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Richmond, Washington, RI



Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HOLBERTON  22 Oct 1867Richmond, Washington, RI I30516
2 COLLINS, Loensa Eliza  20 Oct 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I26922
3 HOLBERTON, Esther Drusilla  3 Apr 1793Richmond, Washington, RI I30473
4 HOLBERTON, Hubert L  21 Nov 1874Richmond, Washington, RI I26899
5 HOLBERTON, Luna C  31 Mar 1874Richmond, Washington, RI I30514
6 HOLBERTON, Ruth  1800Richmond, Washington, RI I30479
7 HOLBERTON, Vernon H  16 Apr 1866Richmond, Washington, RI I30515
8 HOLBERTON, William G  20 Aug 1799Richmond, Washington, RI I30501
9 HOLBERTON, William H  18 Jan 1829Richmond, Washington, RI I30503
10 KENYON, Rachel  20 Apr 1803Richmond, Washington, RI I29595


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CLARKE, Arnold Wells  1820Richmond, Washington, RI I30480
2 CLARKE, Louisa  16 Aug 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I30484
3 CLARKE, Mary  16 Aug 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I30487
4 ENNIS, George Nichola  16 Aug 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I30485
5 ENNIS, Mary F  16 Aug 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I30486
6 HOLBERTON, Drusilla  3 Sep 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I30494
7 HOLBERTON, George Henry  16 Aug 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I30471
8 HOLBERTON, George W  5 Sep 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I29545
9 HOLBERTON, John E  5 Sep 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I29546
10 HOLBERTON, Ruth  16 Aug 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I30479
11 HOLBERTON, Thomas  1800Richmond, Washington, RI I30469
12 HOLBERTON, Thomas  1810Richmond, Washington, RI I30469
13 HOLBERTON, Thomas  1820Richmond, Washington, RI I30469
14 MALLARD, Henry  1790Richmond, Washington, RI I30493
15 MALLARD, Henry  1800Richmond, Washington, RI I30493
16 MALLARD, Henry  1810Richmond, Washington, RI I30493
17 PECKHAM, Hazard  11 Nov 1849Richmond, Washington, RI I30495
18 PECKHAM, Hazard  3 Sep 1850Richmond, Washington, RI I30495