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Newcastle, Northumberland, NB



Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARROLL, Alexander  15 Oct 1893Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9466
2 CARROLL, Annie  20 Apr 1892Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9464
3 CARROLL, Bridget  22 Nov 1892Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8890
4 CARROLL, Charles  26 Jan 1896Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9475
5 CARROLL, Charles Edward  20 Jun 1899Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9465
6 CARROLL, Robert Patrick  24 Jun 1896Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9444
7 CHIASSON, Elizabeth Anne  28 Dec 1908Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39105
8 CHIASSON, James  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39099
9 CHIASSON, Mary Hildie  28 Jul 1907Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39104
10 CREAMER, Albert  1955Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I17063
11 CREAMER, Daniel  21 Feb 1903Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10476
12 CREAMER, Weldon Paul  13 Aug 1913Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I17016
13 DWYER, Anne T  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I4808
14 DWYER, Bridget  1 Aug 1839Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2589
15 DWYER, Catherine  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I702
16 DWYER, Mary  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2591
17 FORAN, James Archibald Vincent  1 Mar 1898Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10524
18 FORAN, Reginald James  C 1933Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I17092
19 HUTCHISON, Willis Patrick  16 Mar 1938Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I17071
20 KELLY, Ambrose William Anthony M  25 Jun 1906Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39155
21 MCMAHON, Mary Bridget  4 Apr 1911Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39095
22 SCHULTZ, George Leo  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8814
23 SCHULTZ, Mary Ellen  5 Jan 1872Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8811


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARROLL, Alexander  1 Dec 1894Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9466
2 CARROLL, Charles  7 Feb 1896Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9475
3 CREAMER, David Edward  10 Nov 1953Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8808
4 CREAMER, George William  29 Mar 1998Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I17023
5 CREAMER, Vincent Warren  24 Jan 1974Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10525
6 DWYER, Margaret  8 Apr 1923Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2588
7 HOWE, William Alvin  18 Aug 1987Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I17149
8 MCALLISTER, Leota Patricia  20 Dec 1978Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I17159
9 MCGRATH, Mary Ann  26 Sep 1934Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39074
10 MCLEAN, Muriel Ann  23 Nov 1979Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I17115
11 MCMAHON, Dennis  27 Jul 1912Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39075
12 SCHULTZ, James  20 Mar 1924Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I4807


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARROLL, Annie Maud  [1888]Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8889
2 CARROLL, John  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8866
3 CARROLL, Robert Patrick  26 Jan 1896Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9444
4 CHIASSON, James  [1880]Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39099
5 CHIASSON, Mary Hildie  [1907]Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39104
6 COBB, Annie  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8886
7 COBB, Annie  [1861]Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8886
8 CREAMER, Mary Ellen "Nellie"  7 Feb 1902Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10483
9 DWYER, Bridget  1868Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2589
10 DWYER, Catherine  May 1855Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I702
11 DWYER, Ellen  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2592
12 DWYER, Margaret  1828Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2588
13 DWYER, Margaret  6 Dec 1835Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2588


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CREAMER, John Joseph  24 Jul 1984Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10515
2 CREAMER, Michael Warren  20 Apr 1967Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8810
3 DWYER, Ellen  5 Jul 1935Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2592
4 FORAN, James Archibald Vincent  1962Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10524


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Grant    Person ID 
1 DWYER, Thomas  Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I4816


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 AHEARN, Jane  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10080
2 BARRY, Julia  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10482
3 BARRY, Julia  1911Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I10482
4 BLAKE, Ann  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9252
5 BLAKE, Honora  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9253
6 BLAKE, Patrick  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9218
7 BURKE, Johanna  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9254
8 BURKE, Johanna  15 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9254
9 BURKE, Johanna  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9254
10 CARROLL, Albert  29 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9425
11 CARROLL, Andrew  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8864
12 CARROLL, Andrew  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8864
13 CARROLL, Andrew  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8864
14 CARROLL, Ann  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9308
15 CARROLL, Annie  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9464
16 CARROLL, Annie Maud  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8889
17 CARROLL, Bridget  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9310
18 CARROLL, Bridget  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8890
19 CARROLL, Catherine  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8869
20 CARROLL, Charles Edward  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9465
21 CARROLL, Ellen Bernetta  15 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9429
22 CARROLL, Ellen Bernetta  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9429
23 CARROLL, Hiram  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9446
24 CARROLL, James  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8863
25 CARROLL, James  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8863
26 CARROLL, James  29 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9424
27 CARROLL, James  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9424
28 CARROLL, John  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8866
29 CARROLL, John  2 Jul 1877Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8866
30 CARROLL, John  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9255
31 CARROLL, John  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8866
32 CARROLL, John  15 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9255
33 CARROLL, John  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9255
34 CARROLL, John  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8866
35 CARROLL, John  29 Aug 1913Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8866
36 CARROLL, Mable  29 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9428
37 CARROLL, Mable  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9428
38 CARROLL, Margaret  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9217
39 CARROLL, Margaret  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9296
40 CARROLL, Margaret  29 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9296
41 CARROLL, Margaret Jane  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8887
42 CARROLL, Margaret Jane  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8887
43 CARROLL, Mary  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8865
44 CARROLL, Mary  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8865
45 CARROLL, Mary  28 Feb 1864Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8865
46 CARROLL, Mary  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9298
47 CARROLL, Mary  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9256
48 CARROLL, Mary  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8865
49 CARROLL, Mary  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9442
50 CARROLL, Mary  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8865
51 CARROLL, Mary Ethel  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9445
52 CARROLL, Matthew  3 Jul 1833Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8841
53 CARROLL, Matthew  4 Jul 1833Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8841
54 CARROLL, Michael  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8870
55 CARROLL, Michael  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8870
56 CARROLL, Michael Henry  15 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9430
57 CARROLL, Michael Henry  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9430
58 CARROLL, Miles  19 Nov 1826Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8861
59 CARROLL, Miles  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8868
60 CARROLL, Miles  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8861
61 CARROLL, Miles  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8868
62 CARROLL, Miles  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8861
63 CARROLL, Miles  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9258
64 CARROLL, Miles  15 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9258
65 CARROLL, Miles  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9258
66 CARROLL, Patrick William  29 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9427
67 CARROLL, Patrick William  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9427
68 CARROLL, Robert Patrick  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9444
69 CARROLL, Rose  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9307
70 CARROLL, Rose  19 Oct 1869Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9307
71 CARROLL, Rose  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9307
72 CARROLL, Sadie  29 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9426
73 CARROLL, Sadie  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9426
74 CARROLL, Thomas  1851Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8867
75 CARROLL, Thomas  1861Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8867
76 CARROLL, Thomas  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9297
77 CARROLL, Thomas  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9257
78 CARROLL, Thomas  15 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9257
79 CARROLL, Thomas  29 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9297
80 CARROLL, Thomas  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9297
81 CARROLL, Timothy  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9294
82 CARROLL, Timothy  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8888
83 CARROLL, Timothy  15 Nov 1887Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9294
84 CARROLL, Timothy  29 Apr 1891Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9294
85 CARROLL, Timothy  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9294
86 CARROLL, Timothy  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8888
87 CARROLL, William James  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9443
88 CHIASSON, James  7 Aug 1905Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I39099
89 COBB, Annie  2 Jul 1877Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8886
90 COBB, Annie  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8886
91 COBB, Annie  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I8886
92 COBB, Bridget  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9592
93 COBB, Clarence  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9597
94 COBB, John  19 Oct 1869Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9584
95 COBB, John  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9584
96 COBB, John  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9595
97 COBB, Margaret J  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9591
98 COBB, Mary Ann  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9588
99 COBB, Patrick  1881Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9590
100 COBB, Patrick  1901Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I9590

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 MORAN, Mary  30 Mar 1890Newcastle, Northumberland, NB I2123


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CREAMER / GRATTAN  28 Nov 1941Newcastle, Northumberland, NB F4870
2 KELLY / STANIFORD  30 Nov 1946Newcastle, Northumberland, NB F11512
3 KELLY / WALLACE  5 Apr 1937Newcastle, Northumberland, NB F11513
4 MCINERNEY / CREAMER  20 Sep 1930Newcastle, Northumberland, NB F3034
5 MCMAHON / PALMER  27 Apr 1920Newcastle, Northumberland, NB F11519


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DRUET / CREAMER  12 Oct 1933Newcastle, Northumberland, NB F3031