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Norwich, New London, CT



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARBER, Sarah  26 Jul 1785Norwich, New London, CT I58588
2 BRODOWSKI, Alexander  30 Nov 1930Norwich, New London, CT I6670
3 BRODOWSKI, Andrew Boleslaw  1 Dec 1919Norwich, New London, CT I6664
4 BRODOWSKI, John Joseph  8 Aug 1922Norwich, New London, CT I6661
5 BRODOWSKI, Mary Theresa  13 Sep 1917Norwich, New London, CT I6660
6 EASTHAM, Helen  10 Oct 1908Norwich, New London, CT I4607
7 KOSIENSKI, Grace Mary  11 Jan 1908Norwich, New London, CT I6544
8 KOSIENSKI, Joseph Anthony  31 Nov 1910Norwich, New London, CT I6545
9 KOSIENSKI, Joseph J  17 Mar 1913Norwich, New London, CT I6533
10 KOSIENSKI, Peter  3 Jan 1911Norwich, New London, CT I6531
11 MIODUSZEWSKI, Stanley J  24 Nov 1927Norwich, New London, CT I6624
12 ROMANOSKI, John  26 Oct 1890Norwich, New London, CT I6748
13 ROMANSKI, Edward Joseph  10 Aug 1914Norwich, New London, CT I12
14 ROMANSKI, Frank Adam Andrew  4 Feb 1916Norwich, New London, CT I54
15 ROMANSKI, Helen  10 Jan 1913Norwich, New London, CT I6652
16 ROMANSKI, Joseph Edward  8 Aug 1922Norwich, New London, CT I37
17 ROMANSKI, Rose Celia  18 Jun 1911Norwich, New London, CT I21
18 ROMANSKI, Stanley Charles  7 Apr 1919Norwich, New London, CT I51
19 STANKIEWICZ, Alexandra  18 Dec 1904Norwich, New London, CT I6583
20 STANKIEWICZ, Eleanor C  22 Jun 1919Norwich, New London, CT I6596
21 STANKIEWICZ, Genevieve E  8 Apr 1907Norwich, New London, CT I6584
22 STANKIEWICZ, John Peter  9 Feb 1909Norwich, New London, CT I6586
23 STANKIEWICZ, Joseph  24 May 1903Norwich, New London, CT I6582
24 STANKIEWICZ, Leon Henry  8 Feb 1911Norwich, New London, CT I6588
25 STANKIEWICZ, Matilda V  27 Dec 1922Norwich, New London, CT I6600
26 STANKIEWICZ, Nellie  28 Aug 1901Norwich, New London, CT I6580
27 STANKIEWICZ, Wallace J  23 Sep 1914Norwich, New London, CT I6592
28 STANKIEWICZ, Walter Henry Ladislaus  6 Feb 1913Norwich, New London, CT I6590
29 STANULONIS, Anastasia Victoria  30 Mar 1918Norwich, New London, CT I6628
30 STANULONIS, Joseph S  1 Oct 1929Norwich, New London, CT I6631
31 VIADELLA, Joseph Edward  20 Mar 1926Norwich, New London, CT I6632


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARNES, Anna  15 May 1849Norwich, New London, CT I47726
2 BRODOWSKA, Wincenta Victoria  29 Nov 1954Norwich, New London, CT I6609
3 BRODOWSKI, John Joseph  28 Nov 1978Norwich, New London, CT I6661
4 BRODOWSKI, Sophie Joan  24 Aug 1994Norwich, New London, CT I6667
5 CHORANSKY, Rose  6 Mar 1988Norwich, New London, CT I6633
6 G, Maria  25 Feb 1977Norwich, New London, CT I17225
7 H, Julia  21 Jun 1963Norwich, New London, CT I17204
8 KOZLOWSKI, Walter B  16 Mar 1996Norwich, New London, CT I6665
9 LEITKOWSKI, Walter  29 Apr 1961Norwich, New London, CT I17224
10 MIODUSZEMSKI, Henry  26 Jul 1970Norwich, New London, CT I6625
11 MIODUSZEWSKI, Stanley  9 Nov 1965Norwich, New London, CT I6585
12 MIODUSZEWSKI, Stanley J  10 Oct 1992Norwich, New London, CT I6624
13 OLBRYS, Joseph B  18 Sep 1971Norwich, New London, CT I17259
14 ROMANSKI, Stanislaw Joseph  11 Dec 1947Norwich, New London, CT I1859
15 STANKIEWICZ, Eleanor C  13 Dec 1995Norwich, New London, CT I6596
16 STANKIEWICZ, Genevieve E  18 Jan 1994Norwich, New London, CT I6584
17 STANKIEWICZ, Jan  6 Jan 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6579
18 STANKIEWICZ, John Peter  29 Apr 1969Norwich, New London, CT I6586
19 STANKIEWICZ, Leon Henry  30 Jul 1978Norwich, New London, CT I6588
20 STANKIEWICZ, Matilda V  9 Jul 1996Norwich, New London, CT I6600
21 STANKIEWICZ, Nellie  8 Feb 1985Norwich, New London, CT I6580
22 SULLIVAN, John  11 Nov 1962Norwich, New London, CT I6782
23 SZUMIENSKA, Anna  22 Oct 1970Norwich, New London, CT I1860
24 VIADELLA, Joseph Edward  4 Mar 1970Norwich, New London, CT I6632


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BRODASKI, Male  Norwich, New London, CT I6820
2 CONNOR, Timothy  Norwich, New London, CT I26595


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DELORGE, Alice Mary Rose  [1917]Norwich, New London, CT I55
2 DEMPSKI, Sophie Anna  [1910]Norwich, New London, CT I6593
3 KOSIENSKI, Grace Mary  November 1907Norwich, New London, CT I6544
4 KOSIENSKI, Joseph Anthony  13 Jan 1913Norwich, New London, CT I6545
5 KOSIENSKI, Walter J  Norwich, New London, CT I6546
6 QUARTO, Josephine Patricia  [1918]Norwich, New London, CT I52
7 ROMANSKI, Frank Adam Andrew  [1917]Norwich, New London, CT I54
8 ROMANSKI, Frank Adam Andrew  14 Feb 1917Norwich, New London, CT I54
9 ROMANSKI, Stanley Charles  [1920]Norwich, New London, CT I51
10 ROMANSKI, Stanley Charles  [1919]Norwich, New London, CT I51
11 STANKIEWICZ, Genevieve E  [1908]Norwich, New London, CT I6584
12 STANKIEWICZ, John Peter  [1909]Norwich, New London, CT I6586
13 STANKIEWICZ, Leon Henry  [1911]Norwich, New London, CT I6588
14 STANKIEWICZ, Matilda V  [1923]Norwich, New London, CT I6600
15 STANKIEWICZ, Nellie  1902Norwich, New London, CT I6580
16 STANKIEWICZ, Wallace J  [1914]Norwich, New London, CT I6592
17 STANKIEWICZ, Walter Henry Ladislaus  [1912]Norwich, New London, CT I6590
18 STANULONIS, Therese Marie  [1927]Norwich, New London, CT I6630
19 VIADELLA, Joseph Edward  1926Norwich, New London, CT I6632


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BRODOWSKA, Apolonia  8 Aug 1920Norwich, New London, CT I6685
2 LUCAS, Henry A  14 Jul 1997Norwich, New London, CT I6671
3 SIKORSKI, Mary  2 Apr 1956Norwich, New London, CT I6688
4 SZUMIENSKA, Anna  October 1970Norwich, New London, CT I1860


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BARBER, Reuben  12 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I58614
2 BERNAT, John  Norwich, New London, CT I6597
3 BERNAT, John  14 Nov 1980Norwich, New London, CT I6597
4 BERNAT, Ladislaus Joseph Edward "Edward"  Norwich, New London, CT I6601
5 BRODASKI, Robert  3 Mar 2000Norwich, New London, CT I6846
6 BRODOWSKA, Apolonia  8 Aug 1920Norwich, New London, CT I6685
7 BRODOWSKI, Andrew Boleslaw  22 Oct 1920Norwich, New London, CT I6664
8 BRODOWSKI, Andrzej  12 Sep 1917Norwich, New London, CT I6656
9 BRODOWSKI, Andrzej  29 Dec 1919Norwich, New London, CT I6656
10 BRODOWSKI, Augustus  9 Aug 1953Norwich, New London, CT I6663
11 BRODOWSKI, Helen Rose  9 Aug 1953Norwich, New London, CT I6658
12 BRODOWSKI, Helen Rose  6 May 1996Norwich, New London, CT I6658
13 BRODOWSKI, John Joseph  9 Aug 1953Norwich, New London, CT I6661
14 BRODOWSKI, John Joseph  28 Nov 1978Norwich, New London, CT I6661
15 BRODOWSKI, Sophie Joan  9 Aug 1953Norwich, New London, CT I6667
16 COLON, Pablo C  12 Jun 1965Norwich, New London, CT I6642
17 DEMPSKI, Sophie Anna  16 Aug 1976Norwich, New London, CT I6593
18 GRISWOLD, Mary M  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21098
19 H, Julia  21 Jun 1963Norwich, New London, CT I17204
20 JACZINSKI, Laura  30 Jun 2004Norwich, New London, CT I17328
21 JACZINSKI, Laura  21 Feb 2008Norwich, New London, CT I17328
22 KEATING, Katherine M  21 Jun 1997Norwich, New London, CT I6645
23 KOSIENSKA, Alexandra  6 Jan 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6578
24 KOSIENSKA, Alexandra  22 Jun 1945Norwich, New London, CT I6578
25 KOSIENSKA, Alexandra  12 Aug 1961Norwich, New London, CT I6578
26 KOSIENSKI, Andrew Joseph  From 1906 to 1910Norwich, New London, CT I6542
27 LEITKOWSKI, Frank  Norwich, New London, CT I17226
28 LEITKOWSKI, Walter  29 Apr 1961Norwich, New London, CT I17224
29 LUCAS, Anne Marie  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I17365
30 LUCAS, Esther  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I17363
31 LUCAS, Henry A  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6671
32 LUCAS, Stephie  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I37241
33 MIODUSZEMSKI, Henry  Norwich, New London, CT I6625
34 MIODUSZEWSKI, Stanley  Norwich, New London, CT I6585
35 MIODUSZEWSKI, Stanley J  Norwich, New London, CT I6624
36 MORRARTY, Andrew E  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21102
37 MORRARTY, Edmond A  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21105
38 MORRARTY, Irene M  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21103
39 MORRARTY, Jane E  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21101
40 MORRARTY, John  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21100
41 MORRARTY, John M  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21097
42 MORRARTY, Mary Ann Griswold  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21081
43 MORRARTY, Mary Ann Griswold  15 Mar 1853Norwich, New London, CT I21081
44 MORRARTY, Minerva E  16 Nov 1850Norwich, New London, CT I21104
45 OLBRYS, Edward W  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I33
46 OLBRYS, Joseph L  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I23
47 ROMANOSKI, Adam  30 Oct 1896Norwich, New London, CT I6687
48 ROMANOSKI, Stanley F  Norwich, New London, CT I6689
49 ROMANSKI, Adam Stephen  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I4604
50 ROMANSKI, Dianne M  12 Jun 1965Norwich, New London, CT I60
51 ROMANSKI, Dianne M  24 Dec 1983Norwich, New London, CT I60
52 ROMANSKI, Dominica B  12 Dec 1964Norwich, New London, CT I56
53 ROMANSKI, Edward Joseph  26 Jan 1944Norwich, New London, CT I12
54 ROMANSKI, Emil S  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I2130
55 ROMANSKI, Francine M  28 Aug 1965Norwich, New London, CT I58
56 ROMANSKI, Franciszek  From 1909 to 28 Dec 1941Norwich, New London, CT I16
57 ROMANSKI, Frank Adam Andrew  Norwich, New London, CT I54
58 ROMANSKI, Frank Adam Andrew  31 Mar 1969Norwich, New London, CT I54
59 ROMANSKI, Helen  28 Mar 1913Norwich, New London, CT I6652
60 ROMANSKI, Joseph Edward  Norwich, New London, CT I37
61 ROMANSKI, Joseph Edward  22 Sep 1951Norwich, New London, CT I37
62 ROMANSKI, Joseph Edward  31 Mar 1969Norwich, New London, CT I37
63 ROMANSKI, Joseph Edward  3 Apr 2000Norwich, New London, CT I37
64 ROMANSKI, Judith  17 Sep 1966Norwich, New London, CT I53
65 ROMANSKI, Rose Celia  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I21
66 ROMANSKI, Stanislaw Joseph  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I1859
67 ROMANSKI, Stanislawa Stella  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I4606
68 ROMANSKI, Stanislawa Stella  29 May 1986Norwich, New London, CT I4606
69 ROMANSKI, Zigmund L  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I2131
70 ST JOHN, Victor R  28 Aug 1965Norwich, New London, CT I6643
71 STANKIEWICZ, Eleanor C  17 Sep 1961Norwich, New London, CT I6596
72 STANKIEWICZ, Genevieve E  Norwich, New London, CT I6584
73 STANKIEWICZ, Genevieve E  6 Jan 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6584
74 STANKIEWICZ, Genevieve E  17 Sep 1961Norwich, New London, CT I6584
75 STANKIEWICZ, Jan  From 1898 to 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6579
76 STANKIEWICZ, Jan  16 Feb 1901Norwich, New London, CT I6579
77 STANKIEWICZ, John Peter  6 Jan 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6586
78 STANKIEWICZ, John Peter  17 Sep 1961Norwich, New London, CT I6586
79 STANKIEWICZ, John Peter  29 Apr 1969Norwich, New London, CT I6586
80 STANKIEWICZ, Leon Henry  17 Sep 1961Norwich, New London, CT I6588
81 STANKIEWICZ, Leon Henry  30 Jul 1978Norwich, New London, CT I6588
82 STANKIEWICZ, Matilda V  17 Sep 1961Norwich, New London, CT I6600
83 STANKIEWICZ, Nellie  Norwich, New London, CT I6580
84 STANKIEWICZ, Nellie  6 Jan 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6580
85 STANKIEWICZ, Nellie  17 Sep 1961Norwich, New London, CT I6580
86 STANKIEWICZ, Wallace J  6 Jan 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6592
87 STANKIEWICZ, Wallace J  17 Sep 1961Norwich, New London, CT I6592
88 STANKIEWICZ, Walter Henry Ladislaus  6 Jan 1935Norwich, New London, CT I6590
89 STANULONIS, Adam I  22 May 1908Norwich, New London, CT I6611
90 STANULONIS, Adam I  6 Jan 1966Norwich, New London, CT I6611
91 STANULONIS, Anastasia Victoria  29 Nov 1954Norwich, New London, CT I6628
92 STANULONIS, Charles T  29 Nov 1954Norwich, New London, CT I6635
93 STANULONIS, Charles T  20 Jun 1959Norwich, New London, CT I6635
94 STANULONIS, Therese Marie  29 Nov 1954Norwich, New London, CT I6630
95 SULLIVAN, John  11 Nov 1962Norwich, New London, CT I6782
96 SZUMIENSKA, Anna  1 Apr 1935Norwich, New London, CT I1860
97 SZUMIENSKA, Anna  22 Oct 1970Norwich, New London, CT I1860
98 TARASKIEWICZ, Stanley J  Norwich, New London, CT I6581
99 TARASKIEWICZ, Stanley P  Norwich, New London, CT I6621
100 TORRES, Angel M  24 Dec 1983Norwich, New London, CT I6644

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Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AVERY / BRODOWSKI  21 Nov 1942Norwich, New London, CT F2064
2 BERNAT / STANKIEWICZ  4 Jul 1949Norwich, New London, CT F2033
3 BOOTH / ROMANSKI  17 Sep 1966Norwich, New London, CT F2046
4 BRODOWSKI / BURA  20 Jul 1914Norwich, New London, CT F2078
5 COLON / ROMANSKI  12 Jun 1965Norwich, New London, CT F2047
6 KOSIENSKI / PIETROWICZ  27 Sep 1909Norwich, New London, CT F2004
7 KOSIENSKI / PYSYK  4 Feb 1907Norwich, New London, CT F2011
8 LEY / ROMANOSKI  10 Jun 1919Norwich, New London, CT F2090
9 NORTHUP / ROMANSKI  12 Dec 1964Norwich, New London, CT F19
10 OLBRYS / ROMANSKI  2 Sep 1935Norwich, New London, CT F9
11 OLBRYS / SALVEMINI  17 Nov 1979Norwich, New London, CT F2053
12 ROMANSKI / DELORGE  9 Feb 1944Norwich, New London, CT F18
13 ROMANSKI / LACHAPPELLE  24 Jan 1942Norwich, New London, CT F2058
14 ROMANSKI / QUARTO  21 Sep 1940Norwich, New London, CT F17
15 ST JOHN / ROMANSKI  28 Aug 1965Norwich, New London, CT F2048
16 STANKIEWICZ / CREEDON  6 Oct 1941Norwich, New London, CT F2026
17 STANKIEWICZ / KOSIENSKA  18 Feb 1901Norwich, New London, CT F2023
18 STANULONIS / BRODOWSKA  24 Aug 1908Norwich, New London, CT F2040
19 TARASKIEWICZ / STANKIEWICZ  25 Jun 1923Norwich, New London, CT F2024
20 TORRES / ROMANSKI  24 Dec 1983Norwich, New London, CT F2049
21 VIADELLA / STANULONIS  2 Nov 1948Norwich, New London, CT F2041


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 COLON / ROMANSKI  20 Nov 1975Norwich, New London, CT F2047

Marriage License

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Marriage License    Family ID 
1 STANKIEWICZ / KOSIENSKA  16 Feb 1901Norwich, New London, CT F2023


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CUBANSKI / BRODOWSKI  25 Oct 1941Norwich, New London, CT F2060
2 KOSIENSKI / PYSYK  4 Feb 1906Norwich, New London, CT F2011
3 STANKIEWICZ / KOSIENSKA  Norwich, New London, CT F2023
4 STANKIEWICZ / KOSIENSKA  18 Jan 1901Norwich, New London, CT F2023