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Male Bef 1739 - Bef 1790 CENSUS?

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  • Name Joshua CHAMBERLAIN 
    Born Bef 1739 
    Gender Male 
    Residence Pownalborough, Lincoln, ME Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Residence 6 Nov 1759  Frankfort, York, ME Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • Massachusetts Card Index

      Joshua Chamberlin
      6 November 1759
      Frankfort petition
      Volume 117 Page 542
    Residence 15 Mar 1762  Pownalborough, Lincoln, ME Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Residence 19 Oct 1764  Alna, Lincoln, ME Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Residence 13 Sep 1777  Balltown, Lincoln, ME Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Residence June 1778  Above the great falls, Sheepscot River New Milford/Alna Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Residence 24 Jul 1783  Norridgewalk, Lincoln, ME Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Residence 4 Feb 1784  Lincoln, ME Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Residence May 1784  Seven Mile Brook [Anson], Lincoln, ME Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Died Bef 1790 CENSUS? 
    Person ID I59955  4 February 2018
    Last Modified 1 Apr 2021 

    Family Hannah PREBLE?,   d. Bef 1800 CENSUS? 
    Married C 1750? 
    Married BY 1764 
     1. Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN,   b. *[1751-1755],   d. 20 Nov 1832
    Family ID F19373  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

  • Documents
    Military Service of Balltown Men During the American Revolution
    Military Service of Balltown Men During the American Revolution

  • Notes 
    • The Joshua Chamberlain in Orrington/Brewer/Bangor was born about 1770.

      Pownalborough 1766: Nil
      Pownalborough 1771: Nil
      Pownalborough 1777: Nil
      Balltown 1791: Nil
      Ballstown-West: p9 sold land in Alna 19 Oct 1764 moved to Whitefield....June 1778 sold to Moses Cooper...possibly moved to Sandy River
      Maine Revolutionary Land Bounty: Checked
      Revolutionary Pension: Nil
      Lincoln County Probate Published: Sarah Chamberlain d Henry Hunter r Bristol w 1798
      Lincoln County Probate Index: Nil
      Kennebec County Probate Index: Nil
      Census 1790: Nil Lincoln County
      Kennebec Deeds: Nil
      Somerset Deeds: Index not available.
      Maine Soldiers and Sailors: Joshua Chamberain r Pownalborough. Joshua Chamberlin r Ballstown
      New Hampshire State Papers: granted 1752 Westmorland
      Readex: Nil

      Rachel Chamberlain of Sandy River married John Ball s Samuel Ball,who Joshua Chamberlain sold Pownalborough land to, at Pownalborough in 1784. She is said to be a daughter of John Chamberlain m Mary Patch.

      Some say b 1731 Rye s William Chamberlain m Mary Rand.

      Some sayd Whitefield

      There is Moses Chamberland s John Chamberlain m Mary Patch who r at Norridgewock, served under Michael Jackson and filed for pension.
    • Massachusetts Soldiers Sailors Revolutionary War

      MSS 3:257: Pownalborough. Capt John Skillin's co, Ebenezer Francis's regt; subsistence allowed from date of enlistment 13 January 1777 to time of arrival at Bennington, credited with 69 days allowance. Roll sworn to 26 February 1777.
      MSS 3:267 Chamberlin. Balltown. Return of men enlisted or drafted into Continental Army from Col Joseph North's 2d Lincoln County Regiment, dated Gardnerstown 2 Feb 1778 r Bawltown e Bawltown 3 years
      Muster/payrolls, and various papers (1763-1808) of the Revolutionary War [Massachusetts and Rhode Island]
      Authors: Massachusetts. Secretary of State
      Vol. 43, Enlistment rolls, bounties, officers 1775-1781
      Family History Library
      United States & Canada Film
      Volume 43 Page 159
      The Names of the Men engaged in Service. The Towns they belong to. The Towns for which inlisted or hired. The Captains Names under which they inlisted. The Serjents Names under which they serve. The Time for which they engaged.
      [?]ro Perrom. Bowltown. Bawltn. Davis. Wiggles. 3 years.
      [Jam]es Shepard. do do do do do
      Joshua Chamber. do do Unknown. Unknown. do
      John Bawl. do do Baly do do
      Willm Carr. [same]
      Prince Rogers
      Joseph Bartlet
      Ezekl Starns do do unknown do do
      Benj Kinney
      Steph Grover
      John Glidden

      Gadinerston Feb 2d 1778
      Joseph North Coln
      2d Regiment in the County of Lincoln
      Acts and Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Volume 2
      By Massachusetts
      p 818
      1783 January Session
      ...Joshua Chamberlain, of a place called Seven Mile Brook.
      Acts and Resolves Passed by the General Court
      By Massachusetts
      p 207
      1784 May Session
      Resolve on the Petition of Oliver Wood Esq, Reversing the Judgment and Directing a New Trial
      On the petition of Oliver Wood, of Norridgwalk plantation, in the county of Lincoln Esq: praying that the judgment obtained against him at the Court of Common Pleas held at Pownalborough, in and for the county of Lincoln, for two hundred and fifty pounds, in an action of the case brought against him by one Joshua Chamberlain, of a place called Seven Mile Brook, may be set aside and a new trial ordered thereon, for reasons set forth in his said petition.
    • Lincoln County Registry Books Grantors -1800

      Volume 1 Page 286 [164/551] Joshua Chamberlain husbandman Pownalborough and wife Hannah to Samuel Ball husbandman Pownalborough 15 March 1762 land in Pownalborough

      Land records v. 8-9 1770-1773
      Family History Library
      United States & Canada 2nd Floor Film
      Volume 8 page 145
      Joshua Chamberlain husbandman Pownalborough
      John Plummer husbandmand and David Plummber cordwainer r Pownalborough
      166 13 8
      land in Pownalborough
      Lot 65 west side Sheepscot
      100 acres
      19 October 1764
      Joshua Chamberlain
      Hannah Chamberlain [Her mark]
      Wit: Richard Bailey, Rogers Smith
      Received 24 August 1771
      Land records, 1761-1912; indexes to land records, 1761-1901
      Authors: Lincoln County (Maine). Register of Deeds
      Land records v. 20-21 1786-1788
      Family History Library
      United States & Canada Film
      Volume 29 Page 154
      Joshua Chamberlain yeoman living near the great Falls on Sheepscutt River
      Moses Pounds yeoman Lincoln County
      50 pounds
      land just above the great Falls on the west side of Sheepscutt River
      100 acres
      - June 1778
      Joshua Chamberlain
      Wit: Josiah Plumer, Daniel Plumer

      Land records v. 16-17 1782-1785 (the first titleboard on this film is incorrectly labeled "v. 15")
      Family History Library
      United States & Canada 2nd Floor Film
      Volume 16 Page 183
      Joshua Chamberlain yeoman Norridgwalk
      William Richardson yeoman Winslow & Hezekiah Stratton yeoman Winslow
      tenants in common not joint tenants
      200 pounds
      Lot 76 easterly side of the Kennebeck River in Norridgwalk
      which was late the estate of Oliver Wood Esqr r Norridgwalk delivered to me this day
      200 acres
      24 July 1783
      Joshua Chamberlain
      Wit: Josiah Warren, Obadiah Witherell
      Received 11 August 1783

      Land records v. 16-17 1782-1785 (the first titleboard on this film is incorrectly labeled "v. 15")
      Family History Library
      United States & Canada 2nd Floor Film
      Volume 16 Page 184
      To the Sheriff of our Count of Lincoln...
      Joshua Chamberlain r Seven Mile Brook about 7 miles above Norridgwalk yeoman
      recovered judgment against Oliver Wood Esq Norridgwalk
      Lot 76...
      Rcd 11 August 1783

      Land records v. 16-17 1782-1785 (the first titleboard on this film is incorrectly labeled "v. 15")
      Family History Library
      United States & Canada 2nd Floor Film
      Volume 16 Page 187
      Joshua Chamberlain yeoman Norridgewalk
      Zimire Heywood gentleman Winslow
      150 pounds
      Land in Norridgewalk
      Lot 85 west side of Kennebeck
      30 June 1783
      Joshua Chamberlain
      Wit: Josiah Warren, Charles Witherell
      Received 11 August 1783

      Land records v. 16-17 1782-1785 (the first titleboard on this film is incorrectly labeled "v. 15")
      Family History Library
      United States & Canada 2nd Floor Film
      Volume 16 Page 261
      Joshua Chamberlain husbandman Lincoln County
      Sylvanus Swyer husbandman Lincoln County
      60 pounds
      land on the easterly side of Kennebeck at Seven Mile Brooks, one part is a settlers Lot 4 200 acres
      the other part a proprietors lot bounding southerly on the above Lot 4
      4 February 1784
      Joshua Chamberlain
      Wit: Ezekiel Pattee, Levi Sawyer
      Received 9 February 1784
      Joshua & Hannah Chamberlain of Alna & Whitefield (King's Mills), Maine

      By thomas h. moody August 26, 2011 at 08:12:10

      I'm seeking information on Joshua & Hannah (?) Chamberlain who moved from the Head Tide area of Alna, Maine just a short distance to the King's Mills area of Whitefield, Maine in 1764. There is a brook named Chamberlain Brook at the place where they located at King's Mills. "A Timeline of Whitefield"
      written by David Chase states the following: "1764- Joshua Chamberlain and his wife Hannah move from Alna to what will called the King?s Mills section. Chamberlain brook and Chamberlain bridge by the old school in the village have retained their names from our earliest records.1 (1.Ballstown West 1768 - 1809 by Linwood Lowden)

      (The towns of Whitefield and Jefferson were first called Ballstown after Samuel Ball Jr. who's father Samuel Ball Sr. had moved to Alna in 1735 and was killed by Indians there in 1747. I believe I have seen connection of the Chamberlain and Ball families in Mass. The name Whitefield came from the Rev. George Whitefield, a popular Evangelical minister who came to New England from England. The town names and areas were used very freely and one has to be aware Ballstown could mean Whitefield or it could mean Jefferson, with Alna sitting right to the south of both.)

      I believe that this Joshua Chamberlain is the father (or possibly the brother) of my g-g-g-grandmother Elizabeth (Chamberlain) Moody, wife of Amos Moody who's place of residence was given as "Head of the Tide" in 1778 (Marriage Intentions recorded at Pownalborough Courthouse (present day Dresden.)) "Head of the Tide" probably refers to either the falls in Alna or the Great Falls at King's Mills.

      Could this Joshua be one of the presumed older children of William & Mary (Rand) Chamberlain? Is it possible that this William Chamberlain is the son of Daniel (William1) & Mary (?) Chamberlain?

      Amos and Elizabeth (Chamberlain) Moody had children named William, Mary, Hannah, Daniel, Joshua and Isaac out of their thirteen children. These are all common Chamberlain names and not so common Moody names - especially Isaac. The names of their other children reflect more commonly used first names used by the Moodys.

      I am going to assert at this point, without clear evidence, that Elizabeth (Chamberlain) Moody is the daughter of Joshua & Hannah (?) Chamberlain of the Head Tide area of Alna and King's Mills and NOT the daughter of Wilson Chamberlain of Charlestown, Mass. which has been so long the claim but never logically added up. She was probably born abt. 1758 in the area that's now the town of Alna.

      Still....who was Joshua Chamberlain of Alna/King's Mills?
    • Chamberlains in Embden History

      Author suggests relationship, possibly brothers, between Joshua Chamberlain and John Chamberlain m Mary Patch
      Embden town of yore : olden times and families there and in adjacent towns
      by Walker, Ernest George, 1869-1944
      Publication date 1929

      p 229
      Some notable names of the Embden frontier appeared in the early records for a relatively brief period. Such were the Nimrod Hindses and the Rutherford Drummonds by Seven Mile Brook; the Samuel Flings and a few of the Flings? immediate neighbors on the Kennebec. John Chamberlain and his sons, Jeremiah and Stephen Chamberlain ? probably also Joshua Chamberlain ? were in the latter category. John Chamberlain owned the Waterman Hilton farm as early as 1785 and Jeremiah Chamberlain lived on the farm north of it till nearly 1800, which establishes the Chamberlains as at least fifteen year residents of the township.

      p 233
      Joshua Chamberlain may have been a brother of John. He had interest in Lot 85 on the west side of the Kennebec at Norridgewock and sold it that year for ?150 to Zimri Heywood, gentleman, of Winslow. He was owner also of land on the "east side of Kennebec River at Seven Mile Brook" (presumably in Madison) comprising two tracts, both of which he sold for ?60 in 1784 to Sylvanus Sawyer. But on Aug 11, 1783, "Joshua Chamberlain, residing at Seven Mile brook, not in any town yeoman" had recovered judgment against "Oliver Wood, of Norridgewock, not in any town, esquire" for ?250, damage, and ?18 16 10, costs of suit, and the sheriff of Lincoln County was directed to "cause to be paid to Joshua Chamberlain a satisfactory amount or take him into custody."

      This seems to be all the evidence of Joshua Chamberlain having been a resident of Embden but "John Chamberlain of Seven Mile Brook" who married Mary Patch at Pepperell, Mass, April 25, 1758, appears in a deed, signed Feb 21, 1785, and recorded Aug 7, 1787, as conveying "in consideration of love, good will and affection" to his "son, Stephen Chamberlain, of the same place," a quit claim to Lot H in Norridgewock "also land in Seven Mile Brook fronting 80 poles on Kennebec River,
      bounded south by George Michael?s land." Stephen Chamberlain, of Seven Mile Brook, on Nov 1, 1787, sold this Lot H, of 200 acres at Norridgewock, for ?90 to William Spaulding.

      Jeremiah Chamberlain, born at Pepperell, Dec 30, 1760 and owning the farm north of Stephen, born at Pepperell Dec 5, 1763, also was one of the "others" for whom the John Gray Mill Lot was "laid out." This is proven by a deed, signed Nov 6, 1792, and recorded at Wiscasset Oct 11, 1793. It was a mortgage deed from Jeremiah to Samuel Redington, of Winslow, carpenter, by which, for ?12, Jeremiah conveyed "one-half of a sawmill with 1-2 appurtenances and tackle situated on Martin?s Stream in the Seven Mile Brook Settlement, it being on Lot 23 together with ten acres." The mortgage was redeemable in one year on payment of ?10 12. The identification of the sawmill on the John Gray mill lot is complete. For some reason Jeremiah writes himself in this deed as "of Norridgewock," but on March 27, 1799, when he bought of William Spaulding, Lot 70 of 75 acres in Norridgewock for $600, he was described as of Seven Mile Brook.

      Probably Jeremiah Chamberlain and his family departed from Embden about this time to live at Norridgewock. The births of his children "by Sally his wife" are entered in Norridgewock town books as follows:
      Melinda Dec 1 1790
      Cynthia Jan 20 1792
      Ira Aug 25 1793
      Sally July 27 1795
      Sally May 28 1796
      Temperance April 3 1798.
      At the foot of the entry is the line: 4 ?Above born at Seven Mile Brook.'

      Jeremiah Chamberlain returned down the Kennebec to Nobleborough, near Woolwich, and died there. He enlisted from Pepperell, Mass, June 1 1780, and at his death was a Revolutionary pensioner. After the war he went to Vassalboro and married Sarah Roberts there Nov 12, 1789. He and his family were in Damariscotta (then a part of Nobleborough) by 1816. Their daughters, Cynthia and Sarah, and their only son, Ira, joined the church there in 1819.

      Stephen Chamberlain had lived a while at Vassalboro, before his father, John, deeded to him an Embden farm. Some writer long ago noted that Stephen Chamberlain "of Solon" had "an account with John Getchell, Jr, of Vassalborough." Stephen and his children may have remained in Embden after others of his family went down the Kennebec but he, too, finally settled at Cornville. One daughter, Sophia, was the wife of Dr Zenas Colby of Embden. Thomas Ball, who settled at Concord in 1788, married another of Stephen?s daughters and raised a family of seven ? Samuel, John (died at Concord in 1862), Ephraim, Thomas, Isaac, Daniel and Rachel Ball. This was
      during that pioneer period when there were four families at nearby Caratunk Falls with a total of 61 children. Among Stephen Chamberlain?s descendants are Ruel W Chamberlain, of Pasadena, Calif; John Warren Chamberlain, of Guilford; and Mrs F W Allen, of Exeter.

    • Maine Land Bounty
      Maine Land Office
      Land Grant Application- Chamberlain, Joshua (Bangor)
      Contributing Institution: Maine State Archives
      Identifier: 29470
      Description: Land grant application submitted to the Maine Land Office for Joshua Chamberlain for service in the Revolutionary War.
      Recommended Citation
      Chamberlain, Joshua, "Land Grant Application- Chamberlain, Joshua (Bangor)" (2017). Maine Land Office. 169.

      [No details.]