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Queensbury, York, NB



Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHESSIE, Male  8 Aug 1894Queensbury, York, NB I12474


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Assessed    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Abraham  1816Queensbury, York, NB I55319


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Grant    Person ID 
1 PARKER, John  14 Jan 1788Queensbury, York, NB I54827
2 TIBBETTS, Andrew  1828Queensbury, York, NB I56330
3 TIBBETTS, Benjamin  7 Apr 1813Queensbury, York, NB I56332


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Petition    Person ID 
1 STIVERS, Caleb  1786Queensbury, York, NB I55220


Matches 1 to 91 of 91

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Clarissa  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20391
2 Mrs  13 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20587
3 BLAKE, Henry  20 Nov 1822Queensbury, York, NB I4873
4 BOURGILLON, Elsie  1851Queensbury, York, NB I12543
5 BOURGILLON, Elsie  1861Queensbury, York, NB I12543
6 BROWN, Rebekah  28 Oct 1820Queensbury, York, NB I4982
7 CHASSE, Firmin  10 Sep 1827Queensbury, York, NB I868
8 GILMAN, Jane  1851Queensbury, York, NB I3498
9 GILMAN, Louise  1861Queensbury, York, NB I3501
10 GODIN, Elizabeth Theotiste Tasia  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20428
11 GODIN, Elizabeth Theotiste Tasia  13 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20428
12 GODIN, Madeline  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20575
13 GODIN, Madeline  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20575
14 GODIN, Marie Victoire  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20394
15 GODIN, Marie Victoire  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20394
16 GRAY, Sarah  20 Nov 1822Queensbury, York, NB I4894
17 KING, Alexander  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20491
18 KING, Alexander  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20581
19 KING, Angelina  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20492
20 KING, Catherine  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20392
21 KING, Catherine  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20392
22 KING, Celia  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20583
23 KING, Clara  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20584
24 KING, Fedora  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20579
25 KING, Frances  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20489
26 KING, Frances A  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20577
27 KING, Frances A  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20577
28 KING, Joseph  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20585
29 KING, Laurence  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20390
30 KING, Laurence  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20390
31 KING, Lawrence  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20580
32 KING, Lonnay  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20490
33 KING, Louis Joseph  10 Sep 1857Queensbury, York, NB I20487
34 KING, Louis Joseph  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20487
35 KING, Louis Joseph  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20582
36 KING, Louis Joseph  13 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20582
37 KING, Matilda  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20488
38 KING, Melinda  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20393
39 KING, Nancy  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20578
40 KING, Nancy  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20578
41 KING, Theophilus  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20486
42 KING, Thomas Andrew  1881Queensbury, York, NB I20586
43 KING, Thomas Andrew  13 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20586
44 MAZEROLLE, Ann  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20452
45 MAZEROLLE, Archange (St Louis) dite Godin  10 Sep 1827Queensbury, York, NB I869
46 MAZEROLLE, David  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20401
47 MAZEROLLE, Elizabeth  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20558
48 MAZEROLLE, Elizabeth  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20402
49 MAZEROLLE, Elsey I  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20454
50 MAZEROLLE, Emiline  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20453
51 MAZEROLLE, Francis  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20395
52 MAZEROLLE, Francis  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20395
53 MAZEROLLE, Francis  13 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20502
54 MAZEROLLE, Francois Louis  5 Jun 1837Queensbury, York, NB I12535
55 MAZEROLLE, Francoise  1851Queensbury, York, NB I901
56 MAZEROLLE, Frederick  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20396
57 MAZEROLLE, Frederick  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20396
58 MAZEROLLE, Frederick  12 Jul 1870Queensbury, York, NB I20396
59 MAZEROLLE, Henry  13 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20501
60 MAZEROLLE, Jean  1851Queensbury, York, NB I8921
61 MAZEROLLE, Joseph  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20400
62 MAZEROLLE, Joseph  13 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20400
63 MAZEROLLE, Joseph F  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20429
64 MAZEROLLE, Joseph F  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20429
65 MAZEROLLE, Joseph F  11 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20429
66 MAZEROLLE, Joseph Louis  1861Queensbury, York, NB I8920
67 MAZEROLLE, Louis  22 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I8899
68 MAZEROLLE, Maria  11 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20505
69 MAZEROLLE, Marie  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20403
70 MAZEROLLE, Mary Ann  1851Queensbury, York, NB I8900
71 MAZEROLLE, Moses  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20430
72 MAZEROLLE, Moses  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20430
73 MAZEROLLE, Moses  11 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I20430
74 MAZEROLLE, Pierre  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20552
75 MAZEROLLE, Rosanna  5 Jun 1837Queensbury, York, NB I12542
76 MAZEROLLE, Salome  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20556
77 MAZEROLLE, Sarah  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20397
78 MAZEROLLE, Sarah  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20397
79 MAZEROLLE, Simon  1851Queensbury, York, NB I12536
80 MAZEROLLE, Simon  1861Queensbury, York, NB I12536
81 MAZEROLLE, Simon  11 Apr 1901Queensbury, York, NB I12536
82 MAZEROLLE, Susan  1851Queensbury, York, NB I20398
83 MAZEROLLE, Susan  1861Queensbury, York, NB I20398
84 MCKEEN, Elizabeth  23 Mar 1807Queensbury, York, NB I56110
85 MCKEEN, Elizabeth  24 Feb 1815Queensbury, York, NB I56110
86 ROY, Laurent  1851Queensbury, York, NB I12494
87 TARDIF, Anne Marie  1851Queensbury, York, NB I12528
88 TIBBETTS, Benjamin  15 Sep 1797Queensbury, York, NB I56332
89 TIBBETTS, Benjamin  23 Mar 1807Queensbury, York, NB I56332
90 TIBBETTS, Benjamin  26 Jun 1813Queensbury, York, NB I56332
91 TIBBETTS, Benjamin  2 Nov 1813Queensbury, York, NB I56332