph Bertram  28 Oct 1897Stanley, York, NB I17753
5 MCCARRON, Unknown  27 Jul 1906Stanley, York, NB I17756


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 KIRLIN, Robert  21 Jan 1948Stanley, York, NB I17743


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jane  1901Stanley, York, NB I17746
2 Margaret  1851Stanley, York, NB I30424
3 Margaret  1901Stanley, York, NB I17754
4 Rebecca  1851Stanley, York, NB I16046
5 BURNS, Alice  1851Stanley, York, NB I17708
6 BURNS, Alice  1861Stanley, York, NB I17708
7 BURNS, Alice  1881Stanley, York, NB I17708
8 CLARKSON, Alfred  1861Stanley, York, NB I20889
9 CLARKSON, Emma  1861Stanley, York, NB I20890
10 CLARKSON, Jonas  1861Stanley, York, NB I5215
11 CLARKSON, Lucy T  1861Stanley, York, NB I20888
12 DAY, Mary  5 Dec 1850Stanley, York, NB I16054
13 DAY, Mary  1851Stanley, York, NB I16054
14 DAY, Mary  1861Stanley, York, NB I16054
15 DELUCRY, Margaret Anne  1901Stanley, York, NB I17751
16 FISHER, Rebecca  1861Stanley, York, NB I4983
17 GREER, Abigail  1851Stanley, York, NB I16049
18 GREER, Alexander  1851Stanley, York, NB I16052
19 GREER, Amelia  1851Stanley, York, NB I16055
20 GREER, Amelia  1861Stanley, York, NB I16055
21 GREER, Elizabeth  1851Stanley, York, NB I16050
22 GREER, Henry  5 Dec 1850Stanley, York, NB I16053
23 GREER, Henry  1851Stanley, York, NB I16053
24 GREER, Henry  1861Stanley, York, NB I16053
25 GREER, James  1851Stanley, York, NB I16048
26 GREER, James  1861Stanley, York, NB I16078
27 GREER, Mary  1861Stanley, York, NB I16077
28 GREER, Samuel  1851Stanley, York, NB I16051
29 GREER, Samuel  1851Stanley, York, NB I16045
30 GREER, Thomas  1851Stanley, York, NB I16047
31 GREER, Thomas  1861Stanley, York, NB I16047
32 KIRLIN, Alice  1861Stanley, York, NB I17730
33 KIRLIN, Alice  1881Stanley, York, NB I17730
34 KIRLIN, Ann  1861Stanley, York, NB I17729
35 KIRLIN, Ann  1881Stanley, York, NB I17729
36 KIRLIN, Catherine  1861Stanley, York, NB I17732
37 KIRLIN, Catherine  1881Stanley, York, NB I17732
38 KIRLIN, Edward  1861Stanley, York, NB I17731
39 KIRLIN, Edward  1881Stanley, York, NB I17731
40 KIRLIN, Edward  1901Stanley, York, NB I17731
41 KIRLIN, Michael  11 Nov 1849Stanley, York, NB I17719
42 KIRLIN, Michael  1861Stanley, York, NB I17719
43 KIRLIN, Michael  1881Stanley, York, NB I17744
44 KIRLIN, Michael  1881Stanley, York, NB I17719
45 KIRLIN, Michael  1901Stanley, York, NB I17744
46 KIRLIN, Michael  1901Stanley, York, NB I17719
47 KIRLIN, Robert  1881Stanley, York, NB I17743
48 KIRLIN, Robert  1901Stanley, York, NB I17743
49 KIRLIN, Robert  19 Jan 1948Stanley, York, NB I17743
50 MCCARRON, Alice  27 May 1864Stanley, York, NB I17712
51 MCCARRON, Alice V  1861Stanley, York, NB I17727
52 MCCARRON, Alice V  1881Stanley, York, NB I17727
53 MCCARRON, Anne  1851Stanley, York, NB I17711
54 MCCARRON, Bridget  11 Nov 1849Stanley, York, NB I17710
55 MCCARRON, Bridget  1851Stanley, York, NB I17710
56 MCCARRON, Bridget  1861Stanley, York, NB I17710
57 MCCARRON, Bridget  1881Stanley, York, NB I17710
58 MCCARRON, Bridget  1901Stanley, York, NB I17710
59 MCCARRON, Edward  1851Stanley, York, NB I17707
60 MCCARRON, Edward  1861Stanley, York, NB I17713
61 MCCARRON, Edward  1861Stanley, York, NB I17707
62 MCCARRON, Edward  13 Jan 1878Stanley, York, NB I17713
63 MCCARRON, Edward  1881Stanley, York, NB I17713
64 MCCARRON, Edward  1881Stanley, York, NB I17707
65 MCCARRON, Elizabeth  1861Stanley, York, NB I17714
66 MCCARRON, Elizabeth  1881Stanley, York, NB I17714
67 MCCARRON, Isabell  1881Stanley, York, NB I17741
68 MCCARRON, James  1851Stanley, York, NB I17715
69 MCCARRON, James  1861Stanley, York, NB I17715
70 MCCARRON, James  1881Stanley, York, NB I17715
71 MCCARRON, James  1901Stanley, York, NB I17715
72 MCCARRON, John Francis "Frank"  1901Stanley, York, NB I17750
73 MCCARRON, John James  1881Stanley, York, NB I17739
74 MCCARRON, John Robert  1861Stanley, York, NB I17728
75 MCCARRON, John Robert  1881Stanley, York, NB I17728
76 MCCARRON, John Robert  1901Stanley, York, NB I17728
77 MCCARRON, Joseph Bertram  1901Stanley, York, NB I17753
78 MCCARRON, Julia  1881Stanley, York, NB I17742
79 MCCARRON, Letitia A  1881Stanley, York, NB I17740
80 MCCARRON, Mary  1851Stanley, York, NB I17709
81 MCCARRON, Mary  1861Stanley, York, NB I17709
82 MCCARRON, Mary  1881Stanley, York, NB I17709
83 MCCARRON, Mary Jane  1861Stanley, York, NB I17726
84 MCCARRON, Mary Jane  1881Stanley, York, NB I17726
85 MCCARRON, Winnie  1901Stanley, York, NB I17752
86 MCEVOY, Bridget  Stanley, York, NB I2135
87 MCEVOY, Bridget  1851Stanley, York, NB I2135
88 MCEVOY, Margaret  1851Stanley, York, NB I30425
89 MCEVOY, Patrick  1851Stanley, York, NB I30426
90 MCEVOY, Patrick  1851Stanley, York, NB I30423
91 MCEVOY, Sarah Eve  1851Stanley, York, NB I30427
92 MCEVOY, Timothy  1851Stanley, York, NB I30428
93 MCINTYRE, Richard B  28 May 1880Stanley, York, NB I29532
94 MCINTYRE, Richard B  1881Stanley, York, NB I29532
95 MCINTYRE, William J  1881Stanley, York, NB I29535
96 NOWLAN, Mary Ann  13 Jan 1878Stanley, York, NB I17716
97 NOWLAN, Mary Ann  1881Stanley, York, NB I17716
98 NOWLAN, Mary Ann  1901Stanley, York, NB I17716
99 RYAN, Judith  1871Stanley, York, NB I5207
100 TAYLOR, Anna May  1881Stanley, York, NB I29531

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