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Manners-Sutton, York, NB



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CHESSIE, Archangel  15 May 1935Manners-Sutton, York, NB I848
2 CHESSIE, Ellen Edith  10 Jul 1928Manners-Sutton, York, NB I861
3 GORMAN, Michael  3 Jan 1925Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4766
4 HOLLAND, Helen Winifred  Mar 1920Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1891
5 MCGRATH, Henry Anthony  7 Apr 1921Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4723
6 MCGRATH, Thomas Stephen  17 Dec 1931Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4728


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16029
2 Mary  14 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9093
3 Mary  1 Apr 1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4745
4 Mary  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9093
5 Nancy  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16033
6 BLAKE, Henry William  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3430
7 BLAKE, Mary Ann  5 Oct 1886Manners-Sutton, York, NB I505
8 BLAKE, Mary Ann  21 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I505
9 BLAKE, Mary Ann  1 Apr 1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I505
10 BLAKE, Mary Ann  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I505
11 BLAKE, Mary Ann  1 Jun 1921Manners-Sutton, York, NB I505
12 CHESSIE, Archangel  24 Sep 1884Manners-Sutton, York, NB I848
13 CHESSIE, Archangel  17 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I848
14 CHESSIE, Archangel  1 Apr 1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I848
15 CHESSIE, Archangel  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I848
16 CHESSIE, Ellen Edith  1 Apr 1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I861
17 CHESSIE, Ellen Edith  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I861
18 COUGHLIN, John  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16038
19 CROWLEY, Cornelius  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16032
20 CROWLEY, Cornelius E  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9078
21 CROWLEY, Cornelius M  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I12399
22 CROWLEY, Honora  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16037
23 CROWLEY, Honora  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16030
24 CROWLEY, John  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16034
25 CROWLEY, Julia Ann  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16036
26 CROWLEY, Michael  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16028
27 CROWLEY, Michael Joseph  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I2431
28 CROWLEY, Michael Joseph  29 Mar 1883Manners-Sutton, York, NB I2431
29 CROWLEY, Patrick  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I16035
30 DALEY, Alice  17 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3260
31 DALEY, Alice  1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3260
32 DALEY, Ellen H  17 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3259
33 DALEY, Ellen H  1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3259
34 DALEY, John  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3258
35 DALEY, John  17 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3258
36 DALEY, Mary A  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3257
37 DALEY, Mary A  17 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3257
38 DALEY, Mary A  1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3257
39 DALEY, Timothy  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3256
40 DALEY, Timothy  17 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I3256
41 DALEY, William  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1865
42 DALEY, William  11 Jul 1872Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1865
43 DALEY, William  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1865
44 DALEY, William  17 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1865
45 DALY, Elizabeth  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1862
46 DALY, Elizabeth  27 Jul 1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1862
47 DALY, Elizabeth  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1862
48 DALY, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1862
49 DALY, Timothy  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I12464
50 DONOVAN, Daniel  11 Nov 1879Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9050
51 FEENEY, Eleanor  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I845
52 FEENEY, Eleanor  25 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I845
53 GORMAN, Andrew  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4768
54 GORMAN, Bridget  1851Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4764
55 GORMAN, Bridget  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4764
56 GORMAN, Bridget  1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4764
57 GORMAN, Bridget  11 Nov 1879Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4764
58 GORMAN, Bridget  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4764
59 GORMAN, Daniel  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4765
60 GORMAN, Daniel  1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4765
61 GORMAN, Daniel  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4765
62 GORMAN, Daniel  25 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4765
63 GORMAN, James  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4762
64 GORMAN, James  1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4762
65 GORMAN, James  1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4754
66 GORMAN, James  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4762
67 GORMAN, James  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4754
68 GORMAN, James  22 Aug 1882Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4762
69 GORMAN, James  28 Jan 1886Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4762
70 GORMAN, James  22 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4762
71 GORMAN, James F  22 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9049
72 GORMAN, James F  1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9049
73 GORMAN, John  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4761
74 GORMAN, John  1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4761
75 GORMAN, Leo Timothy  1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9048
76 GORMAN, Leo Timothy  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9048
77 GORMAN, Mary  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4763
78 GORMAN, Mary  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4763
79 GORMAN, Mary Elizabeth  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9045
80 GORMAN, Matthew  22 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9096
81 GORMAN, Michael  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4766
82 GORMAN, Michael  1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4766
83 GORMAN, Michael  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4766
84 GORMAN, Michael Walter  22 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9046
85 GORMAN, Michael Walter  1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9046
86 GORMAN, Michael Walter  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9046
87 GORMAN, Timothy  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4767
88 GORMAN, Timothy  1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4767
89 GORMAN, Timothy  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I4767
90 GORMAN, William Edward  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I9047
91 GREER, James F  1 Jun 1921Manners-Sutton, York, NB I12396
92 HEALEY, Mary  1861Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1846
93 HEALEY, Mary  1871Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1846
94 HEALEY, Mary  1881Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1846
95 HEALEY, Mary  14 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1846
96 HOLLAND, Ann Evelyn  1 Apr 1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1892
97 HOLLAND, Ann Evelyn  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1892
98 HOLLAND, Anne Augusta  1 Apr 1901Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1879
99 HOLLAND, Anne Augusta  1911Manners-Sutton, York, NB I1879
100 HOLLAND, Catherine Elizabeth  17 Apr 1891Manners-Sutton, York, NB I525

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MCGILLICUDDY / BLAKE  5 Oct 1886Manners-Sutton, York, NB F125