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Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ELLEN, Sarah  Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I30108
2 FISHER, Florence Rosamond  3 Aug 1910Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22147
3 FISHER, Hazel Pearl  16 Jun 1896Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22143
4 FISHER, Royden Johnston  30 Jan 1904Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22145
5 GOSS, Clifton  10 Jul 1907Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2457
6 GOSS, Cora Ferne  30 Jul 1909Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2459
7 GOSS, Georgia Aldena  7 Jun 1920Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2466
8 GOSS, Hardy  3 Dec 1913Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2462
9 GOSS, Helena Mary  19 Jun 1906Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2455
10 GOSS, James Oriole  18 Apr 1903Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2453
11 GOSS, Laird Borden  27 Mar 1911Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2460
12 GOSS, Lela Mae  11 Feb 1905Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2454
13 GOSS, Lloyd Rolland  16 Jun 1912Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2461
14 GOSS, Morton Dustin  30 Aug 1917Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2464
15 GOSS, Thomas Melvin  9 Sep 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2451
16 GREENLAW, Effie Hilda  31 Jul 1888Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7784
17 GREENLAW, Frederick James  2 Dec 1877Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2723
18 GREENLAW, Lloyd Leslie  1 May 1898Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7787
19 GREENLAW, Thompson Byron  18 Feb 1894Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7786
20 GREENLAW, Victor  21 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7785
21 HANSON, Jessie Kathleen  9 Jun 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I20003
22 JOHNSON, Baby  17 Sep 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8074
23 JOHNSON, Elizabeth Jane  March 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8065
24 JOHNSON, Henry K  30 Apr 1868Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8073
25 JOHNSON, Maud Rachel  Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7165
26 KEEZER, Henrietta  30 Mar 1856Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I47867
27 MCCANN, Charles Keith  29 Jun 1909Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1481
28 MURPHY, Vernon Ellison  28 Dec 1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7538
29 ORR, Charles Millard  3 Nov 1909Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2752
30 WRIGLEY, Sarah Alice  29 Nov 1898Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7629


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  29 Oct 1892Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I40164
2 BROWN, Anna  4 Jul 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I43664
3 CROSSETT, Elizabeth  25 Apr 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7276
4 GOSS, Thomas Melvin  31 May 1952Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2451
5 GREENLAW, Levi  4 Mar 1886Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1841
6 HEWITT, Charles  October 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7658
7 HITCHINGS, Lydia Sarah  23 Aug 1892Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I40385
8 JOHNSON, Baby  26 Sep 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8074
9 JOHNSON, Henry K  21 Sep 1869Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8073
10 KEEZER, Henry  31 Mar 1882Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I30107
11 KEEZER, William  27 Apr 1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I30100
12 MCCARRICK, Jane  28 Aug 1929Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2445
13 MONTGOMERY, Mary  22 Jun 1889Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1837
14 NEWELL, Phyllis Margaret  3 Mar 1986Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2745
15 ORR, Edith Shirley  11 Apr 1956Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2754
16 REED, Sarah Ludwig  17 Feb 1889Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I46641
17 SIMPSON, Elizabeth Jennie  29 Apr 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7310
18 SIMPSON, Jane  29 Apr 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7278


Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Assessed    Person ID 
1 Nancy  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7267
2 Nancy  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7267
3 Nancy  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7267
4 Nancy  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7267
5 HEWITT, Adam  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I354
6 HEWITT, Adam  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I309
7 HEWITT, Adam  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I354
8 HEWITT, Adam  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I309
9 HEWITT, Adam  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I354
10 HEWITT, Adam  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I309
11 HEWITT, Adam  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I354
12 HEWITT, Adam  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I309
13 HEWITT, Adam  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I354
14 HEWITT, Adam  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I309
15 HEWITT, James  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I307
16 HEWITT, James  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I298
17 HEWITT, James  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I307
18 HEWITT, James  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I298
19 HEWITT, James  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I298
20 HEWITT, James  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I307
21 HEWITT, James  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I307
22 HEWITT, Robert  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I315
23 HEWITT, Robert  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I315
24 HEWITT, Robert  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I315
25 HEWITT, Robert  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I315
26 HEWITT, Robert  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I315
27 HEWITT, Samuel  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I319
28 HEWITT, Samuel  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I319
29 HEWITT, Samuel  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I319
30 HEWITT, Samuel  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I319
31 HEWITT, Samuel  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I319
32 HEWITT, William  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I336
33 HEWITT, William  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I336
34 HEWITT, William  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I336
35 HEWITT, William  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I336
36 HEWITT, William  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I336
37 JOHNSON, David  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4693
38 JOHNSON, David  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4693
39 JOHNSON, David  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4693
40 JOHNSON, David  1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4693
41 JOHNSON, David  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4693
42 JOHNSON, Samuel S  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4476
43 JOHNSON, Samuel S  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4476
44 JOHNSON, Samuel S  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4476
45 JOHNSON, William  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8359
46 JOHNSON, William  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8359
47 JOHNSON, William  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8359
48 JOHNSON, William  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8359
49 JOHNSON, William  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8359
50 MONTGOMERY, James  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7218
51 MONTGOMERY, James Benjamin  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7224
52 MONTGOMERY, James Benjamin  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7224
53 MONTGOMERY, James Benjamin  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7224
54 MONTGOMERY, James Benjamin  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7224
55 MONTGOMERY, James Christopher  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1487
56 MONTGOMERY, James Christopher  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1487
57 MONTGOMERY, James Christopher  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1487
58 MONTGOMERY, James Christopher  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1487
59 MONTGOMERY, John  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7223
60 MONTGOMERY, Robert Henry  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1842
61 MONTGOMERY, Robert Henry  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1488
62 MONTGOMERY, William  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1835
63 MONTGOMERY, William  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1483
64 MONTGOMERY, William  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1835
65 MONTGOMERY, William  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1835
66 MONTGOMERY, William  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1835
67 MONTGOMERY, William  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1835
68 SIMPSON, James  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4275
69 SIMPSON, James  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4275
70 SIMPSON, James  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4275
71 SIMPSON, James  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4275
72 SIMPSON, James  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4275
73 SIMPSON, Robert  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7272
74 SIMPSON, Samuel  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7271
75 SIMPSON, Samuel  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7271
76 SIMPSON, Samuel  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7271
77 SIMPSON, Thomas  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7270
78 SIMPSON, Thomas  20 Jun 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7270
79 SIMPSON, Thomas  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7270
80 SIMPSON, William  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7248
81 SIMPSON, William  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7248
82 SIMPSON, William John  13 Jun 1860Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7275
83 SIMPSON, William John  19 Jun 1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7275
84 SIMPSON, William John  30 Jun 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7275
85 SIMPSON, William John  20 Jun 1866Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7275


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HEWITT, Gertrude Ethel  1 Aug 1869Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I327
2 HEWITT, Lelia Ada  18 Aug 1862Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7592
3 HEWITT, Robert  Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I315
4 JOHNSON, James Richard  Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I203
5 JOHNSON, Richard Baxter  18 Jul 1857Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8063
6 JOHNSON, Samuel S  [16 Aug 1834]Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4476
7 JOHNSON, Willard  Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I3341
8 KEEZER, Henry  Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I30107
9 LORD, Ada May  Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I3374
10 MEARS, Joseph Henry  14 Dec 1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7924
11 MONTGOMERY, Margaret  Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7417
12 SHAIN, Albert Manley  [1880]Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4697
13 SHAIN, Albert Manley  23 Apr 1880Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4697


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 CROSSETT, Elizabeth  April 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7276
2 SIMPSON, Jane  April 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7278


Matches 1 to 100 of 810

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Isabell  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7735
2 Isabell  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7735
3 Jane  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7219
4 Jane  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I3372
5 Jane  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7219
6 Mary  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I40164
7 Mary  14 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I40164
8 Nancy  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7267
9 Sarah  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I30101
10 BARTLETT, J Harvey  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2785
11 BREEN, David  1911Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I16154
12 BREEN, James  1911Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I21445
13 BREEN, William  1911Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I21446
14 BUDD, Amos  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I37695
15 BUDD, Amos  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I37695
16 BUDD, Mary  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I37699
17 BUDD, William  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I37694
18 BUDD, William  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I37694
19 CAMPBELL, James  6 Jun 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8258
20 CAMPBELL, James  21 Jun 1870Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8258
21 CAMPBELL, James  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8258
22 CARROLL, Isabella Jane  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I171
23 CARROLL, Isabella Jane  21 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I171
24 CARROLL, Isabella Jane  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I171
25 CATHCART, Caroline Alma  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2684
26 CATHCART, Caroline Alma  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2684
27 CATHCART, Ella May  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2701
28 CATHCART, Ella May  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2701
29 CATHCART, James B  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2683
30 CATHCART, James B  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2683
31 CATHCART, James Frederick  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2712
32 CATHCART, John Alfred  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2709
33 CATHCART, Lezena Flora  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2697
34 CATHCART, Lezena Flora  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2697
35 CATHCART, Lucy Gertrude  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2713
36 CATHCART, Robert Montgomery  5 Jan 1935Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1496
37 CATHCART, Thomas  19 Oct 1865Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1494
38 COLLINS, Davis  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I43499
39 COLLINS, Eli  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I48539
40 COOKSON, Sarah E  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7591
41 CREIGHTON, Mary Ann  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1484
42 CREIGHTON, Mary Ann  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1484
43 CREIGHTON, Mary Ann  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1484
44 CREIGHTON, Mary Ann  18 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I1484
45 CRESSEY, Phinetta  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8276
46 CRESSEY, Phinetta  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8276
47 CRESSEY, Phinetta  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8276
48 CROSSETT, Elizabeth  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7276
49 CURRY, Robert  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I36613
50 DANFORD, Ann  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4694
51 DANFORD, Ann  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4694
52 DANFORD, Ann  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I4694
53 DAY, John  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I17891
54 DOLBY, John  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I12596
55 EASTMAN, Mary  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I10909
56 ELLEN, Sarah  27 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I30108
57 FISHER, Alice J  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22139
58 FISHER, Charles D  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22142
59 FISHER, Charles Frederick  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I20713
60 FISHER, Chester R  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22141
61 FISHER, Harry R  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22138
62 FISHER, Hazel Pearl  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22143
63 FISHER, Jessie Kathryn  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22144
64 FISHER, Ruby B  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I22140
65 FITZMAURICE, Laura Emma  9 Jan 1895Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2766
66 FITZMAURICE, Laura Emma  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2766
67 FLINN, Patrick  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I42465
68 FLINN, Patrick  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I42465
69 GILMORE, Joel  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I53560
70 GLEW, Sarah  21 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I20002
71 GOSS, Thomas Melvin  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2451
72 GRAHAM, Emma Maude  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I317
73 GRAHAM, Emma Maude  21 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I317
74 GRANT, Alexander  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8275
75 GRANT, Alexander  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8275
76 GRANT, Anne Bell  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8268
77 GRANT, Anne Bell  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8268
78 GRANT, Daniel  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8266
79 GRANT, Daniel  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8266
80 GRANT, Ethel E  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8274
81 GRANT, John  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8270
82 GRANT, Leiola Jane  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8273
83 GRANT, Mary  11 Oct 1874Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7934
84 GRANT, Mary Ellen  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8267
85 GRANT, Mary Ellen  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8267
86 GRANT, Mildred Laura  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8272
87 GRANT, Minerva Adelaide  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8269
88 GRANT, Oliver H  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8271
89 GRANT, Thomas  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8265
90 GRANT, Thomas  3 Oct 1863Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8265
91 GRANT, Thomas  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8265
92 GRANT, Thomas  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I8265
93 GREENLAW, Adeline  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I43647
94 GREENLAW, Albert  1861Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I43646
95 GREENLAW, Albert  1871Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I43646
96 GREENLAW, Ann Aldena  22 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2809
97 GREENLAW, Ann Aldena  1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2809
98 GREENLAW, Arthur Allen  1881Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2718
99 GREENLAW, Arthur Allen  22 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I2718
100 GREENLAW, Augustus  27 Apr 1891Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB I7782

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUDD / WOODEN  21 Sep 1865Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB F17886
2 KERR / ORR  9 Oct 1901Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB F782
3 LAUBMAN / BOYD  31 Oct 1929Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB F761
4 ORR / GREENLAW  29 Oct 1864Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB F776
5 SCULLIN / GLIDDENS  7 Oct 1943Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB F6169


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SCULLIN / MCALEENAN  12 Sep 1945Dumbarton, Charlotte, NB F786