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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lena  February 1860MN I20972
2 BEEDE, Freedom D  [1860]MN I29223
3 BEIBER, Bernice  [1911]MN I29738
4 BEIBER, William H  [1874]MN I29737
5 CHALLIS, Polly Abby  January 1863MN I32816
6 CLEMENTS, Bertha M  February 1881MN I39650
7 CLEMENTS, Estella  January 1879MN I39639
8 CLEMENTS, Flora J  August 1864MN I39625
9 CLEMENTS, John W  July 1873MN I39656
10 CLEMENTS, Lillian  February 1882MN I39651
11 CLEMENTS, Louisa  April 1876MN I39638
12 CLEMENTS, Margaret Wilmot  [1858]MN I39624
13 CLEMENTS, Sophia  [1874]MN I39637
14 DESMOND, James  [1894]MN I32883
15 G, Lillian  [1878]MN I32849
16 GRAY, Glenn John  May 1897MN I29743
17 GRAY, Margaret L  [1866]MN I29232
18 HINCHY, Elizabeth  [1902]MN I33303
19 HINCHY, Ellen Lillian  September 1889MN I33312
20 HINCHY, Mary Anna  February 1886MN I33302
21 JACOBSEN, Alma  [1911]MN I33190
22 JACOBSEN, Iris M  [MAY 1929]MN I33196
23 JACOBSEN, Luetta  [1916]MN I33192
24 JACOBSEN, Norman E  [1919]MN I33193
25 JENKINS, William J  March 1868MN I29408
26 LEATHERS, Myra  [1876]MN I39627
27 LEE, Bessie M  May 1892MN I20978
28 LEE, Charlotte E  [1917]MN I20982
29 LEE, Donna Mae  [SEPTEMBER 1916]MN I20984
30 LEE, George  [1879]MN I20973
31 LEE, Grace M  September 1885MN I20975
32 LEE, John H  October 1881MN I20974
33 LEMASURIER, Harvey  13 Jun 1903MN I18554
34 LINDER, Margaret  October 1897MN I32826
35 LINDER, Robert  March 1891MN I32825
36 LINDER, Vernon  May 1883MN I32822
37 M, Lillian  [1893]MN I20981
38 MILLER, Cecil  January 1885MN I39630
39 MILLER, Charlotte C  April 1887MN I39631
40 MILLER, Chester J  January 1883MN I39629
41 MILLER, Ethel  January 1894MN I39633
42 MILLER, John  March 1889MN I39632
43 MONAN, Florence  May 1896MN I39891
44 MONAN, Mary  JANAURY 1894MN I39890
45 MONAN, Robert F  December 1892MN I39889
46 MONTGOMERY, Mary  February 1885MN I39241
47 OAKS, Sylvia A  [1888]MN I29291
48 OLSEN, Emma M  March 1900MN I32830
49 RAY, Charles Alden  20 Apr 1906MN I42004
50 RAY, Dorothy  [JUNE 1909]MN I42003
51 RAY, Mary W  [1915]MN I42001
52 RAY, Wilmot O  [1910]MN I42000
53 SMITH, Baley A  [1874]MN I44998
54 SMITH, Cora May  May 1877MN I29735
55 SMITH, Mary A  [1878]MN I44999
56 SMITH, Sarah M  February 1883MN I29736
57 SMITH, Sibly  [1872]MN I33203
58 SPOON, Ida A  June 1867MN I29409
59 WHEELOCK, Bertha  22 Feb 1873MN I32832
60 WHEELOCK, Ella  [1876]MN I32834
61 WHEELOCK, Ruby Louisa  [1871]MN I32831
62 WHEELOCK, Wenonah E  [JUNE 1909]MN I32846


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lena  [1860]MN I20972
2 ANDERSON, Alice P  [1895]MN I29270
3 BEEDE, Lillian  [1893]MN I29221
4 BEEDE, Lillian  [1894]MN I29221
5 BEEDE, Lillian  November 1890MN I29221
6 BEEDE, Minnie Dora  [1886]MN I29218
7 BEEDE, Minnie Dora  December 1886MN I29218
8 BEEDE, Rush Freedom  [1888]MN I29219
9 BEEDE, Rush Freedom  [1889]MN I29219
10 BEEDE, Rush Freedom  [1887]MN I29219
11 BEEDE, Rush Freedom  January 1887MN I29219
12 BEIBER, Bernice  [1912]MN I29738
13 BEIBER, Hollis William  [1915]MN I29739
14 BEIBER, William H  [1875]MN I29737
15 BROWN, Arthur Victor  October 1892MN I18545
16 CAMILLA, Arla  [1898]MN I29748
17 CLEMENTS, Estella  [1879]MN I39639
18 CLEMENTS, Eugene Prentis  [1855]MN I39623
19 CLEMENTS, Eugene Prentis  [1856]MN I39623
20 CLEMENTS, Eugene Prentis  October 1855MN I39623
21 CLEMENTS, Flora J  [1865]MN I39625
22 CLEMENTS, John W  [1876]MN I39656
23 CLEMENTS, Lester Amos  June 1881MN I39641
24 CLEMENTS, Louisa  [1877]MN I39638
25 DESMOND, James  [1896]MN I32883
26 FINLAYSON, Jessie L  [1868]MN I29740
27 FINLAYSON, Jessie L  November 1867MN I29740
28 GARDINER, William John Beede  [1888]MN I29220
29 GARDINER, William John Beede  September 1888MN I29220
30 GARDNER, Florence Luella  [1898]MN I29222
31 GARDNER, Florence Luella  [1899]MN I29222
32 GARDNER, Florence Luella  January 1899MN I29222
33 GRAY, Dorothy E  [1904]MN I29744
34 GRAY, Dorothy E  [1902]MN I29744
35 GRAY, Glenn John  [1898]MN I29743
36 GRAY, Margaret L  [1867]MN I29232
37 GRAY, Melville Robert  [1892]MN I29742
38 HIGBIE, Floyd Clifford  [1893]MN I29745
39 HINCHY, Elizabeth  [1903]MN I33303
40 HINCHY, Ellen Lillian  [1891]MN I33312
41 HINCHY, Frances Gertrude  [1904]MN I33304
42 HINCHY, Frances Gertrude  [1905]MN I33304
43 HINCHY, John Thomas  [1898]MN I33305
44 HINCHY, John Thomas  May 1898MN I33305
45 HINCHY, Joseph William  [1895]MN I33306
46 HINCHY, Joseph William  [1893]MN I33306
47 HINCHY, Joseph William  April 1892MN I33306
48 HINCHY, Joseph William  7 Apr 1893MN I33306
49 HINCHY, Margaret  [1888]MN I33301
50 HINCHY, Margaret  [1891]MN I33301
51 HINCHY, Margaret  April 1888MN I33301
52 HINCHY, Mary Anna  [1888]MN I33302
53 HINCHY, Mary Anna  [1886]MN I33302
54 HINCHY, Walter  February 1896MN I33311
55 JACOBSEN, Alton Robert  [1914]MN I33191
56 JACOBSEN, Orliss Loyal  [1922]MN I33194
57 JACOBSEN, Wallace Harley  [1925]MN I33195
58 JACOBSEN, William  [1883]MN I33189
59 JACOBSEN, William  [1884]MN I33189
60 JENKINS, Emma  [1874]MN I29410
61 JENKINS, William Donell  [1896]MN I29411
62 JENKINS, William Donell  [1897]MN I29411
63 JENKINS, William Donell  April 1896MN I29411
64 JENKINS, William J  [1868]MN I29408
65 KNAPP, George Leonard  [1909]MN I18550
66 KNAPP, George Leonard  [1910]MN I18550
67 KNAPP, Janet Mercy  [1906]MN I18549
68 KNAPP, Janet Mercy  [1907]MN I18549
69 KNAPP, Margery May  [1903]MN I18548
70 KNAPP, Margery May  24 May 1902MN I18548
71 KNAPP, Walter Robert  [1871]MN I18547
72 KNAPP, Walter Robert  October 1870MN I18547
73 LEE, Bessie M  [1892]MN I20978
74 LEE, Frederick E  [1890]MN I20977
75 LEE, Frederick E  [1892]MN I20977
76 LEE, Frederick E  February 1890MN I20977
77 LEE, Grace M  [1886]MN I20975
78 LEE, Harry Robert  [1900]MN I20979
79 LEE, Harry Robert  July 1899MN I20979
80 LEE, Herbert William  [1888]MN I20976
81 LEE, Herbert William  November 1887MN I20976
82 LINDER, Clyde William  [1890]MN I32824
83 LINDER, Clyde William  September 1889MN I32824
84 LINDER, Margaret  [1898]MN I32826
85 LINDER, Robert  [1891]MN I32825
86 MCCLELLAND, Abby  [1890]MN I32817
87 MCCLELLAND, Abby  October 1889MN I32817
88 MONAN, Edward James  November 1898MN I39892
89 RAY, Beatrice Irene  [1907]MN I41999
90 RAY, Gladys D  [1908]MN I42002
91 SCOVILLE, Eugene Herman  [1890]MN I29285
92 SCOVILLE, Eugene Herman  [1891]MN I29285
93 SCOVILLE, Eugene Herman  March 1890MN I29285
94 SCOVILLE, Harriet Effie  [1882]MN I29395
95 SCOVILLE, Harriet Effie  [1881]MN I29395
96 SCOVILLE, Jessie Lillian  [1874]MN I29280
97 SCOVILLE, Jessie Lillian  November 1873MN I29280
98 SCOVILLE, John Raymond  [1881]MN I29282
99 SCOVILLE, John Raymond  [1880]MN I29282
100 SCOVILLE, John Raymond  January 1880MN I29282

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 MIARS, Joseph Sumner  1858MN I57377