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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S2593 "Doc" Cronin Dies at Hospital
New Britain Herald 
2 S1099 "Tim" Sullivan Dies, Known by Old Tramp Typos
Hartford Courant 
3 S2023 A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England
James Savage 
4 S35 A History of Swan's Island
H.W. Small, M.D 
5 S42 A history of the town of Union, in the county of Lincoln, Maine, to the middle of the nineteenth century
John Langdon Sibley 
6 S3166 A record, genealogical, biographical, statistical, of Thomas Stanton of Connecticut and his Descendants, 1635-1891
William Alonzo Stanton 
7 S3899 A Year of Cooper's Youth: James Fenimore Cooper's Voyage as 'Foremost Hand in the Old Ship Stirling
Edith A Sawyer 
8 S711 Abstract of Articles in Bridgeport Newspapers Concerning the Death of Timothy Downey
William D. Romanski 
9 S2386 Aged Woman and Man Dies in Accidents
Hartford Courant 
10 S3913 All Saints Angilcan Church Records, St Andrews, NB
Transcribed by Shirley O'Neill 
11 S3172 Allihies Roman Catholic Records
Allihies Roman Catholic 
12 S3818 Alphabetical List of Families 1826-1858
Whitefield Town Records Volume 2 
13 S3819 Alphabetical Listing - Record of Families in the year, Town of Whitfield A.D. 1811
Whitefield Historical Society 
14 S1266 An Illustrated history of Skagit and Snohomish Counties : their people, their commerce and their resources : with an out
15 S6 An Index to Irish Immigrants in the New Brunswick Census of 1851
Edited by: P. M. Toner 
16 S41 Ancestors of Archangel Chessie
Tom Moffatt 
17 S3920 Ardmoneel Cemetery Burials
Kerry Board of Health 
18 S113 Arnie Krause Rootsweb-Worldconnect
Arnie Krause 
19 S580 Associated Catholic Cemeteries, Archdiocese of Seattle
Associated Catholic Cemeteries, Archdiocese of Seattle 
20 S1125 Assumption Parish Records
Assumption Parish 
21 S1741 At Rest in Perry, Maine
Jeanne O'Shea Wagner and Colon S Morrsion 
22 S3903 Attestation Paper Canadian Over-Seas Expidisionary Force Bradley Eaton Simpson
Canada, Soldiers of the First World War, 1914-1918 
23 S3315 Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 
24 S3314 Australia Marriage Index, 1788-1949 
25 S3260 Australian Electoral Rolls, 1903-1954 database 
26 S1215 Auto Death Toll in State Sunday is 3
Hartford Courant 
27 S2015 B J Sullivan Dies at Home after a Short Illness
Hartford Courant 
28 S1253 Bakalarzewo Research by Emil Krasnodebski via M Messinger
Emil Krasnodebski 
29 S774 Bakalarzewo Research of Emil Krasnod?ebski
Emil Krasnod?ebski 
30 S869 Bakalarzewo Research of Emil Krasnod?ebski
Emil Krasnod?ebski 
31 S839 Bakalarzewo Roman Catholic Church Records
Bakalarzewo Roman Catholic Church 
32 S3624 Ballinakilla Cemetery Burial Records
Kerry Board of Health 
33 S1402 Baltimore Passenger Records, 1820-1948 
34 S889 Bangor Pair Victims of Suicide Pact
Bangor Daily News 
35 S1337 Baptism Record of Hanora Moriarty
Diocese of Hartford 
36 S1338 Baptism Record of Michael Moriarty
Diocese of Hartford 
37 S1339 Baptism Record of Patrick Moriarty
Diocese of Hartford 
38 S68 Baptismal Certificate for Edward Joseph Romanski
Diocese of Hartford, CT 
39 S149 Baptismal Certificate of Mary Esther Burke
All Souls Church 
40 S1347 Baptismal Record of Adolphus Josephus Romanski
St Mary's of Czestochowa Roman Catholic, Middletown, Middlesex, CT 
41 S1345 Baptismal Record of Boleslaw Franciszek
St Mary's of Czestochowa Roman Catholic, Middletown, Middlesex, CT 
42 S1200 Baptismal Record of Bridget Griffin
Rev C McCarthy 
43 S1202 Baptismal Record of Daniel Griffin
T Quiller 
44 S1760 Baptismal Record of Daniel Sullivan
St Patrick's, Archodiocese of Hartford 
45 S1346 Baptismal Record of Edmund Romanski
St Mary's of Czestochowa Roman Catholic, Middletown, Middlesex, CT 
46 S1196 Baptismal Record of Helen Griffin
Rev C McCarthy 
47 S1198 Baptismal Record of James Griffin
Rev C McCarthy 
48 S1197 Baptismal Record of John Griffin
Rev C McCarthy 
49 S1343 Baptismal Record of Joseph Romanski
St Mary's of Czestochowa Roman Catholic, Middletown, Middlesex, CT 
50 S451 Baptismal Record of Joseph Stanislaws Romanowski
St Joseph's Basilica 

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