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Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland



Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SULLIVAN, Bridget  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36700
2 SULLIVAN, Catherine  28 Dec 1869Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36688
3 SULLIVAN, Catherine  20 May 1882Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36726
4 SULLIVAN, Cornelius  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36698
5 SULLIVAN, Daniel  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36651
6 SULLIVAN, Daniel  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36706
7 SULLIVAN, Daniel  15 May 1883Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36727
8 SULLIVAN, Ellen  [1865]Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36687
9 SULLIVAN, Honora  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36699
10 SULLIVAN, Honora  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36720
11 SULLIVAN, Honora  30 Jan 1873Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36689
12 SULLIVAN, James  12 Feb 1880Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36725
13 SULLIVAN, Jeremiah  28 Aug 1886Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36728
14 SULLIVAN, Johanna  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36650
15 SULLIVAN, Johanna  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36695
16 SULLIVAN, Johanna  7 Apr 1876Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36690
17 SULLIVAN, John  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36649
18 SULLIVAN, John  21 May 1877Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36724
19 SULLIVAN, Margaret  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36648
20 SULLIVAN, Mary  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36694
21 SULLIVAN, Mary  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36707
22 SULLIVAN, Mary  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36717
23 SULLIVAN, Michael  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36710
24 SULLIVAN, Michael  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36722
25 SULLIVAN, Patrick  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36701
26 SULLIVAN, Patrick  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36721
27 SULLIVAN, Thomas  Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36712
28 SULLIVAN, Thomas  22 Feb 1869Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36723


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 SHEA, Johanna  21 Jun 1914Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36647


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 SULLIVAN, Johanna  28 Apr 1876Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36690


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 CONNOR, Honora  21 Jun 1914Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36652
2 SULLIVAN, Daniel Dillagh  3 Mar 1854Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36692
3 SULLIVAN, Daniel Dillagh  27 Oct 1855Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36692
4 SULLIVAN, Daniel Dillagh  12 Apr 1861Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36692
5 SULLIVAN, Daniel Dillagh  13 May 1862Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36692
6 SULLIVAN, Daniel Dillagh  13 Feb 1866Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36692
7 SULLIVAN, Johanna  9 Feb 1869Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36731
8 SULLIVAN, John  27 Aug 1856Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36646
9 SULLIVAN, John  26 Dec 1858Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36646
10 SULLIVAN, John  1 Jun 1865Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36646
11 SULLIVAN, John  12 Nov 1868Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36646
12 SULLIVAN, John  28 Apr 1872Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36646
13 SULLIVAN, Michael Direen  25 Dec 1865Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36684
14 SULLIVAN, Michael Direen  30 Dec 1869Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36684
15 SULLIVAN, Michael Direen  31 Jan 1873Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36684
16 SULLIVAN, Michael Direen  9 Apr 1876Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36684
17 SULLIVAN, Patrick  25 Feb 1873Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36733
18 SULLIVAN, Thomas Direen  15 May 1853Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36708
19 SULLIVAN, Thomas Direen  10 Aug 1861Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36708
20 SULLIVAN, Timothy Direen  22 Feb 1862Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36718
21 SULLIVAN, Timothy Direen  24 Apr 1864Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36718
22 SULLIVAN, Timothy Direen  22 Feb 1869Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36718
23 SULLIVAN, Timothy Direen  23 May 1877Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36718
24 SULLIVAN, Timothy Direen  17 Feb 1880Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36718
25 SULLIVAN, Timothy Direen  22 May 1882Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36718
26 SULLIVAN, Timothy Direen  16 May 1883Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36718
27 SULLIVAN, Timothy Direen  31 Aug 1886Inchiboy, Dromod, Kerry, Ireland I36718