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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLISON, Georgia F  [1900]IL I39351
2 BELCOURT, William  9 Oct 1893IL I17362
3 CRONIN, Charles H  January 1891IL I27382
4 CRONIN, George  [1860]IL I27027
5 CRONIN, James  [1867]IL I27030
6 CRONIN, John  [1865]IL I27029
7 CRONIN, Mary  [1862]IL I27028
8 CRONIN, William  [1868]IL I27031
9 DOWNEY, William  October 1857IL I11479
10 GRIFFIN, Agnes  [DECEMBER 1917]IL I19366
11 GRIFFIN, Eileen  [1922]IL I19426
12 GRIFFIN, George J  [1915]IL I19352
13 GRIFFIN, James  [JULY 1919]IL I19362
14 GRIFFIN, James  [1924]IL I19427
15 GRIFFIN, Julia  [1912]IL I19364
16 GRIFFIN, Julia V  [AUGUST 1919]IL I19355
17 GRIFFIN, Julianna  [1921]IL I19425
18 GRIFFIN, Margaret  [OCTOBER 1929]IL I19429
19 GRIFFIN, Mary  [JULY 1918]IL I19361
20 GRIFFIN, Mary  [NOVEMBER 1918]IL I19369
21 GRIFFIN, Mary A  [JULY 1917]IL I19354
22 GRIFFIN, Rita F  [MARCH 1927]IL I19356
23 GRIFFIN, Thomas  [1917]IL I19360
24 GRIFFIN, Thomas  [JULY 1917]IL I19368
25 GRIFFIN, Thomas F  [1914]IL I19351
26 GRIFFIN, Virginia  [JANUARY 1926]IL I19428
27 NELSON, Arthur O  [1893]IL I17281
28 SULLIVAN, Bridget  [1904]IL I42273
29 SULLIVAN, Elizabeth  [1908]IL I42272
30 SULLIVAN, Helen  [1911]IL I42274
31 SULLIVAN, James  [1912]IL I42275
32 SULLIVAN, Mary  [1903]IL I42271
33 SULLIVAN, Nora Therese  [1906]IL I42266
34 VAN LIEW, Victoria May  22 Dec 1878IL I29261


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 MCGILLICUDDY, Honora  1926IL I64873


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHASTAIN, Sarah Naoma  [1888]IL I29286
2 CRONIN, Charles H  [1891]IL I27382
3 CRONIN, John  November 1867IL I27029
4 CRONIN, Mary  [1863]IL I27028
5 CRONIN, Mary  May 1865IL I27028
6 CRONIN, William  [1871]IL I27031
7 CRONIN, William  March 1870IL I27031
8 DOWNEY, William  1854IL I11479
9 DOWNEY, William  1855IL I11479
10 GRIFFIN, James  [1920]IL I19362
11 GRIFFIN, Julia V  [1920]IL I19355
12 GRIFFIN, Mary  [1919]IL I19369
13 GRIFFIN, Mary  [1919]IL I19361
14 GRIFFIN, Mary A  [1918]IL I19354
15 GRIFFIN, Thomas  [1918]IL I19368
16 GRIFFIN, Thomas  [1914]IL I19365
17 HEWITT, Eliza  [1847]IL I48379
18 KING, Isabelle A  [1899]IL I37267
19 MORIARTY, Jeremiah Patrick  [1923]IL I37068
20 MORIARTY, Jeremiah Patrick  [1922]IL I37068
21 SULLIVAN, Elizabeth  [1909]IL I42272
22 SULLIVAN, Helen  [1910]IL I42274
23 SULLIVAN, James  [1911]IL I42275
24 SULLIVAN, Mary  [1904]IL I42271
25 SULLIVAN, Nora Therese  [1907]IL I42266
26 VAN LIEW, Victoria May  [1880]IL I29261
27 VAN LIEW, Victoria May  [1879]IL I29261
28 WOODMAN, George W  [1878]IL I22164
29 WOODMAN, George W  [1874]IL I22164


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 JOYCE, George  9 Nov 1850IL I4992