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Providence, Providence, RI



Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVIZINIS, Edward  Providence, Providence, RI I17438
2 AVIZINIS, Ralph  25 Jan 1925Providence, Providence, RI I17424
3 AVIZINIS, Walter Peter  Providence, Providence, RI I17412
4 BRADY, George Edward  5 Oct 1873Providence, Providence, RI I28547
5 CAHILL, Elizabeth J  Providence, Providence, RI I28739
6 CAHILL, Honora  Providence, Providence, RI I28742
7 CAHILL, James M  Providence, Providence, RI I28743
8 CAREY, Mary R  21 Oct 1920Providence, Providence, RI I23218
9 CONNERS, Leo Thomas  25 Jan 1895Providence, Providence, RI I28651
10 FALLON, Annie Lena  16 Jan 1890Providence, Providence, RI I48124
11 FALLON, Daniel Edmund  17 Nov 1897Providence, Providence, RI I48115
12 FALLON, Jennie M C  5 Sep 1891Providence, Providence, RI I48125
13 FALLON, Mary  5 Dec 1887Providence, Providence, RI I48132
14 FALLON, Sarah Agnes  30 Apr 1893Providence, Providence, RI I48126
15 HARDING, Mercy  1683Providence, Providence, RI I28716
16 KACHANIS, Peter R  3 Oct 1911Providence, Providence, RI I17415
17 MCKENNEY, Margaret E  [1876]Providence, Providence, RI I28776
18 PRYOR, Margaret Theresa  27 Mar 1877Providence, Providence, RI I48153
19 ROGAN, Francis Elvin  15 Aug 1893Providence, Providence, RI I28537
20 ROGAN, Frederick Thomas  18 Jun 1895Providence, Providence, RI I28538
21 RYAN, Elizabeth Agnes  [1870]Providence, Providence, RI I27837
22 STAPLETON, John Francis  27 Aug 1875Providence, Providence, RI I28498
23 STAPLETON, John Leroy  25 Nov 1900Providence, Providence, RI I28496
24 STAPLETON, Margaret  23 Feb 1860Providence, Providence, RI I28819
25 STAPLETON, Mary Ellen  14 Jan 1861Providence, Providence, RI I28812
26 STAPLETON, Richard Joseph  29 Jul 1882Providence, Providence, RI I28523
27 STEERE, Joanne Caroline  28 May 1930Providence, Providence, RI I26887
28 SULLIVAN, Anna Theresa  27 Apr 1904Providence, Providence, RI I23206
29 SULLIVAN, Denis A  22 Mar 1897Providence, Providence, RI I23199
30 SULLIVAN, Frederick  16 Sep 1906Providence, Providence, RI I23210
31 SULLIVAN, Helen T  16 Jan 1894Providence, Providence, RI I23214
32 SULLIVAN, James J  [1845]Providence, Providence, RI I26276
33 SULLIVAN, Jeremiah  6 Oct 1902Providence, Providence, RI I23205
34 SULLIVAN, Jeremiah Edward  14 Feb 1893Providence, Providence, RI I23231
35 SULLIVAN, John A  3 Feb 1892Providence, Providence, RI I23230
36 SULLIVAN, John Francis  24 Sep 1895Providence, Providence, RI I23198
37 SULLIVAN, Joseph  22 Dec 1934Providence, Providence, RI I23195
38 SULLIVAN, Joseph D  2 Mar 1909Providence, Providence, RI I23193
39 SULLIVAN, Mary Ellen  12 Jun 1900Providence, Providence, RI I23201
40 SULLIVAN, Mary Ellen  22 Feb 1935Providence, Providence, RI I23196
41 SWANSON, Oscar  30 Jun 1896Providence, Providence, RI I23202
42 TOWNSEND, Julia Marie  30 Jul 1912Providence, Providence, RI I23194
43 WINSOR, Samuel  1644Providence, Providence, RI I28718
44 WINSOR, Samuel  18 Nov 1677Providence, Providence, RI I28715


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GOULDING, Denis  15 May 1947Providence, Providence, RI I33551
2 GRIFFIN, Catherine M  24 Jan 1941Providence, Providence, RI I21784
3 HARTLING, Edward Oscar  1 Mar 1935Providence, Providence, RI I48152
4 HARTLING, Edward Samuel  28 Apr 1904Providence, Providence, RI I48154
5 HASKINS, Thomas  3 Sep 1880Providence, Providence, RI I3711
6 HOLBERTON, Phebe Etta  3 Aug 1917Providence, Providence, RI I30475
7 MCGOVERN, Joseph John  12 Jan 1911Providence, Providence, RI I28603
8 MCKENNA, Margaret B  12 Sep 1925Providence, Providence, RI I28593
9 MORIARTY, Bridget  29 Oct 1955Providence, Providence, RI I23159
10 MORIARTY, John James  12 Apr 1926Providence, Providence, RI I34760
11 MORIARTY, Patrick Joseph  20 Dec 1971Providence, Providence, RI I23158
12 PRYOR, Alice  19 Sep 1887Providence, Providence, RI I60273
13 PRYOR, John Charles  10 Feb 1916Providence, Providence, RI I48160
14 PRYOR, Margaret Theresa  24 Sep 1945Providence, Providence, RI I48153
15 STEERE, Wendell Winsor  23 Dec 1968Providence, Providence, RI I26916
16 SULLIVAN, Anna Theresa  16 Dec 1978Providence, Providence, RI I23206
17 SULLIVAN, Catherine  12 Apr 1934Providence, Providence, RI I48819
18 SULLIVAN, Denis A  7 Jul 1939Providence, Providence, RI I23190
19 SULLIVAN, Frederick  10 May 1937Providence, Providence, RI I23210
20 SULLIVAN, James Edward  17 Jan 1971Providence, Providence, RI I23200
21 SULLIVAN, Jeremiah  6 Dec 1962Providence, Providence, RI I23205
22 SULLIVAN, John Francis  10 Aug 1923Providence, Providence, RI I23198
23 SULLIVAN, John H  23 Apr 1900Providence, Providence, RI I25514
24 SULLIVAN, Mary A  30 May 1910Providence, Providence, RI I48816
25 SULLIVAN, Mary Ellen  13 Jan 1979Providence, Providence, RI I23201
26 SWANSON, Oscar  7 May 1961Providence, Providence, RI I23202
27 THOMAS, Henry Frederick  14 Oct 1936Providence, Providence, RI I29587
28 TILLINGHAST, Albert  1 Oct 1936Providence, Providence, RI I27689
29 TILLINGHAST, Phoebe D  21 Mar 1876Providence, Providence, RI I52851
30 WESTGATE, Lucinda Maxim  5 Jul 1886Providence, Providence, RI I58849
31 WILLIAMS, Irwin Stephen  16 Jul 1915Providence, Providence, RI I48858
32 WINSOR, Mabel Louise  31 May 1965Providence, Providence, RI I26919


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CAHILL, Honora  [1871]Providence, Providence, RI I28742
2 CAHILL, James M  [1876]Providence, Providence, RI I28743
3 CAHILL, John H  [1861]Providence, Providence, RI I28601
4 CAHILL, Martin F  [1877]Providence, Providence, RI I28744
5 SULLIVAN, James Edward  8 Jul 1898Providence, Providence, RI I23200
6 SULLIVAN, John Francis  22 Sep 1895Providence, Providence, RI I23198
7 SULLIVAN, Patrick Robert  [1846]Providence, Providence, RI I26283
8 SULLIVAN, Patrick Robert  [1850]Providence, Providence, RI I26283
9 SULLIVAN, Timothy Andrew  [1845]Providence, Providence, RI I26280
10 SULLIVAN, Timothy Andrew  [1844]Providence, Providence, RI I26280


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BOWEN, Henry  Providence, Providence, RI I4145
2 FOLEY, Deborah Ann  24 Mar 1930Providence, Providence, RI I48123
3 MCKENNA, Ann  1909Providence, Providence, RI I28592
4 SULLIVAN, Denis A  30 Oct 1923Providence, Providence, RI I23199


Matches 1 to 44 of 44

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Doris  Providence, Providence, RI I28580
2 Hannah  1 Jun 1875Providence, Providence, RI I31615
3 AVIZYNIS, Anthony O  Providence, Providence, RI I17428
4 BOWEN, Henry  1790Providence, Providence, RI I4145
5 BOWEN, Henry  1800Providence, Providence, RI I4145
6 BRADY, Agnes L  Providence, Providence, RI I28559
7 COLVIN, Arthur  Providence, Providence, RI I23207
8 COUGHLAN, Daniel J  19 Jan 1906Providence, Providence, RI I27861
9 COUGHLAN, Eugene W  19 Jan 1906Providence, Providence, RI I27863
10 DOYLE, Julia J  7 Jul 1894Providence, Providence, RI I24684
11 DZEKEVICH, Anthony  Providence, Providence, RI I17419
12 DZEKEVICH, Joseph Anthony  Providence, Providence, RI I17444
13 GORDON, Edward J  1880Providence, Providence, RI I15042
14 GORDON, John  1880Providence, Providence, RI I15038
15 GORDON, Julia  1880Providence, Providence, RI I15040
16 GRANT, Cora W  Providence, Providence, RI I37170
17 HOUSTON, Ave Maria  Providence, Providence, RI I28634
18 HOUSTON, Hope Jane  Providence, Providence, RI I28630
19 HOUSTON, John William  Providence, Providence, RI I28618
20 HOUSTON, Margaret C  Providence, Providence, RI I28614
21 HOUSTON, Neil John  Providence, Providence, RI I28638
22 JOHNSON, Samuel  Providence, Providence, RI I58687
23 KACHANIS, Mary H  Providence, Providence, RI I17418
24 KLAUER, Benjamin  16 Jul 1910Providence, Providence, RI I29992
25 LYNCH, Bridget  1 Oct 1913Providence, Providence, RI I21725
26 LYNCH, Deborah  12 Oct 1910Providence, Providence, RI I21651
27 M, Mary  1880Providence, Providence, RI I15039
28 MCDEVITT, Walter E  Providence, Providence, RI I28569
29 MCGOVERN, Frank Henry  Providence, Providence, RI I28649
30 MCHUGH, Margaret Mary  Providence, Providence, RI I28616
31 MCHUGH, Raymond F  Providence, Providence, RI I28615
32 MORIARTY, Catherine  11 Jan 1919Providence, Providence, RI I23181
33 PERRY, Arthur Joseph  Providence, Providence, RI I28797
34 POMEROY, Benjamin L  28 Jul 1860Providence, Providence, RI I54273
35 PRYOR, Alice  2 Jul 1870Providence, Providence, RI I60273
36 RAITHEL, Helen Ermine  Providence, Providence, RI I17443
37 SHEA, Margaret  12 Oct 1910Providence, Providence, RI I17884
38 STAPLETON, Joseph C  Providence, Providence, RI I28506
39 SULLIVAN, Anna Theresa  Providence, Providence, RI I23206
40 SULLIVAN, James Edward  Providence, Providence, RI I23200
41 SULLIVAN, Mary Ellen  Providence, Providence, RI I23201
42 TILLINGHAST, Pardon  1 Jun 1875Providence, Providence, RI I31614
43 TILLINGHAST, Phoebe D  1 Jun 1875Providence, Providence, RI I52851
44 WALDEN, Warren S  Providence, Providence, RI I28655


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOWEN / HARDING  2 May 1779Providence, Providence, RI F2228
2 CAREY / SULLIVAN  12 Dec 1918Providence, Providence, RI F6760
3 LAFLAMME / RICKETS  19 Jul 1939Providence, Providence, RI F5382
4 MCKENNA / BURNS  24 Sep 1867Providence, Providence, RI F8375
5 MORIARTY / CORCORAN  26 Sep 1916Providence, Providence, RI F6741
6 MORIARTY / LEARY  18 Oct 1904Providence, Providence, RI F9974
7 PRYOR / ARNOLD  19 Aug 1869Providence, Providence, RI F14718
8 ROSE / MORRARTY  8 Jun 1868Providence, Providence, RI F6055
9 ROZEN / AVIZINIS  25 Oct 1908Providence, Providence, RI F15997
10 STEERE / COLLINS  20 Jun 1872Providence, Providence, RI F7863
11 WILLIAMS / PEPE  26 May 1951Providence, Providence, RI F13453


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FALLON / FOLEY  16 Aug 1887Providence, Providence, RI F14707
2 MCKENNA / GAFFNEY  1861Providence, Providence, RI F8398
3 RICKETSON / DOYLE  7 Jul 1894Providence, Providence, RI F7201