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Blissfield, Northumberland, NB



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOYCE, Bridget  9 Oct 1826Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
2 MACDONALD, Nancy Agnes  [1875]Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16959
3 MCDONALD, Charles Earl  26 Nov 1907Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16972
4 MCDONALD, Clarissa Kathleen  31 Jan 1905Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16970
5 MCDONALD, Lochiel Alexander  30 Apr 1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16971
6 MCDONALD, Margaret Susan  11 Oct 1902Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16969
7 MORAN, Anastasia  20 Feb 1895Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8757
8 MORAN, Bridget Beatrice  24 Nov 1889Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8754
9 MORAN, Francis Bernard  5 May 1903Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9490
10 MORAN, James Rodger  30 Apr 1893Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8756
11 MORAN, Mary Lucy  23 May 1891Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8755
12 MORAN, Sarah Gertrude  4 Aug 1872Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4845
13 MORAN, Thomas Stephen  Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4840
14 MORAN, William Patrick  3 Apr 1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9493


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOYCE, Bridget  30 Nov 1916Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
2 CASNEY, Ann  27 Jul 1876Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8817
3 MORAN, James  22 Nov 1904Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4818


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOWES, John William  Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9999
2 MCDONALD, Charles Angus  Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16968
3 MORAN, Bridget Beatrice  [1890]Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8754
4 MORAN, John Alexander  17 Dec 1899Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8758
5 MORAN, Lucy Clementine  Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4843
6 MORAN, Mary Lucy  [1892]Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8755
7 MORAN, Thomas Stephen  [1859]Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4840


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Caroline  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9313
2 Catherine  20 Apr 1891Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9359
3 BAMFORD, John Thomas  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I46969
4 BEEK, Ada Jane  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9578
5 BEEK, Alexander  12 Oct 1864Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9572
6 BEEK, Alexander  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9572
7 BEEK, Alexander  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9572
8 BEEK, Alma  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9574
9 BEEK, Charles Freeman  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9581
10 BEEK, Frank  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9576
11 BEEK, Henry  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9579
12 BEEK, Henry  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9579
13 BEEK, Ida Blanch  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9577
14 BEEK, Kenneth  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9580
15 BEEK, Sarah Eve  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9575
16 BEEK, Susie  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9582
17 BOWES, John William  17 Jul 1906Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9999
18 BOWES, Margaret  17 Jul 1906Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I39221
19 BOYCE, Bridget  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
20 BOYCE, Bridget  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
21 BOYCE, Bridget  1871Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
22 BOYCE, Bridget  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
23 BOYCE, Bridget  10 Apr 1891Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
24 BOYCE, Bridget  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
25 BOYCE, Bridget  30 Nov 1916Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4819
26 BUDD, Caleb Leavitt  17 Jun 1833Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I37710
27 BURKE, Mary Elizabeth  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16962
28 CARROLL, Albert  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9292
29 CARROLL, Alexander  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9288
30 CARROLL, Bryan  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9291
31 CARROLL, Charles  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9241
32 CARROLL, Edward  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8824
33 CARROLL, Edward  5 Feb 1878Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8824
34 CARROLL, Edward  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8824
35 CARROLL, Elizabeth  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9293
36 CARROLL, Elizabeth  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9293
37 CARROLL, John  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8825
38 CARROLL, John  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8825
39 CARROLL, John Thomas  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9314
40 CARROLL, Mary  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8819
41 CARROLL, Mary  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8819
42 CARROLL, Michael  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8820
43 CARROLL, Michael  1 Jul 1863Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8820
44 CARROLL, Michael  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8820
45 CARROLL, Michael  20 Apr 1891Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8820
46 CARROLL, Michael  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8820
47 CARROLL, Minnie  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9290
48 CARROLL, Patrick  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8823
49 CARROLL, Sarah Ann  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8821
50 CARROLL, Sarah Ann  12 Oct 1864Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8821
51 CARROLL, Sarah Ann  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8821
52 CARROLL, Sarah Ann  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8821
53 CARROLL, Thomas  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8822
54 CARROLL, Thomas  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8816
55 CARROLL, Thomas  1 Feb 1868Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8822
56 CARROLL, William  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8818
57 CARROLL, William  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8818
58 CARROLL, William  1871Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8818
59 CASNEY, Ann  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8817
60 CASNEY, Ann  9 Dec 1860Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8817
61 COLFORD, Catherine  21 Sep 1877Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9677
62 COLHANE, Cornelius  9 Dec 1860Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9549
63 COLHANE, Cornelius  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9549
64 DWYER, Abigail  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9318
65 DWYER, Frances  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9319
66 DWYER, Jane  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9320
67 DWYER, John  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9315
68 DWYER, Margaret S  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9317
69 DWYER, Mary Ann  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9321
70 DWYER, Rebecca  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9323
71 DWYER, Stephen  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9322
72 HENRY, Mary  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4830
73 KANE, Catherine A  10 Apr 1891Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8753
74 KANE, Catherine A  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8753
75 MACDONALD, Nancy Agnes  16 Jun 1915Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16959
76 MCDONALD, Alexander  20 Apr 1891Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9360
77 MCDONALD, Alexander  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9360
78 MCDONALD, Charles Angus  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I16968
79 MCDONALD, Floro  1 Jul 1863Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9287
80 MCDONALD, Floro  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9287
81 MCDONALD, Floro  20 Apr 1891Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9287
82 MCDONALD, Floro  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9287
83 MCELWELL, Mary E  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4844
84 MCKINNON, Elizabeth Martha  1 Feb 1868Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I9404
85 MORAN, Anastasia  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8757
86 MORAN, Annie M  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4846
87 MORAN, Bridget Beatrice  10 Apr 1891Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8754
88 MORAN, Bridget Beatrice  1901Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8754
89 MORAN, Bridget Beatrice  30 Aug 1911Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I8754
90 MORAN, Bridget Theresa  1871Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4842
91 MORAN, Bridget Theresa  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4842
92 MORAN, Bridget Theresa  15 Aug 1893Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4842
93 MORAN, Elizabeth E  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4841
94 MORAN, Elizabeth E  1871Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4841
95 MORAN, Elizabeth E  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4841
96 MORAN, James  1851Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4818
97 MORAN, James  1861Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4818
98 MORAN, James  1867/1868Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4818
99 MORAN, James  1871Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4818
100 MORAN, James  1881Blissfield, Northumberland, NB I4818

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARROLL / AMOS  6 Jun 1942Blissfield, Northumberland, NB F2838