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Greenland, Rockingham, NH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AYERS, Phoebe  Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50909
2 JOHNSON, Charles B  [1800]Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50910
3 JOHNSON, Jacob  Greenland, Rockingham, NH I39338
4 JOHNSON, Lydia  Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51693
5 JOHNSON, Margaret  Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51692


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Charles B  21 Mar 1876Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50910
2 JOHNSON, David  3 Jan 1866Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51694
3 JOHNSON, Ebenezer  6 Sep 1748Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50988
4 JOHNSON, James  3 Jul 1860Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51695
5 JOHNSON, Mary  8 Sep 1844Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51690
6 JOHNSON, Mary Ann  12 Oct 1867Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51691
7 JOHNSON, Nathaniel  10 Jul 1745Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50961
8 JOHNSON, Nathaniel  3 Jul 1822Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51702


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Assessed    Person ID 
1 BRYANT, Robert  1716Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51152
2 BRYANT, Robert  1736Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51152
3 CROSBY, Prudence  1727Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50947
4 JOHNSON, John  1688Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50959


Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 BRYANT, Dorothy  1728Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51160
2 BRYANT, Elizabeth  1717Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51156
3 BRYANT, Hannah  1721Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51164
4 BRYANT, Mary  1717Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51153
5 BRYANT, Mercy  1736Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51165
6 BRYANT, Priscilla  1717Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51158
7 BRYANT, Robert  1717Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51161
8 BRYANT, Samuel  1719Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51163
9 BRYANT, Sarah  1717Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51162
10 JOHNSON, Abigail  1719Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51021
11 JOHNSON, Abraham  1730Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51009
12 JOHNSON, Bathsheba  1732Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50954
13 JOHNSON, Daniel  1744Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52650
14 JOHNSON, Deborah  1726Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50948
15 JOHNSON, Ebenezer  1735Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52646
16 JOHNSON, Eleanor  1726Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50949
17 JOHNSON, Elizabeth  1734Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52629
18 JOHNSON, Esther  1724Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51019
19 JOHNSON, Hannah  1714Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51015
20 JOHNSON, Hannah  1722Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50957
21 JOHNSON, Hannah  1740Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52648
22 JOHNSON, Ichabod  1738Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50956
23 JOHNSON, James  1714Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50976
24 JOHNSON, John  1729Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50370
25 JOHNSON, Joshua  1738Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52647
26 JOHNSON, Josiah  1726Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50115
27 JOHNSON, Keziah  1736Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50984
28 JOHNSON, Margaret  1732Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52645
29 JOHNSON, Margaret  1738Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50985
30 JOHNSON, Margaret  1739Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51128
31 JOHNSON, Martha  1726Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50951
32 JOHNSON, Mary  1715Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51016
33 JOHNSON, Meriba  1734Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50983
34 JOHNSON, Nathan  1717Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51697
35 JOHNSON, Nathaniel  1742Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52649
36 JOHNSON, Philip  1722Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51018
37 JOHNSON, Prudence  1735Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50955
38 JOHNSON, Samuel  1717Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50979
39 JOHNSON, Samuel  1725Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51020
40 JOHNSON, Sarah  1724Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50981
41 JOHNSON, Sarah  1726Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50950
42 JOHNSON, Sarah  1745Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51011
43 JOHNSON, Thomas  1731Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50982
44 JOHNSON, Timothy  1728Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51022
45 JOHNSON, William  1730Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51023
46 WATSON, James  1738Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50952
47 WEATHERN, Abigail  1729Greenland, Rockingham, NH I38009
48 WEATHERN, Arnold  1729Greenland, Rockingham, NH I38499
49 WEATHERN, Lydia  1729Greenland, Rockingham, NH I38501
50 WEATHERN, Penelope  1729Greenland, Rockingham, NH I38502


Matches 1 to 48 of 48

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BRACKETT, Mary  1790Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51143
2 BRACKETT, Mary  1810Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51143
3 BRYANT, Robert  9 Aug 1739Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51152
4 BRYANT, Robert  11 Apr 1741Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51152
5 BRYANT, Robert  29 Oct 1741Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51152
6 BRYANT, Robert  6 Nov 1741Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51152
7 CROSBY, Prudence  12 Jul 1737Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50947
8 CROSBY, Prudence  12 Jul 1742Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50947
9 JOHNSON, David  C 1786 -Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51149
10 JOHNSON, David  1790Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51149
11 JOHNSON, David  1830Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51694
12 JOHNSON, David  1840Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51694
13 JOHNSON, David  7 Aug 1850Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51694
14 JOHNSON, David  2 Jul 1860Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51694
15 JOHNSON, Jacob  4 Jun 1789Greenland, Rockingham, NH I39338
16 JOHNSON, Jacob  16 Mar 1799Greenland, Rockingham, NH I39338
17 JOHNSON, James  5 Mar 1752Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50973
18 JOHNSON, James  1830Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51695
19 JOHNSON, James  1840Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51695
20 JOHNSON, James  7 Aug 1850Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51695
21 JOHNSON, James  30 Jun 1860Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51695
22 JOHNSON, John  24 Mar 1714/5Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50946
23 JOHNSON, John  12 Jul 1737Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50946
24 JOHNSON, John  15 Apr 1738Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50959
25 JOHNSON, John  12 Jul 1742Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50946
26 JOHNSON, Lydia  6 Aug 1850Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51693
27 JOHNSON, Margaret  1810Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51692
28 JOHNSON, Mary  1810Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51690
29 JOHNSON, Mary  22 Sep 1817Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51690
30 JOHNSON, Mary  1830Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51690
31 JOHNSON, Mary  1840Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51690
32 JOHNSON, Mary Ann  7 Aug 1850Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51691
33 JOHNSON, Mary Ann  30 Jun 1860Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51691
34 JOHNSON, Nathan  26 Oct 1748Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51697
35 JOHNSON, Nathan  30 Sep 1767Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51697
36 JOHNSON, Nathaniel  1790Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51702
37 JOHNSON, Nathaniel  1810Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51702
38 JOHNSON, Philip  12 Apr 1773Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51018
39 JOHNSON, Samuel  22 Jul 1747Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51020
40 JOHNSON, Samuel  3 Apr 1756Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51020
41 JOHNSON, Samuel  30 Sep 1767Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51020
42 JOHNSON, Samuel  30 Oct 1776Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52661
43 JOHNSON, Thomas  1790Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50982
44 LEWIS, Hannah  15 Apr 1738Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50960
45 WATSON, Nathaniel  1 May 1736Greenland, Rockingham, NH I52742
46 WATSON, Samuel  1 May 1736Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51154
47 WEATHERN, Michael  1722Greenland, Rockingham, NH I38497
48 WIGGIN, Susannah  13 Oct 1748Greenland, Rockingham, NH I50995


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, David  15 Aug 1797Greenland, Rockingham, NH I51149


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLAKE / LOCKE  13 Sep 1726Greenland, Rockingham, NH F4085
2 BURLEIGH / JOHNSON  19 Jan 1720Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15645
3 HAINES / JOHNSON  Bef 29 Nov 1710Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15644
4 JOHNSON / ALLEN  19 Dec 1734Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15649
5 JOHNSON / BRACKETT  1 Sep 1772Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15704
6 JOHNSON / BUNKER  28 Jun 1860Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15923
7 JOHNSON / HAINES  28 Aug 1735Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15659
8 JOHNSON / WHIDDEN  19 Feb 1712Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15643
9 JOHNSON / WIGGIN  25 Nov 1716Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15657
10 LANG / JOHNSON  23 Oct 1770Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15664
11 SANBORN / BRYANT  29 Dec 1736Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15713
12 WATSON / BRYANT  26 Feb 1735Greenland, Rockingham, NH F16342
13 WATSON / BRYANT  10 Jan 1736/7Greenland, Rockingham, NH F15711
14 WHIDDEN / JOHNSON  17 Nov 1791Greenland, Rockingham, NH F16243