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Dresden, Lincoln, ME



Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Bowman  [1842]Dresden, Lincoln, ME I39310
2 JOHNSON, Elizabeth  Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37977
3 JOHNSON, James  23 Nov 1793Dresden, Lincoln, ME I38461
4 JOHNSON, Lydia  20 Apr 1783Dresden, Lincoln, ME I38458
5 JOHNSON, Rebecca  15 May 1798Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37979
6 JOHNSON, Rowland  11 Apr 1785Dresden, Lincoln, ME I38459
7 JOHNSON, William Goodwin  27 Nov 1789Dresden, Lincoln, ME I38460
8 LILLY, Henrietta  Dresden, Lincoln, ME I38453
9 O'BRIEN, James  [1784]Dresden, Lincoln, ME I52029


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRIDGE, Edmund  10 Sep 1825Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63160
2 GOODWIN, Rebecca  19 Feb 1831Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37975
3 GOODWIN, Samuel  1798Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63082
4 GOUD, James  1824Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63126
5 HOUDLETTE, Mary  11 Jul 1839Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61036
6 JACOBIN, Susanna Margaret  26 Dec 1814Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63091
7 JOHNSON, Bowman  2 Jun 1913Dresden, Lincoln, ME I39310
8 JOHNSON, Rebecca  17 Dec 1897Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37979
9 JOHNSON, Thomas  7 Jan 1850Dresden, Lincoln, ME I38456
10 MAYER, Elizabeth  25 Jun 1837Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61025
11 MORTON, Rebecca  20 Mar 1816Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53347
12 POCHARD, Peter  6 Aug 1827Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63099


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Elizabeth  14 Apr 1787Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37977
2 JOHNSON, Rebecca  [1799]Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37979


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BARKER, Carr  Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63172
2 BOWMAN, Jonathan  Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63088
3 KIDDER, Richard  [1814]Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63152
4 MORTON, Rebecca  [1816]Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53347
5 REED, Amos  [APRIL 1847]Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63191


Matches 1 to 72 of 72

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Mary  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61024
2 ALLEN, Amos  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58676
3 ALLEN, Amos  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58676
4 ALLEN, Amos  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58676
5 ALLEN, Amos  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58676
6 ALLEN, John  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53295
7 ALLEN, John  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53295
8 ALLEN, John  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53295
9 ALLEN, Lemuel  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58679
10 ALLEN, Lemuel  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58679
11 ALLEN, Lemuel  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58679
12 ALLEN, Peter  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58681
13 ALLEN, Peter  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58681
14 ALLEN, Peter  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58681
15 BLAIR, William  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53259
16 BLAIR, William  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53259
17 BLAIR, William  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53259
18 BLAIR, William  1840Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53259
19 CALL, Elizabeth  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63117
20 CALL, Elizabeth  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63117
21 GLIDDEN, Rebecca  23 Jun 1808Dresden, Lincoln, ME I57249
22 GOODWIN, Abigail  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I38768
23 GRAY, Susannah  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I49198
24 HATHORNE, John  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I7398
25 JOHNSON, John  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37974
26 JOHNSON, John  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37974
27 JOHNSON, Rebecca  11 Jun 1880Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37979
28 JOHNSON, Samuel Goodwin  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37976
29 JOHNSON, Samuel Goodwin  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37976
30 JOHNSON, Samuel Goodwin  1840Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37976
31 JOHNSON, Samuel Goodwin  1850Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37976
32 JOHNSON, Samuel Goodwin  1860Dresden, Lincoln, ME I37976
33 KIDDER, Richard  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63152
34 KIDDER, Richard  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63152
35 LEWIS, William  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63114
36 LEWIS, William  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63114
37 LEWIS, William  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63114
38 LIBBY, Samuel  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I38892
39 LILLEY, George  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63603
40 LILLEY, George  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63603
41 LILLEY, George  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63603
42 LINES, Rebecca  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58658
43 LINES, Thomas  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I58661
44 MARSON, Sybil  19 May 1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I56669
45 MAYER, Elizabeth  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61025
46 MAYER, Elizabeth  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61025
47 MAYER, Elizabeth  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61025
48 MAYER, George  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61035
49 MAYER, George  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61026
50 MAYER, George  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61026
51 MAYER, George  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61026
52 MAYER, Ludwig Casmir  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I60851
53 MAYER, Ludwig Casmir  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I60851
54 MAYER, Phillip  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61023
55 MAYER, Phillip  20 Aug 1803Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61023
56 MAYER, Phillip  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61023
57 MAYER, Phillip  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I61023
58 MCGOWAN, John  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63144
59 MCGOWAN, John  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63144
60 MORTON, Rebecca  13 Mar 1816Dresden, Lincoln, ME I53347
61 NASON, Abigail  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I60092
62 NASON, Abigail  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I60092
63 NASON, Abigail  1820Dresden, Lincoln, ME I60092
64 NASON, Abigail  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I60092
65 NASON, Abigail  1840Dresden, Lincoln, ME I60092
66 PLUMMER, Mary  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I51598
67 PLUMMER, Nancy  1810Dresden, Lincoln, ME I51602
68 REED, Amos  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63191
69 REED, Mehitable  1830Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63604
70 RITTAL, Mary  1840Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63093
71 STILPHEN, George  1800Dresden, Lincoln, ME I63092
72 TERRY, Susannah  1810?Dresden, Lincoln, ME I52028


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CROCKER / GLIDDEN  23 Jun 1808Dresden, Lincoln, ME F18235
2 JOHNSON / BOWMAN  22 Feb 1837Dresden, Lincoln, ME F11568
3 JOHNSON / HALL  8 Dec 1816Dresden, Lincoln, ME F11029
4 LILLY / JOHNSON  1 Jan 1807Dresden, Lincoln, ME F11027


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    _MARI    Family ID 
1 CROCKER / GLIDDEN  15 Apr 1808Dresden, Lincoln, ME F18235
2 MEAGHER / LINES  11 Mar 1811Dresden, Lincoln, ME F19732