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Glencar, Kerry, Ireland



Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CONNOR, Patrick  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I460
2 CRONIN, John  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I40711
3 GRIFFIN, Julia  [1905]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35047
4 GRIFFIN, Timothy  [1907]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35048
5 MCGILLICUDDY, Margaret  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I41515
6 MCKENNA, Laura May  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23775
7 O'CONNOR, Humphrey E  15 Mar 1875Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I26167
8 O'CONNOR, Maurice T  29 Jun 1876Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I26168
9 O'CONNOR, Timothy  17 Oct 1870Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I26163
10 SULLIVAN, Bridget  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19555
11 SULLIVAN, Catherine  [1923]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32611


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 TEAHAN, Bridget  27 Aug 1948Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19153


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 GRIFFIN, Catherine  [1897]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35043
2 GRIFFIN, John  [1901]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35046
3 SULLIVAN, James Joseph  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19600
4 SULLIVAN, James Joseph  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I10
5 SULLIVAN, James Joseph  10 May 1890Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19600
6 SULLIVAN, Johanna  [1905]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32609
7 SULLIVAN, John  [1890]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32603
8 SULLIVAN, John  [1885]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32603
9 SULLIVAN, Margaret  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32540
10 SULLIVAN, Nora F  Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19603
11 TAYLOR, Catherine  [1879]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I34854
12 TAYLOR, Catherine  [1872]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I34854
13 TAYLOR, Julia  [1876]Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32610


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 GRIFFIN, Patrick  11 Apr 1996Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19161


Matches 1 to 57 of 57

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BREEN, Catherine  6 Feb 1858Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19577
2 BREEN, Ellen  12 Feb 1858Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I40494
3 BREEN, Johanna  19 Feb 1887Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I18467
4 CASEY, Timothy  29 Jan 1812Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I41256
5 COFFEY, Mary  1 Jun 1846Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I40896
6 CRONIN, Patrick  1 Jul 1808Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I41244
7 CRONIN, Patrick  8 Feb 1846Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I40630
8 CRONIN, Patrick  26 Feb 1848Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I41151
9 FOLEY, Daniel  1 May 1854Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I21793
10 FOLEY, Honora M  September 1901Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23784
11 GRIFFIN, Catherine  21 Dec 1924Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35043
12 GRIFFIN, Ellen  6 May 1854Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I21794
13 GRIFFIN, John  17 Oct 1926Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35046
14 GRIFFIN, Julia  9 Nov 1925Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35047
15 GRIFFIN, Timothy  13 Nov 1927Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35048
16 MCGILLICUDDY, Michael  26 Apr 1868Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I40962
17 MCKENNA, Denis J  September 1901Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23785
18 MCKENNA, Donald J  September 1901Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23786
19 MCKENNA, James J  14 Sep 1899Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32693
20 MCKENNA, Laura May  September 1901Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23775
21 MCKENNA, Nora Esther  September 1901Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23791
22 MCKENNA, Peter Dennis  September 1901Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23779
23 MCKENNA, Theresa Katherine  September 1901Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23790
24 MURPHY, Patrick  12 May 1840Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I33187
25 O'CONNOR, Hannah  22 Apr 1893Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23395
26 SHEA, John  9 Feb 1875Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I40673
27 SHEA, Margaret M  3 Apr 1895Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19593
28 SULLIVAN, Catherine  9 May 1926Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32611
29 SULLIVAN, Daniel Michael  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19611
30 SULLIVAN, Denis M  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19595
31 SULLIVAN, Florence  26 Feb 1865Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I41373
32 SULLIVAN, Honora  14 Sep 1899Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I23794
33 SULLIVAN, James Joseph  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19600
34 SULLIVAN, Jeremiah Crone  20 Jan 1818Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I40867
35 SULLIVAN, Jeremiah J  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19596
36 SULLIVAN, Johanna  9 May 1926Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32609
37 SULLIVAN, John  11 Feb 1893Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I41163
38 SULLIVAN, John  20 Sep 1906Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35924
39 SULLIVAN, John  20 Jun 1920Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32603
40 SULLIVAN, John  11 Oct 1925Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32603
41 SULLIVAN, John Joseph  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19599
42 SULLIVAN, Katherine F  20 Sep 1906Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35923
43 SULLIVAN, Mary E  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19602
44 SULLIVAN, Michael  20 Sep 1906Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32723
45 SULLIVAN, Michael  15 Feb 1908Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I36502
46 SULLIVAN, Michael D  24 May 1895Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19592
47 SULLIVAN, Michael D  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19592
48 SULLIVAN, Michael Joseph  20 Sep 1906Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I35925
49 SULLIVAN, Michael M  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19594
50 SULLIVAN, Nora F  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19603
51 SULLIVAN, Patrick  7 Jan 1938Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32596
52 SULLIVAN, Patrick Joseph  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19598
53 SULLIVAN, Timothy J  20 Sep 1906Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I36095
54 SULLIVAN, Timothy Michael  3 Apr 1896Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I19597
55 TAYLOR, Catherine  13 Mar 1914Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I34854
56 TAYLOR, Julia  9 May 1926Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I32610
57 TAYLOR, Mary  18 Oct 1929Glencar, Kerry, Ireland I34853


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DOHERTY / BREEN  29 Jan 1864Glencar, Kerry, Ireland F12177