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Pennfield, Charlotte, NB



Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLACK, Lydia Ann  August 1835Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42020
2 BLACK, Moses  [1832]Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42065
3 BULLOCK, Susan  Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55290
4 JUSTASON, Sarah  Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42018
5 MCCALLUM, William  [1867]Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I50449
6 MEALEY, Julia Ann  Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I48520
7 ROGERS, Edward  9 Nov 1828Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55292
8 ROGERS, Richard  Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55291
9 SIMMONS, James W  [1817]Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I53546


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLACK, John  3 Feb 1846Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42009
2 HOLLAND, Joseph  30 Jan 1943Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42034
3 WATSON, Thomas  29 Mar 1840Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55790


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Assessed    Person ID 
1 BLACK, John  1823Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42012
2 GREENLAW, Elijah D  1823Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I37006
3 WOODWARD, Robert  1822Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I56716
4 WOODWARD, Robert  1823Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I56716


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLACK, Lydia Ann  [1835]Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42020
2 HATT, Margaret  [1832]Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44031
3 MEALEY, James  Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I3604


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Grant    Person ID 
1 GREENLAW, Elijah D  18 Dec 1842Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I37006
2 GREENLAW, John  5 Aug 1837Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43404
3 LEONARD, Thomas  15 Mar 1788Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I60442
4 ROBINS, Robert  1788Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I56712
5 SEELEY, Justus  21 Jan 1788Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42852
6 SEELEY, Orange  15 Mar 1788Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42369
7 WOODWARD, Robert  21 Jan 1788Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I56716


Matches 1 to 90 of 90

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  21 Apr 1845Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43631
2 Elizabeth  14 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I48904
3 Jane  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55095
4 ADAMS, James  14 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I48903
5 ADAMS, John Foster  14 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I4047
6 BLACK, Abigail E  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42022
7 BLACK, Catherine Elizabeth  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42019
8 BLACK, John  April 1844Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42009
9 BLACK, John  April 1845Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42009
10 BLACK, John  24 Apr 1845Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42009
11 BLACK, John  17 Feb 1846Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42012
12 BLACK, John  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42012
13 BLACK, John  13 Apr 1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42012
14 BLACK, John  1881Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42012
15 BLACK, Lydia Ann  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42020
16 BLACK, Lydia Ann  April 1855Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42020
17 BLACK, Lydia Ann  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42020
18 BLACK, Sarah Jane  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42021
19 BULLOCK, Margaret  8 Oct 1836Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55262
20 DEGRASS, Abigail Elizabeth  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44404
21 DEGRASS, Benjamin Franklin  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44406
22 DEGRASS, Charles Leonard  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44407
23 DEGRASS, Daniel L  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42427
24 DEGRASS, John Henry  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44402
25 DEGRASS, Roger Wellington  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44405
26 DEGRASS, William James  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42446
27 GREENLAW, Elijah D  13 Dec 1838Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I37006
28 GREENLAW, Elijah D  20 Aug 1840Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I37006
29 GREENLAW, Elijah D  27 Mar 1841Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I37006
30 GREENLAW, Elijah D  9 Apr 1846Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I37006
31 GREENLAW, Elijah D  13 Apr 1847Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I37006
32 GREENLAW, John  Bef 1822 ASSESS?Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43404
33 GREENLAW, Phoebe M  14 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44686
34 HALL, Albert  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I7035
35 HALL, Andrew  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I7031
36 HALL, Edwin  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I7036
37 HALL, Georgianna  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I7034
38 HALL, Henrietta  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I7033
39 HALL, Henry  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I7037
40 HOLLAND, Carry  1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44525
41 HOLLAND, Carry  1911Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44525
42 HOLLAND, Harry  23 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44522
43 HOLLAND, Harry  1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44522
44 HOLLAND, Herbert  1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44524
45 HOLLAND, Herbert  1911Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44524
46 HOLLAND, Isaac  23 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44521
47 HOLLAND, Isaac  1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44521
48 HOLLAND, John  23 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44523
49 HOLLAND, John  1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44523
50 HOLLAND, John  1911Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44523
51 HOLLAND, Joseph  23 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42034
52 HOLLAND, Joseph  1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42034
53 HOLLAND, Joseph  1911Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42034
54 HOLLAND, Percy  1911Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44528
55 JACKSON, James  11 Apr 1839Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I3903
56 JOHNSON, William  22 Jul 1836Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I56556
57 JOHNSON, William  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I56556
58 JUSTASON, Sarah  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42018
59 JUSTASON, Sarah  13 Apr 1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42018
60 LOWERY, Agnes  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43229
61 LOWERY, Catherine  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43225
62 LOWERY, George  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43223
63 LOWERY, Isaac  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I6909
64 LOWERY, John Edwin  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43227
65 LOWERY, Margaret  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43228
66 LOWERY, Mary Jane  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43226
67 LOWERY, Thomas James  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43230
68 LOWERY, William  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I43222
69 MCADAM, Mary Jane  23 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44520
70 MCADAM, Mary Jane  1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44520
71 MCADAM, Mary Jane  1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I44520
72 MCCALLUM, Edward  [1867]Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I50445
73 MCDOWELL, James  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55094
74 MCDOWELL, James  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55094
75 PARKER, Thomas  14 Apr 1811Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I54795
76 PARKER, Thomas  27 Dec 1827Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I54801
77 PARKER, Thomas  20 Dec 1832Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I54795
78 PARKER, Thomas  24 Jul 1835Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I54795
79 PERKINS, Mehitable  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I7032
80 PHILLIPS, James  13 Apr 1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I42930
81 SIMMONS, Richard  9 Nov 1818Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55899
82 SIMMONS, Richard  6 May 1835Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I55899
83 SPEARS, Catherine  28 Sep 1841Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I53211
84 SPEARS, Catherine  1851Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I53211
85 SPEARS, Catherine  1871Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I53211
86 SPEARS, Catherine  1881Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I53211
87 SPEARS, Catherine  9 Apr 1891Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I53211
88 SPEARS, Catherine  16 Apr 1901Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I53211
89 WOODWARD, Robert  15 Mar 1788Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I56716
90 YOUNG, Evelyn  25 Nov 1936Pennfield, Charlotte, NB I7169