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[Waterbury, New Haven, CT]



Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HEALEY, Mary  24 Aug 1963[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11157
2 QUANE, Nora  12 Sep 1947[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11134


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 GRIFFIN, Bernard  31 May 1953[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11227
2 GRIFFIN, Daniel Louis  20 Oct 1956[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11001
3 GRIFFIN, Peter F  30 Nov 1957[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11155
4 MADDEN, Bridget  13 Feb 1953[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10997
5 MCKENNA, Hannah  1 Apr 1947[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11204
6 WELCH, Bridget  9 Feb 1954[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10913


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 GRIFFIN, Catherine T  11 Apr 1927[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10983
2 GRIFFIN, Cornelius  4 Jun 1932[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11058
3 GRIFFIN, David F  5 Apr 1951[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11127
4 GRIFFIN, Helen C  10 Sep 1931[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11195
5 GRIFFIN, Honora  18 Sep 1929[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10971
6 GRIFFIN, James  10 Sep 1931[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11194
7 GRIFFIN, John J  21 Aug 1909[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10947
8 GRIFFIN, John Joseph  10 Sep 1931[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11192
9 GRIFFIN, Margaret  5 Apr 1951[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11128
10 GRIFFIN, Margaret M  77 Apr 1927[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10984
11 GRIFFIN, Mary  19 Sep 1929[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10969
12 GRIFFIN, Mary C  10 Sep 1931[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11193
13 GUILFOILE, Loretta  7 Feb 1958[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I19005
14 MCSWEENEY, Timothy  27 Dec 1902[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11256
15 RIORDAN, Catherine  27 Dec 1902[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10411
16 RIORDAN, Catherine  30 Nov 1912[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10411
17 STACK, Michael  18 Sep 1929[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11072
18 STACK, Robert  18 Sep 1929[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I11073
19 SWEENEY, Bartholomew Joseph  27 Dec 1902[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I18092
20 SWEENEY, Bartholomew Joseph  22 Aug 1906[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I18092
21 SWEENEY, Bartholomew Joseph  30 Nov 1912[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I18092
22 SWEENEY, Bartholomew Joseph  22 Apr 1915[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I18092
23 SWEENEY, Daniel Francis  27 Dec 1902[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I18091
24 SWEENEY, Daniel Francis  22 Aug 1906[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I18091
25 SWEENEY, Daniel Francis  30 Nov 1912[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I18091
26 SWEENEY, Daniel Francis  22 Apr 1915[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I18091
27 SWEENEY, Michael  27 Dec 1902[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10410
28 SWEENEY, Michael  22 Aug 1906[Waterbury, New Haven, CT] I10410