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Canterbury, York, NB



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CALLNAN, Catherine  27 Jun 1854Canterbury, York, NB I2888
2 CUNNINGHAM, Andrew  30 Nov 1859Canterbury, York, NB I2909
3 DONOVAN, Katherine  30 Jun 1873Canterbury, York, NB I2868
4 DONOVAN, Mary  Canterbury, York, NB I2896
5 GRANT, Cora Verna  1899Canterbury, York, NB I1598
6 GRANT, George  Canterbury, York, NB I34143
7 GRANT, Shirley Belle  [1909]Canterbury, York, NB I34142
8 KELLEY, Mary A  Canterbury, York, NB I2857
9 MCALLISTER, Mary Elizabeth  8 Oct 1882Canterbury, York, NB I2883
10 MCGILLICUDDY, Agnes Bridget  19 Sep 1893Canterbury, York, NB I2907
11 MCGILLICUDDY, Catherine Agatha  31 Oct 1882Canterbury, York, NB I2889
12 MCGILLICUDDY, Daniel Gordon  1 Jun 1893Canterbury, York, NB I2893
13 MCGILLICUDDY, Ethel  28 Jul 1897Canterbury, York, NB I2897
14 MCGILLICUDDY, James Walter  27 Feb 1889Canterbury, York, NB I2892
15 MCGILLICUDDY, John  21 Feb 1847Canterbury, York, NB I2834
16 MCGILLICUDDY, Lawrence  19 Sep 1893Canterbury, York, NB I2908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARRY, Margaret  8 Mar 1897Canterbury, York, NB I2830
2 DONOVAN, Mary  19 Sep 1893Canterbury, York, NB I2896
3 MCGILLICUDDY, Maurice D  Canterbury, York, NB I2836


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MAGUIRE, Charles E  Canterbury, York, NB I9759
2 MAGUIRE, Jack M  Canterbury, York, NB I21449
3 MAGUIRE, James W  Canterbury, York, NB I21450
4 ROSS, Annie F  Canterbury, York, NB I21435


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CAVENDAR, Annie Legora  [1880]Canterbury, York, NB I2865
2 CAVENDAR, Mary Ellen  [1870]Canterbury, York, NB I2862
3 CUNNINGHAM, Andrew  [1860]Canterbury, York, NB I2909
4 KELLEY, Mary A  1842Canterbury, York, NB I2857
5 MCGILLICUDDY, Catherine Agatha  31 Oct 1881Canterbury, York, NB I2889
6 MCGILLICUDDY, Daniel Gordon  [1892]Canterbury, York, NB I2893


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BARRY, Margaret  1861Canterbury, York, NB I2830
2 BARRY, Margaret  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2830
3 BARRY, Margaret  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2830
4 BARRY, Margaret  27 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2830
5 BARRY, Margaret  8 Mar 1897Canterbury, York, NB I2830
6 BARTLETT, Abigail  1861Canterbury, York, NB I44754
7 BARTLETT, Abigail  1871Canterbury, York, NB I44754
8 CALLNAN, Catherine  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2888
9 CALLNAN, Catherine  27 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2888
10 CALLNAN, Catherine  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2888
11 CAVENDAR, Agatha  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2869
12 CAVENDAR, Agatha  28 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2869
13 CAVENDAR, Annie Legora  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2865
14 CAVENDAR, Annie Legora  28 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2865
15 CAVENDAR, Elizabeth  1881Canterbury, York, NB I8392
16 CAVENDAR, Elizabeth  28 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I8392
17 CAVENDAR, Jane  1881Canterbury, York, NB I8391
18 CAVENDAR, John P  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2867
19 CAVENDAR, John P  28 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2867
20 CAVENDAR, Margaret  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2866
21 CAVENDAR, Margaret  28 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2866
22 CAVENDAR, Mary Ellen  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2862
23 CAVENDAR, Mary Ellen  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2862
24 CAVENDAR, Mary Ellen  28 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2862
25 CAVENDAR, Mary Ellen  5 Jul 1893Canterbury, York, NB I2862
26 CAVENDAR, William  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2861
27 CAVENDAR, William  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2861
28 CAVENDAR, William  28 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2861
29 DENNING, Bernard  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18824
30 DENNING, Bernard  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18821
31 DENNING, Catherine  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18818
32 DENNING, Daniel  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18815
33 DENNING, Ellen  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18825
34 DENNING, James  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18817
35 DENNING, Mary  1861Canterbury, York, NB I2858
36 DENNING, Mary  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2858
37 DENNING, Mary  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2858
38 DENNING, Mary Anne  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18823
39 DENNING, Neil  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18814
40 DENNING, Patrick  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18812
41 DENNING, Ruth  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18826
42 DENNING, William  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18816
43 DONOVAN, Mary  2 Feb 1884Canterbury, York, NB I2896
44 DONOVAN, Mary  27 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2896
45 DONOVAN, Mary  19 Sep 1893Canterbury, York, NB I2896
46 DOW, Arthur  3 Jun 1901Canterbury, York, NB I17493
47 DOW, James E  1901Canterbury, York, NB I17490
48 DOW, Llewellyn Luther  3 Jun 1901Canterbury, York, NB I17491
49 DOW, Louise  3 Jun 1901Canterbury, York, NB I20969
50 DOW, Marion  3 Jun 1901Canterbury, York, NB I17494
51 DOW, Nevers S  3 Jun 1901Canterbury, York, NB I5036
52 DOW, Phyllis  3 Jun 1901Canterbury, York, NB I17495
53 ELLENDER, Jane  1861Canterbury, York, NB I29479
54 FARROW, Ruth  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18822
55 HARRIGAN, Ellen  1861Canterbury, York, NB I18813
56 HEYLETT, Jeannie  3 Jun 1901Canterbury, York, NB I5048
57 KNOWLES, Eliza  1901Canterbury, York, NB I17489
58 MACKEY, William Godfrey  Canterbury, York, NB I7426
59 MACKEY, William Godfrey  9 Apr 1901Canterbury, York, NB I7426
60 MCALLISTER, Agnes  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2887
61 MCALLISTER, Anna G  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2886
62 MCALLISTER, Anna G  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2886
63 MCALLISTER, Anna G  13 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2886
64 MCALLISTER, Jennie Rebecca  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2881
65 MCALLISTER, Jennie Rebecca  13 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2881
66 MCALLISTER, John M  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2879
67 MCALLISTER, John M  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2879
68 MCALLISTER, John M  13 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2879
69 MCALLISTER, John Medley  13 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2885
70 MCALLISTER, John Medley  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2885
71 MCALLISTER, Mary Elizabeth  13 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2883
72 MCALLISTER, Mary Elizabeth  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2883
73 MCALLISTER, Thomas H  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2882
74 MCALLISTER, Thomas H  13 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2882
75 MCALLISTER, Thomas H  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2882
76 MCCANNA, Sarah  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2895
77 MCGILLICUDDY, Agnes Bridget  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2907
78 MCGILLICUDDY, Ann  27 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2905
79 MCGILLICUDDY, Ann  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2905
80 MCGILLICUDDY, Catherine Agatha  27 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2889
81 MCGILLICUDDY, Catherine Agatha  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2889
82 MCGILLICUDDY, Cornelius  1861Canterbury, York, NB I2831
83 MCGILLICUDDY, Cornelius  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2831
84 MCGILLICUDDY, Daniel  1861Canterbury, York, NB I2829
85 MCGILLICUDDY, Daniel  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2829
86 MCGILLICUDDY, Daniel  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2829
87 MCGILLICUDDY, Daniel Gordon  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2893
88 MCGILLICUDDY, Elizabeth A  27 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2902
89 MCGILLICUDDY, Elizabeth A  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2902
90 MCGILLICUDDY, Ethel  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2897
91 MCGILLICUDDY, Gertrude J  27 Apr 1891Canterbury, York, NB I2903
92 MCGILLICUDDY, Gertrude J  1 Apr 1901Canterbury, York, NB I2903
93 MCGILLICUDDY, Irene Margaret  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2906
94 MCGILLICUDDY, James  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2878
95 MCGILLICUDDY, James Henry  1861Canterbury, York, NB I2832
96 MCGILLICUDDY, James Henry  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2832
97 MCGILLICUDDY, James Henry  1881Canterbury, York, NB I2832
98 MCGILLICUDDY, James Walter  1901Canterbury, York, NB I2892
99 MCGILLICUDDY, John  1861Canterbury, York, NB I2834
100 MCGILLICUDDY, John  1871Canterbury, York, NB I2834

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