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Blackville, Northumberland, NB



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARBO, Jeremiah  Blackville, Northumberland, NB I33252
2 BUGGIE, John Arthur  30 Jan 1902Blackville, Northumberland, NB I39195
3 BUGGIE, Leo Bazil  2 Dec 1905Blackville, Northumberland, NB I39196
4 BUGGIE, Thomas Edward  22 Jun 1908Blackville, Northumberland, NB I39192
5 BUGGIE, William Cecil  20 Oct 1909Blackville, Northumberland, NB I39197
6 BURKE, James S  7 Feb 1894Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16989
7 CARROLL, John  [1853]Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9279
8 CARROLL, Maude Mae  8 May 1882Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9682
9 CLOSE, Anna Genevieve  5 Apr 1906Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9669
10 CLOSE, Charles Francis  18 Feb 1895Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9662
11 CLOSE, Isaac Bernard  17 Mar 1893Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9661
12 CLOSE, John Robert  21 Sep 1876Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9653
13 CLOSE, Margaret Agnes  7 Jun 1902Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9670
14 CLOSE, Mary Rose  7 Jun 1902Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9668
15 COLFORD, Ellen  Blackville, Northumberland, NB I33253
16 HENNESSY, Patrick Joseph  [1884]Blackville, Northumberland, NB I10277
17 HOGAN, Joseph Melvin  1 May 1869Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8800
18 HOGAN, Martin Daniel  1 May 1894Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16981
19 HOGAN, Mary Ann  14 May 1858Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8798
20 NOONAN, Thomas  [1857]Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9851
21 WALSH, John  28 Jul 1856Blackville, Northumberland, NB I4850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CARROLL, John  May 1870Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8857
2 CARROLL, John  10 Jun 1888Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9279
3 COLFORD, Lucy  13 Mar 1926Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8766
4 HOGAN, James  1 May 1919Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9637
5 HOGAN, Mary Ann  22 Feb 1933Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8798
6 MORAN, Thomas  7 Dec 1893Blackville, Northumberland, NB I4803
7 WALSH, Patrick  19 Apr 1928Blackville, Northumberland, NB I4851


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WALSH, John  9 Oct 1930Blackville, Northumberland, NB I4850


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLFORD, Lucy  13 Jun 1867Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8766
2 HOGAN, James  [1841]Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9637
3 HOGAN, James Edward  [1862]Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8801
4 HOGAN, Mary Ann  8 Jul 1857Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8798
5 MORAN, Thomas  1847Blackville, Northumberland, NB I4831
6 WALSH, Patrick  Blackville, Northumberland, NB I4822


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Nancy  1851Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8856
2 Nancy  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8856
3 ARBO, Emma  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8787
4 BROPHY, Fenton  15 Aug 1893Blackville, Northumberland, NB I39206
5 BURKE, Anne Frances  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16964
6 BURKE, Anne Frances  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16964
7 BURKE, Anne Frances  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16964
8 BURKE, Bridget C  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16963
9 BURKE, Bridget C  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16963
10 BURKE, Bridget C  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16963
11 BURKE, Catherine  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16965
12 BURKE, Catherine  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16965
13 BURKE, Clara  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16967
14 BURKE, Clara  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16967
15 BURKE, David  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16961
16 BURKE, David  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16961
17 BURKE, David  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16961
18 BURKE, Frances Elizabeth  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16990
19 BURKE, Frances Elizabeth  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16990
20 BURKE, James S  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16989
21 BURKE, James S  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16989
22 BURKE, John  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I17000
23 BURKE, John  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I17000
24 BURKE, Joseph  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16987
25 BURKE, Joseph  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16966
26 BURKE, Joseph  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16987
27 BURKE, Joseph  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16966
28 BURKE, Joseph  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16987
29 BURKE, Joseph  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16966
30 BURKE, Margaret  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16984
31 BURKE, Margaret  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16984
32 BURKE, Margaret  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16984
33 BURKE, Mary  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16985
34 BURKE, Mary  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16985
35 BURKE, Mary Elizabeth  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16962
36 BURKE, Mary Elizabeth  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16962
37 BURKE, Patrick  1871Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16960
38 BURKE, Patrick  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16960
39 BURKE, Patrick  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16960
40 BURKE, Patrick Daniel  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16988
41 BURKE, Patrick Daniel  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16988
42 BURKE, Patrick Daniel  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16988
43 BURKE, Thomas  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16983
44 BURKE, Thomas  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16983
45 BURKE, Thomas  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16983
46 BURKE, William  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16986
47 BURKE, William  1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9709
48 BURKE, William  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16986
49 BURKE, William  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9709
50 BURKE, William  1911Blackville, Northumberland, NB I16986
51 BURNS, Elizabeth  10 Apr 1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9635
52 BURNS, Elizabeth  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9635
53 BURNS, Frank  10 Apr 1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9634
54 BURNS, Frank  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9634
55 BURNS, Henry  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9628
56 BURNS, Henry  10 Apr 1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9628
57 BURNS, Henry  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9628
58 BURNS, Joseph  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9633
59 BURNS, Joseph  10 Apr 1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9633
60 BURNS, Joseph  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9633
61 BURNS, Mary E  10 Apr 1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9636
62 BURNS, Mary E  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9636
63 BURNS, Patrick  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9631
64 BURNS, Peter  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9630
65 BURNS, Peter  10 Apr 1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9630
66 BURNS, William  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9632
67 BURNS, William  10 Apr 1891Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9632
68 CARROLL, Ann  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9679
69 CARROLL, Bridget  1851Blackville, Northumberland, NB I4800
70 CARROLL, Catherine  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9281
71 CARROLL, Daniel  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9207
72 CARROLL, Daniel  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9207
73 CARROLL, Donald  1851Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8855
74 CARROLL, Donald  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8855
75 CARROLL, Edward  1851Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8858
76 CARROLL, Edward  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8858
77 CARROLL, Edward  1871Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8858
78 CARROLL, Edward  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9282
79 CARROLL, Edward  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8858
80 CARROLL, Ida I  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9678
81 CARROLL, James  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9244
82 CARROLL, James  21 Sep 1877Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9244
83 CARROLL, James  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9244
84 CARROLL, John  1851Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8857
85 CARROLL, John  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9279
86 CARROLL, John  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8857
87 CARROLL, John  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9279
88 CARROLL, Margaret  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9280
89 CARROLL, Margaret  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9280
90 CARROLL, Mary  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9312
91 CARROLL, Mary  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9312
92 CARROLL, Mary  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9312
93 CARROLL, Mary A  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9284
94 CARROLL, Mary P  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9286
95 CARROLL, Nancy  1851Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8860
96 CARROLL, Nancy  1861Blackville, Northumberland, NB I8860
97 CARROLL, Wihama  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9285
98 CARROLL, William Henry  1881Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9283
99 CASHEN, Jane Blanch  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9644
100 CLOSE, Annie Grace  1901Blackville, Northumberland, NB I9657

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Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUGGIE / FURLONG  23 Mar 1946Blackville, Northumberland, NB F11524
2 CREAMER / SCOTT  25 Nov 1925Blackville, Northumberland, NB F3046
3 MORAN / COLFORD  12 Oct 1920Blackville, Northumberland, NB F8346
4 MORAN / VICKERS  9 Sep 1926Blackville, Northumberland, NB F5131
5 WASHINGTON / WALSH  23 Feb 1876Blackville, Northumberland, NB F2870
6 WHALEN / CLOSE  20 Jul 1927Blackville, Northumberland, NB F2875