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Penobscot, Lincoln, ME



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59256
2 RYAN, John  [1781]Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I3346
3 SIMMONS, Richard  [1784]Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I55899


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLAKE, Moses  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I33984
2 COLLINS, Davis  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I43663
3 COLLINS, James  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I35109
4 COLLINS, John  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I45374
5 COLLINS, William  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I46639
6 HITCHINGS, James  [1780]Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I36549


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Petition    Person ID 
1 TROTT, John  1762Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37654
2 TROTT, John  1762Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I36903
3 TROTT, Samuel  1762Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37652
4 TROTT, Thomas  1762Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I53375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Esther  27 May 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I3355
2 Eunice  1 Nov 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I11742
3 Mary  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59365
4 Wife  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59623
5 ARNOTT, David  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59351
6 ARNOTT, David  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59351
7 BARNARD, Moses  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59354
8 BLAKE, Andrew Webster  3 Jun 1785Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I33986
9 BLAKE, Daniel  3 Jun 1785Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I33983
10 BLAKE, Daniel  1785-1786Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I33983
11 BLAKE, Moses  [1785-1786]Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I15117
12 BLAKE, Moses  3 Jun 1785Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I15117
13 BLAKE, Moses  28 Dec 1787Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I15117
14 BLAKE, Moses  1790Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I15117
15 BLAKE, Timothy  1762Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I28898
16 BOWLER, John  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I48995
17 BRAGG, Job  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I3242
18 BROWN, Daniel  1773Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I53366
19 BURRAGE, George  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59350
20 BUTTERFIELD, Nathaniel  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59349
21 CALLAHAN, Patrick  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49146
22 CALLAHAN, Patrick  From 15 Jul 1783 to 25 Mar 1784Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49146
23 CARLOW, John C  C 1779Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I47015
24 CARLOW, John C  21 Jun 1779Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I47015
25 CARLOW, John C  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I47015
26 CARLOW, John C  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I47015
27 CARLOW, Martin  September 1780Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37864
28 CHAYTOR, John  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I51287
29 CLEWLEY, Isaac  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59566
30 COLLINS, James  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I43662
31 COLLINS, James  12 Jul 1779Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I43662
32 COLLINS, James  From January 1780 to June 1780Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I43662
33 COLLINS, James  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I43662
34 COLLINS, James  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I43662
35 COLLINS, John  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I46680
36 CONDON, John  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59161
37 CONDON, John  1790Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59161
38 COOKSON, William  1779Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37799
39 COOKSON, William  January 1780Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37799
40 COOKSON, William  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37799
41 COOKSON, William  April 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37799
42 COOKSON, William  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37799
43 DALEY, David  1765Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59162
44 DAVIS, John  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49116
45 DOGGETT, John  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59167
46 DOTY, James  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59168
47 DOWLING, John  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49107
48 DOWLING, John  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49107
49 DUNHAM, Joseph  September 1779Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I52897
50 DUNHAM, Joseph  November 1779Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I52897
51 EASTMAN, David  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I10808
52 EASTMAN, David  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I10808
53 FLINN, Henry  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59177
54 GAMMONS, William  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59185
55 GAMMONS, William  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49145
56 GAMMONS, William  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59185
57 GAMMONS, William  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49145
58 GARDINER, Benoni  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59201
59 GARDINER, Nathaniel  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59199
60 GERRISH, Moses  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59204
61 GERRISH, Moses  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59204
62 GOODWIN, Luxford  1779Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I56612
63 GRANT, Alexander  1769Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I50014
64 GRANT, Alexander  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I50021
65 GRANT, Alexander  1784Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I50021
66 GRANT, Daniel  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49137
67 GRANT, Daniel  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49137
68 GRAY, John  1784Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59213
69 GREENLAW, Ebenezer  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I11741
70 GREENLAW, Jonathan  26 Apr 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I21428
71 GREENLAW, Jonathan  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I21428
72 GUNN, George  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59214
73 HALEY, Thomas  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I51403
74 HAMMOND, Zebedee  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I51422
75 HANLEY, Maurice  April 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49117
76 HANLEY, Maurice  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I49117
77 HANNAH, James  April 1780Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37745
78 HANNAH, James  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I37745
79 HEFFERNAN, Michael  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59226
80 HENEY, Archibald  1761Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59221
81 HENEY, Archibald  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59221
82 HENEY, Archibald  1784Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59221
83 HENEY, Josiah  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59987
84 HIGGINS, Barnabas  October 1779Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I54984
85 HIGGINS, Barnabas  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I54984
86 HIGGINS, Barnabas  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I54984
87 HILL, David  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59227
88 HITCHINGS, James  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I36549
89 HORNE, Frederick  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59232
90 HOWLAND, Isaac  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59233
91 HUDSON, Henry  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59234
92 JOHNSON, John  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I8037
93 KELLY, Samuel  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I42160
94 KING, Joseph  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59238
95 KNIGHT, Samuel  1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59239
96 LAMY, Hugh  4 Jul 1783Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I5013
97 LEE, John  1782Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59252
98 LEE, John  1784Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59252
99 LEE, John  16 Mar 1784Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59252
100 LEE, John  7 Nov 1787Penobscot, Lincoln, ME I59252

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKEMAN / YOUNG  22 May 1788Penobscot, Lincoln, ME F14646
2 COLLINS / ABBOTT  Penobscot, Lincoln, ME F13020
3 HARVEY / KNOWLTON  24 Jan 1789Penobscot, Lincoln, ME F19221
4 JOHNSON / FROST  1787Penobscot, Lincoln, ME F2473
5 PIERCE / BLAKE  26 Mar 1812Penobscot, Lincoln, ME F17950