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Epping, Rockingham, NH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BLAKE, Phineas  FIRSTEpping, Rockingham, NH I5763
2 JOHNSON, Benjamin  1776Epping, Rockingham, NH I52595
3 JOHNSON, Benjamin  14 Nov 1786Epping, Rockingham, NH I52595
4 JOHNSON, Benjamin  1790Epping, Rockingham, NH I52663
5 JOHNSON, Benjamin  1790Epping, Rockingham, NH I52595
6 JOHNSON, Benjamin  1800Epping, Rockingham, NH I52595
7 JOHNSON, Benjamin  1810Epping, Rockingham, NH I52634
8 JOHNSON, Benjamin  1810Epping, Rockingham, NH I52595
9 JOHNSON, Benjamin  1820Epping, Rockingham, NH I52595
10 JOHNSON, Benjamin  1830Epping, Rockingham, NH I52634
11 JOHNSON, Brackett  11 Apr 1788Epping, Rockingham, NH I56765
12 JOHNSON, James  1790Epping, Rockingham, NH I52665
13 JOHNSON, Jeremiah  1790Epping, Rockingham, NH I52668
14 JOHNSON, John Marden  12 Jun 1784Epping, Rockingham, NH I52593
15 JOHNSON, Samuel  1790Epping, Rockingham, NH I52674
16 JOHNSON, Samuel  27 Mar 1790Epping, Rockingham, NH I52674
17 JOHNSON, Timothy  1790Epping, Rockingham, NH I52670
18 WILLEY, Mary  1830Epping, Rockingham, NH I52197
19 WILLEY, Mary  1840Epping, Rockingham, NH I52197
20 WILLEY, Mary  22 Jul 1850Epping, Rockingham, NH I52197