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Kingsclear, York, NB



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BURGOINE, Agnes Georgianna  7 May 1900Kingsclear, York, NB I20526
2 BURGOINE, Cecelia Florence  22 Feb 1902Kingsclear, York, NB I20530
3 BURGOINE, Edna Amanda  19 Nov 1886Kingsclear, York, NB I20517
4 BURGOINE, John  21 Feb 1895Kingsclear, York, NB I20523
5 BURGOINE, Joseph Leonard  9 Jun 1896Kingsclear, York, NB I20524
6 BURGOINE, Mary Catherine  6 ___ 1898Kingsclear, York, NB I20525
7 CHESSIE, James Andrew  24 May 1891Kingsclear, York, NB I4119
8 FEENEY, Neil Thomas  16 Mar 1927Kingsclear, York, NB I681
9 FEENEY, Patrick Thomas  25 Apr 1907Kingsclear, York, NB I840
10 GOODINE, Mary Christina  17 Sep 1900Kingsclear, York, NB I20688
11 KING, Frances Jane  31 Mar 1878Kingsclear, York, NB I20319
12 KING, Nellie Helena  7 Jul 1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20378
13 MAZEROLLE, Archange (St Louis) dite Godin  21 Feb 1810Kingsclear, York, NB I869
14 MAZEROLLE, Jane Liguora  2 Jul 1905Kingsclear, York, NB I20548
15 MAZEROLLE, Wesley J  28 Oct 1893Kingsclear, York, NB I20634
16 MICHAUD, Sarah Emma  30 Oct 1877Kingsclear, York, NB I20572
17 MURPHY, Elenor  5 Mar 1856Kingsclear, York, NB I12455
18 MURPHY, George  1862Kingsclear, York, NB I28236
19 PHEENEY, Margaret Jane  6 Nov 1890Kingsclear, York, NB I237
20 SEARS, Loretta C  Kingsclear, York, NB I834


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HOLLAND, Jeremiah James  1904Kingsclear, York, NB I1460


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FEENEY, Patrick L  6 Jan 1881Kingsclear, York, NB I803
2 FEENEY, William  29 Aug 1920Kingsclear, York, NB I637
3 MAZEROLLE, Louis Joseph dit St Louis  8 Aug 1854Kingsclear, York, NB I897
4 TARDIF, Marie Francoise  February 1871Kingsclear, York, NB I898


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 MAZEROLLE, Archange (St Louis) dite Godin  10 Jun 1810Kingsclear, York, NB I869
2 MURPHY, Nancy Jane  1860Kingsclear, York, NB I12457


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHESSIE, Archangel  6 Aug 1863Kingsclear, York, NB I848
2 FEENEY, Agnes Ann  [1865]Kingsclear, York, NB I802
3 FEENEY, Agnes Ann  18 Apr 1865Kingsclear, York, NB I802
4 FEENEY, Alice F  [1893]Kingsclear, York, NB I794
5 FEENEY, John  [1851]Kingsclear, York, NB I782
6 FEENEY, Joseph Neil  [1890]Kingsclear, York, NB I709
7 HOLLAND, Jeremiah James  12 Feb 1904Kingsclear, York, NB I1460
8 KING, Dominic  6 Jul 1888Kingsclear, York, NB I20317
9 KING, Frances Jane  31 Mar 1883Kingsclear, York, NB I20319


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 FEENEY, Ellen  1868Kingsclear, York, NB I804


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Grant    Person ID 
1 TIBBETTS, John  31 Dec 1799Kingsclear, York, NB I56047


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Burtie  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20616
2 Charlotte  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20608
3 Charlotte  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20608
4 Charlotte  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20608
5 Elizabeth  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I20461
6 Elizabeth  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20461
7 Ellen  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I16040
8 Mary  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I16029
9 Nancy  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I16033
10 BLAKE, Henry William  1871Kingsclear, York, NB I3430
11 BLAKE, Mary Ann  1871Kingsclear, York, NB I505
12 BLAKE, Mary Ann  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I505
13 BOURGILLON, Elsie  19 Nov 1844Kingsclear, York, NB I12543
14 BURGOINE, Agnes Georgianna  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20526
15 BURGOINE, Agnes Georgianna  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20526
16 BURGOINE, Agnes Julia  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20519
17 BURGOINE, Agnes Julia  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20519
18 BURGOINE, Barbara Elizabeth  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20513
19 BURGOINE, Barbara Elizabeth  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20513
20 BURGOINE, Barbara Elizabeth  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20513
21 BURGOINE, Barbara Elizabeth  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20513
22 BURGOINE, Benjamin  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20511
23 BURGOINE, Benjamin  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20511
24 BURGOINE, Cecelia Florence  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20530
25 BURGOINE, Edna Amanda  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20517
26 BURGOINE, Edward  28 Oct 1844Kingsclear, York, NB I20474
27 BURGOINE, Edward  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I20474
28 BURGOINE, Edward  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20510
29 BURGOINE, Edward  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20474
30 BURGOINE, Edward  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20510
31 BURGOINE, Edward  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20474
32 BURGOINE, Edward  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20510
33 BURGOINE, Frances Liguora  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20521
34 BURGOINE, Frank Lawrence  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20527
35 BURGOINE, Frank Lawrence  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20527
36 BURGOINE, Frederic  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I20509
37 BURGOINE, Frederic  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20509
38 BURGOINE, Frederic  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20509
39 BURGOINE, Frederic  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20509
40 BURGOINE, Frederick  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20531
41 BURGOINE, John  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20523
42 BURGOINE, John  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20523
43 BURGOINE, Joseph Leonard  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20524
44 BURGOINE, Joseph Leonard  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20524
45 BURGOINE, Mary  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20518
46 BURGOINE, Mary Ann  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I20512
47 BURGOINE, Mary Ann  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20512
48 BURGOINE, Mary Ann  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20544
49 BURGOINE, Mary Ann  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I20512
50 BURGOINE, Mary Ann  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20512
51 BURGOINE, Mary Ann  22 Apr 1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20544
52 BURGOINE, Mary Ann  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20544
53 BURGOINE, Mary Ann  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20512
54 BURGOINE, Mary Catherine  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20525
55 BURGOINE, Mary Catherine  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20525
56 BURGOINE, Murray  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20522
57 BURGOINE, Murray  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20522
58 BURGOINE, Nellie May  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20529
59 BURGOINE, Nellie May  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20529
60 BURGOINE, Phoebe  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I8927
61 BURGOINE, Retta  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20520
62 BURGOINE, Sarah  24 Feb 1848Kingsclear, York, NB I20404
63 BURGOINE, Sarah  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I20404
64 BURGOINE, Sarah  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I20404
65 BURGOINE, Sarah  23 Apr 1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20404
66 BURGOINE, Stella  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I20528
67 BURGOINE, Stella  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I20528
68 BURGOYNE, Frances Ann  28 Sep 1875Kingsclear, York, NB I3479
69 BURGOYNE, Frances Ann  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I3479
70 BURGOYNE, Frances Ann  23 Apr 1891Kingsclear, York, NB I3479
71 BURGOYNE, Frances Ann  1 Apr 1901Kingsclear, York, NB I3479
72 CHASSE, Adelaide  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I870
73 CHASSE, Adelaide  1871Kingsclear, York, NB I870
74 CHASSE, Anne  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I873
75 CHASSE, Anne  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I873
76 CHASSE, Archange  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I871
77 CHASSE, Archange  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I871
78 CHASSE, Fabien Duel  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I856
79 CHASSE, Fabien Duel  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I856
80 CHASSE, Fabien Duel  21 Oct 1862Kingsclear, York, NB I856
81 CHASSE, Fabien Duel  1871Kingsclear, York, NB I856
82 CHASSE, Fabien Duel  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I856
83 CHASSE, Fabien Duel  23 Apr 1891Kingsclear, York, NB I856
84 CHASSE, Fabien Duel  1901Kingsclear, York, NB I856
85 CHASSE, Firmin  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I868
86 CHASSE, Firmin  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I875
87 CHASSE, Firmin  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I868
88 CHASSE, Firmin  1871Kingsclear, York, NB I868
89 CHASSE, Francoise  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I880
90 CHASSE, Francoise  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I880
91 CHASSE, Francoise  2 Sep 1877Kingsclear, York, NB I880
92 CHASSE, Francoise  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I880
93 CHASSE, Marie-Theotiste  1851Kingsclear, York, NB I878
94 CHASSE, Marie-Theotiste  1861Kingsclear, York, NB I878
95 CHASSE, Marie-Theotiste  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I878
96 CHASSE, Marie-Theotiste  20 Apr 1901Kingsclear, York, NB I878
97 CHASSE, Marie-Theotiste  1911Kingsclear, York, NB I878
98 CHESSIE, Adelaide Marie  1881Kingsclear, York, NB I3635
99 CHESSIE, Adelaide Marie  23 Apr 1891Kingsclear, York, NB I3635
100 CHESSIE, Adelaide Marie  1 Apr 1901Kingsclear, York, NB I3635

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Matches 1 to 22 of 22

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BELMAIN / FEENEY  15 Nov 1939Kingsclear, York, NB F197
2 BURGOINE / CHESSIE  11 Jan 1939Kingsclear, York, NB F5882
3 BURGOINE / MAZEROLLE  1 Sep 1927Kingsclear, York, NB F5883
4 CHESSIE / GOODINE  14 May 1930Kingsclear, York, NB F3617
5 CHESSIE / MAZEROLLE  9 Oct 1940Kingsclear, York, NB F3610
6 CHESSIE / MURPHY  14 Jul 1937Kingsclear, York, NB F5089
7 CROWLEY / MCGILLICUDDY  4 Jun 1924Kingsclear, York, NB F3597
8 DONAHUE / BURGOINE  1 Sep 1920Kingsclear, York, NB F5881
9 EISNOR / FEENEY  5 Sep 1923Kingsclear, York, NB F188
10 GAGE / HOLLAND  30 Jun 1926Kingsclear, York, NB F523
11 GOODINE / CHESSIE  8 Jul 1941Kingsclear, York, NB F3613
12 HOLLAND / MURPHY  20 Sep 1923Kingsclear, York, NB F507
13 MAZEROLLE / MAZEROLLE  5 Nov 1862Kingsclear, York, NB F5907
14 MCCANN / MCGILLICUDDY  27 Jul 1927Kingsclear, York, NB F972
15 MCCANN / NORSE  24 Jan 1934Kingsclear, York, NB F2574
16 MCCASHION / MILLS  25 Oct 1933Kingsclear, York, NB F1357
17 MCGILLICUDDY / FEENEY  17 Apr 1929Kingsclear, York, NB F126
18 MCGILLICUDDY / FEENEY  5 Sep 1929Kingsclear, York, NB F120
19 MCGILLICUDDY / NORSE  30 Sep 1930Kingsclear, York, NB F668
20 MCGRAND / HAWKINS  19 Nov 1930Kingsclear, York, NB F2675
21 SMITH / HOLLAND  7 Jul 1926Kingsclear, York, NB F954
22 TRACEY / MCCANN  25 Jun 1924Kingsclear, York, NB F2583


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MCGRAND / FEENEY  3 Feb 1879Kingsclear, York, NB F211