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Male Bef 1678 - 1725  (> 47 years)

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  • Name Richard POMEROY 
    Born Bef 1678 
    Gender Male 
    Died BY April 1725 
    Person ID I61447  4 February 2018
    Last Modified 9 Nov 2020 

    Father POMEROY 
    Family ID F20068  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family Deliverance BERRY,   d. BY 1725? 
    Married 14 Feb 1698 
     1. Richard POMEROY,   b. C 1700?,   d. BY 1761 ASSESS
     2. Elizabeth POMEROY,   b. Bef 1701,   d. Aft 1746  (Age > 47 years)
     3. Jane POMEROY,   b. 12 Feb 1702?,   d. 12 Apr 1784?, Georgetown, Lincoln, ME? Find all individuals with events at this location
     4. Benjamin POMEROY,   b. [1707],   d. Bef 1790 CENSUS?
     5. Deliverance POMEROY,   b. *[1704-1708],   d. 6 Jun 1734?, Kittery, York, ME? Find all individuals with events at this location
     6. Mary POMEROY,   b. *[1704-1710],   d. [1748]
     7. William POMEROY,   b. *[1704-1710],   d. 12 May 1758, Eastern River, Frankfort [Pownalborough] Find all individuals with events at this location
     8. John POMEROY,   b. 1710S?,   d. Aft 1754
     9. Chelsea
    Family ID F19988  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Notes 
    • New Hampshire State Papers: Several early. 3:548 Richard Pumrey r Bloody Point, Dover petition with others 15 July 1713
      Rockingham County Land Records: Nil
      Suffolk County Common Pleas Court: Nil
      Suffolk County Registry Books: Nil
      York County Court Records -1760: Nil

      Other children would not be of age in 1725, that is to say born after 1704. No other quit claim deeds to John Knight found.
      John Pomeroy is probably not a son.
      Benjamin calls William a brother in 1784 deposition.
      Robert: Deed 1725. "Eldest son"
      Elizabeth: Deed 1725
      Jane: Deed 1725

      Two successive baptisms in the Congregational records in North Yarmouth are of William Pomeroy and a child of Thomas Frank m Anna Babbage, Frank being a son of Thomas Frank m Rachel Pomeroy.
    • Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire
      p 561
      Richard Pomeroy. Fisherman. Shoals May 1660. In 1660 he failed to prosecute Richard Symmons who was given costs; in 1668 given due bill to Aaron Ferris, who succs sued him in 1670, in which year he made over his Hog Island plantation to Thomas Daniel for debt. At Hog Island 1672 with a new shallop built by John Seward, and acknowledged a paper as Mr "Pumry." Grand Jury 1674. Portsmouth tax abated March 1679-1680. Presumably he who witnessed for 8 [Thomas Pomeroy m Rebecca Brookings] and 9 [William Pomeroy m Elizabeth] 1683-4, but kinship can only be guessed at. Called "Sr" 1672, it might be assumed he had a son Richard.
      Possibly the same as:

      Richard Pomeroy. Newington. where one of the name owned land in 1689. In May 1694 he denied Elizabeth Twombley's charge, his bondsman Ens William Furber and John Bickford; the latter and Nathan Knight bondsmen, when he was ordered to support the child.
      Lists 60 [Province Treasurer's Account 1693], 343 [Parish Meeting 21 January 1712/13 Newington]
      He married 14 February 1697/8 Deliverance Berry (see 9); dead in May 1725 when 3 children sold in Newington to John Knight
      Richard Pomeroy. Falmouth. "Oldest son," but no other found. Had wife Hannah.
      Elizabeth Pomeroy m in Newington 1 March 1720/1 Nathan Spinney. One Elizabeth Pomeroy m John Marsh in Greenlaw 20 May 1714.
      Jane Pomeroy. Newington. of age and single in 1725
      Deliverance Pomeroy. Apparently not the widow. m Oyster River 12 September 1728 Joseph Wormwood.
    • Rockingham County Registry of Deeds

      Volume 14 Page 2122
      Jane Pomery spinster Newington
      Capt John Night gentleman Newington
      6 pounds
      20 acres in Newington described
      which land was late of estate of Richard Pomery
      21 April 1725
      Jane Pomry [Her mark]
      Wit: Clement Hughes, Willm Knight
      Recorded 3 April 1725

      Volume 14 Page 234
      Richard Pomry Falmouth eldest son of Richard Pumry late of Newington yeoman
      John Knight gentleman Newington
      19 10 -
      20 acres in Newington
      being the proper estate of his said father Richard Pomry Decd
      18 May 1725
      Richard Pomory
      Wit: John Hamond, Nathan Spinney, Hannah Hammons
      Received 19 May 1725

      Volume 14 Page 211
      Nathan Speney husbandman Kittery and wife Elizabeth
      Capt John Night gentleman Newington
      6 pounds
      land in Newington
      20 acres
      which tract or parcell of land was late the estate of Richard Pomory late of Newington aforesaid deceased who was father to the said Elizabeth Spiney
      21 April 1725
      Nathan Spiney
      Elizabeth Spiney [Her mark]
      Wot: Clement Hughes, Willm Knght
      Received 3 May 1725
    • New Hampshire Wills and Probate Card Index

      Agnes Pumery now Agnes Mathes
      see Agnes Mathes widow Portsmouth
      8 February 1720/1
      Pomreis Land 1671 Volume 3 Page 781
      Goodman Pomrey's land Volume 3 Page 78a
      Pomryes Cove 1664 Volume 3 Page 106b
      Abigall Pomrey daughter of Joseph bound to John Bowman 27 June 1676 Volume 5 Page 16
      Agnis Gerrish alias Pumery House inhabited by 26 April 1694 Volume 5 Page 73
      Eleazer Pomeroy r Northfield, Mass to Joseph Burt
      share of land on Concord (Lisbon)
      16 August 1763
      Volume 10 Page 230
      Elizabeth Pomry witness 1672 Volume 3 Page 68a
      Elizabeth Pomy widow administratrix Joseph Pomry Estate 30 June 1674, 30 December Volume 5 Page 6
      Jane Pomery r Newington to John Knight land in Newington 21 April 1725 Volume 14 Page 212
      John Pomrey son o Joseph aged 5 years the 20 of January last 27 June 1676 Volume 5 Page 16
      Joseph Pomrey r Isles of Sholes and John Banfield r Portsmouth from Abraham Corbett r Kittery
      land and building at Strawberry Bank Portsmouth 14 June 1669 Volume 3 Page 26a
      Joseph Pomry Estate administration granted to Elizabeth widow 30 June 1674
      Inventory of 82 7 - Volume 5 Page 6
      Joseph Pomery Estate
      inventory taken after his wife's decease 77 15 - Number 41
      Volume 1 Page 150
      Joseph Pomry and Eliz estate of Administration granted to John Hunking Volume 5 Page 6
      30 December 1674
      Joseph Pomry Estate administration grated to John Pickering 29 June 1675 Volume 5 Page 9
      Joseph Pomry two children one "putt to goodm: Bowmans of Portsmo to Nurse & Keepe" "the other child whch Mr Jno Hunking hath taken to Keep as his own" Volume 5 Page 9 29 June 1675
      Children mentioned 30 December 1674 Volume 5 Page 6
      Jos Pomrey two children John aged 5 bound to John Hunking & Abigall a young child bound to John Bowman Volume 5 page 16 27 June 1676
      Joseph Pomrey estate Jno Pickerin made oath unto the inventory Court orders that John Bowman who tooke one of sd Pomreys children shall have 12 pounds Volume 5 Page 18 27 June 1676
      Jopseph Pomeroy Estate by Admin John Pickerin to Phillip Tuker r Isles of Shoales
      land pomrey and John Banfield bough ot Abraham Corbet also house
      14 October 1677 Volume 3 Page 131b
      Medad Pomeroy r Northfield, Mass to Joseph Burt r Westoreland
      share of land in Concord (Lisbon)
      9 November 1763
      Volume 105 Page 230
      Rebecka Pomerie wife of Tho daughter of Wm and Mary Brookein 4 July 1679 Volume 4 Page 43b
      Rich Pomry Aron Feris
      verdict for plantiff
      Volume 2 Page 160
      28 June 1670
      Rich Pomry grand juror Court of Portsmouth Volume Page 1
      Rich Pomroy Sr confest a judgment of sum dure John Seaward Volume 5 Page 3
      30 June 1674
      Richard Pumery witness Volume 4 Page 43b
      Richard Pomery land of Volume 6 page 309 1689
      Richard Pomory r Falmouth, York oldest son of Richard Pury late of Newington to John Knight Newington
      land in Newington 18 May 1725
      Volume 14 Page 234
      Robert Pomroy witness Volume 4 page 16
      Seth Pomeroy r North Hampton from Israel Calkin r Walpole
      land and buildings in Walpole
      26 November 1762
      Volum 64 Page 536
      Sham Pomeroy r Northfield, Mass to Joseph Burth r Northfield
      land in Concord (Lisbon)
      16 December 1763 Volume 106 Page 543
      Thomas and Rebecka Pumerie after their decease Thomas Pumerie Jr
      from William and Mary Brookein
      land in Sagamore Creek Portsmouth
      for bounds see under date 11 October 1684 same page
      4 July 1679 Volume 4 Page 43b
      Thomas Pumery r Portsmouth and Rebecca Rouse mother of said Pumery
      to Thomas Rouse r Portsmouth
      land and house in Portsmouth
      10 December 1696
      Volume 9 Page 643
      Theo Pomeroy No Pub in Uppr Shadwell near London Volume 6 Page 158 1697
      Thomas Pumroy estate Portsmouth
      letter of administration to Rebecca Rouse formrly widow of Thomas
      6 June 1713/4
      Volume 7 Page 126 also Volume 5 Page 133
      Thomas Pummery estate Inventory No 414
      Volume 6 Page 507
      Thomas Pumroy Estate
      Susanna ae 13
      Tho ae 11
      Rebcca ae 9
      Wm ae 9
      Richd ae 2
      Eliza ae 5mo
      No 414
    • Readex Newspaper Database University of Maine Folger Library

      There are also John Pomeroy and Ebenezer Pomeroy in the early 1700s.

      * * *
      Advertisement page [2], iss. 1061
      Date May 28, 1724
      Boston News-Letter (published as The BOSTON News-Letter.)
      Place(s) of Publication Boston, Massachusetts

      Whereas Robert Brock aged about Eighteen Years, short Hair, Pock Fretten, did on the 26th Instant, desert from his Master Capt Richard Pomeroy of the Eagle Galley; These are therefore to defise all Masters of Vessels not to entertain the said Brock, but to send him to his said Master at Capt Greenough's Wharff, and they shall be well rewarded. PS He had on when he left his Master a Pee Jacket, and a Hat cut round; He is a Sailmaker by Trade: The Gentlemen of that business are desired not to employ him.

      * * *
      Boston page [2], iss. 4
      Date October 18, 1731
      Weekly Rehearsal (published as The Weekly Rehearsal.)
      Place(s) of Publication Boston, Massachusetts

      The Small Pox was discovered here the last Week, and is now at Mr Brooks's at the Head of the Town Dock, at Mr Beale's in Charter Street near Dr Archibalds, and at Capt Pomeroy's next Door to Mrs Gilbert's. The Select Men of the Town have taken Care to place Guards at these Houses, to prevent the spreading of the Infection.

      * * *
      Shipping News page [2], iss. 1065
      Date June 25, 1724
      Boston News-Letter (published as The BOSTON News-Letter.)
      Place(s) of Publication Boston, Massachusetts

      Shipping News
      cleared Out...Rich. Pomroy...for Barbadoes

      * * *
      Advertisement page [2], iss. 619
      Date November 8, 1731
      Boston Gazette (published as THE Boston Gazette)
      Place(s) of Publication Boston, Massachusetts

      Boston Nov 8 1731
      Yesterday two Persons were taken with the Small Pox of the Dolphin Tavern, and one of Capt Pomroy's Children, the Family first visited. There are upon the best Information, four Persons in Town now sick of the said Distemper, viz the two abovementioned, a Woman near Capt Bulfinch's and a Child at the Botton of the Common
      By Order of the Select Men